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Friday, February 12, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 27: Returning to the Nation of Sporta

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Putting smiles on people's faces. Except Ring's.

Welcome to another edition of KoopaTV Fitness Fridays, where I document me playing through Ring Fit Adventure (as well as other fitness-related activities) throughout the week, all for your entertainment/information/whatever. While being fit is its own reward, I also am training to satisfy Team Koopa in the Tokyo 2020 (2021) Olympics. Last week in Ring Fit Adventure, we cleared World 26 on difficulty level 29. That's one less than the maximum difficulty, but right now, I'm finding 29 a lot more fun than 30, so I'll stick with that.

My fitness began on Sunday, February 7, but not with Ring Fit Adventure. There was more snow, falling throughout the day, and I shovelled it three times over the course of the day. That's much better than shovelling it once after it's already fallen. You push it when it's still a couple of inches and still light, before it becomes unmovable rock-esque snow that you can't push, but must lift.

As a result of my good decision, my back doesn't hurt a bunch on Monday, so I'm able to play Ring Fit Adventure just fine. Now we're on World 27: Extra Fitness Lv. 187! While this one uses the same world design as World 4: The Nation of Sporta, will this Extra Fitness version be as lovable and endearing as the Sportans? ...And will it actually take a second week to complete like it originally did? (Hope not.) Find out in this article!

And immediately, Sportan NPCs are greeting me as a hero for saving Sporta and their way of life, and are welcoming me back and saying I can train here as I wish. Loving the continuity, and so the first place we're going to are the Sportan Waters. Originally, we couldn't clear the level because we didn't have the power-up to let us cross rivers, which set the rest of the world's story in motion because Dragaux Stadium is directly north of Sportan Waters. This time, we've already mastered the secrets of the Abdominal Press & Twist, so nothing is stopping us!

Ring Fit Adventure World 27 hero who saved Kingdom of Sporta Sportan Soldier
I don't actually remember how Sporta was in danger before.

While it turns out that we can go directly for Dragaux and clear the world, that would go against me wanting to 100% Ring Fit Adventure, so instead I'm heading east towards the Town and the rest of the levels. That includes visiting General Store 23 and purchasing the Misty Athlete II and Shadow Aurora II outfits, though I'm not going to wear them. Put me down a little over 4000 currency. Then I went to visit the Sportan Swamp to fight some Washington politicians... I mean, Hoplin minions. ...Actually, I did encounter them, in the form of Robbin birds out to steal my money by taxation. Fortunately, I outran them and found a treasure chest with Peach Yogurt inside to clear the level.

Ring Fit Adventure World 27 Extra Fitness Level 187 overworld map Nation of Sporta
You can go immediately to Dragaux... but we're here to 100% world clear.

I finally concluded my Monday by heading to the local Game Gym for some Crate Crasher (Novice). I achieved the minimum-required A-rank and got a Dragon Fruit ingredient as a bonus. Yum. Actually, I did even better: I scored 24700 points, which is enough for an S rank, which is a new record and rank for me! That's enough for the Package Pulverizer title. Great way to end the day.

As I mentioned in Tuesday's article, I didn't get to play Ring Fit Adventure that night. ...There was some more snow. Sucks, I know. But I went playing again on Wednesday night, and I got a lot of work stress and energy to let out. My first area? ...Well, I have a fetch duty that Dragaux wants me to fulfill: Collect 16 or more Muscle Egg items and reach the goal on Sporta Bridge. Dragaux is apparently hungry and wants lunch. (Meanwhile, I haven't and won't have dinner tonight...) Ring thinks Muscle Eggs taste gross (but regular Eggs are great). I collected 18 Muscle Eggs for Dragaux (more than required), and he burped at us and told me to balance diet and exercise. ...Yeah, sure. By the way, the Sporta Bridge reintroduces the pulley system mechanic, where you pull the Ring-Con above your head and keep pulling it in order to traverse the pulley throughout the level.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux growls dialogue
(That's Dragaux's stomach, not his... mouth.)
(By the way, Dragaux is proven to be very dangerous when hungry, since he's into vore.)

The next level is Dojo Sporta, and there's nothing special there. I guess it's sort of notable that the 2x Red Stepper+2x Blue Kennelbell fight at the end took THREE turns instead of two, like what's standard nowadays. The level after that is Sportan Highway. This level re-introduces the dreaded Overhead Side Bend kart—once at the start, and once at the end. That's where you're on a three-lane course and you need to Overhead Side Bend to change lanes, which you'll want to do because there are coins/walls/boost panels/floating EXP Medals on different lanes throughout. Except sometimes it won't register me as bending LEFT enough, so I'll just slam into a wall and lose my momentum and chance to get the EXP Medal. There were also many segments of Squat Hold launchers, which are always...blargh.

