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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Google Game Studio, Stadia Games & Entertainment, Disbanded

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - ...I forgot they existed.

I don