Ring Fit Adventure Sportan Highway overhead side bend cart car
Look at all the potential walls in your way. ...And they certainly got in mine.

The whole level took over 13 minutes of exercise time, which was influenced by me equipping the Tricep Kickback Lv. 3 Fitness Skill, and that takes a while to perform all the repetitions for. (It's my only viable Arm skill spread attack, and this level's enemies were all Red.) Therefore, I'm tired, and I'll end my play for Wednesday. (Tipp told me in the Cooldown period that I've now done a cumulative of 2,000 Tricep Kickback reps. I believe that.)

Ring Fit Adventure spend skill points Overhead Arm Spin Lv.3
The four corners of the Spend Skill Points screen are all five-range Fit Skills, one of each type/colour.
...Legs is a deep squat, so screw that.

I happen to be playing very late on Thursday night. I could be asleep, but it'd be irresponsible for me to put the remaining four stages on World 27 all to Friday. Two of those are in this warp zone, which also features two treasure chests in the overworld. First stage? The Game Gym for Core Crushing (Novice). The prize for achieving an A rank is a very valuable Skill Drink. I got that from spamming many Abdominal Press * Twists, and unlocked the Overhead Arm Spin Lv.3 Fit Skill from the skill tree. This is an Arms Fit Skill with 490 base power, but it can multihit all five enemies in one turn, taking 5 recharge turns to use again. In other words, it'll be the most efficient Arms spread move I'd have, and my Fit Skill repertoire is sorely lacking in those. (The next-best being Tricep Kickback.)

Ring Fit Adventure Nation of Sporta warp zone World 27
Back when I started the fitness logs, I didn't think to include a screenshot of all the overworld maps.
So here's me making up for the lack of the Sportan warp zone back in Week 3/4.

The Treasure Chest on the right side of the overworld was just one Citrine. Lame. Heading west from there is Out-of-the-Way Way, a filler level that's still a dystopian palette swap of the first level of the game. The Treasure Chest accessible by clearing it had 400 coins, which... is acceptable.

Now that we're done with the warp zone, let's go back to the normal Kingdom of Sporta and head to the Sporta Treasury. Just like in World 4, it's a miniboss fight between a Hoplin+, the Red Stomper in the centre, and a Blue Hoplin+. Unlike in World 4, there's no story or dialogue justification for why we're casually raiding the Treasury or fighting a miniboss. I cleared it in five turns, and it only attacked me twice, so it was no threat. Hmph. Anyway, I'm glad I played Ring Fit Adventure Thursday night. Not because I wouldn't be physically capable of handling what I just did plus the Dragaux fight all in one day, but my mood feels better before I go to bed!

I'm writing this sentence on Friday. I'm determined to storm Dragaux Stadium and clear World 27. FINAL EXERCISE OF THE WEEK. Dragaux claims the stadium uses Sporta's natural rivers as a training resource. He's... right, of course.

Ring Fit Adventure Sporta Sportan river rowing Dragaux Stadium
You gotta row up the Sportan rivers to enter the Dragaux Stadium, guarded by non-laser-shooting Dragaux statues.

We cleared the river, and got to dancing Dragaux, who said he scared the Sportan soldiers by walking up to them and saying hello. ...And that prompted the boss fight between him and his two clerical Matta Ray+s (one Red and one Yellow). You'll still be able to out-damage Dragaux more than he gets healed if you use your strongest attacks on just him, but the fight will go faster if you use three turns of multihit moves to defeat the Matta Ray+s first. Eventually, Dragaux will go for a strong attack, and you need to MEGA AB GUARD to defend against it. But if you do it right (and it requires squatting with the Ring-Con pushed into your ab...for an extended period of time), you'll get off damage-free, unlike normal Ab Guards where you'll still take (some) damage even if executed perfectly.

I beat Dragaux, yippee. And he said some very wise-sounding words of wisdom, as he acknowledged that his ripped, frowning body may have scared people away.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux dialogue less muscles to smile than frown
Note that Ring is definitely NOT smiling here.
Like, Ring really is the villain of Extra Fitness compared to Dragaux.

After over 125 hours of Ring Fit Adventure, it was during this particular Dragaux fight that I realised that setting “Ring-Con Vibration” to “Strong” is... irritable, so I've adjusted it to “Weak” and we'll see what that's like next week.

Hope you join me then!

Ring Fit Adventure Week 27 exercise log Extra Fitness Lv. 187
Look how amazingly consistent my time exercising was! Besides Wednesday.

What'll happen next week? ...Well, probably something similar to World 5. But there'll be differences, and you'll want to be around on KoopaTV for them. As for World 27, Sporta was a bit less fun when the Sportan NPCs only make appearances at the very beginning of the world, as opposed to throughout like World 4.

Here's Week 28! It opens up talking about vibration.
As for World 50, Sporta isn't fun one bit when Sportan NPCs don't make any appearances whatsoever.


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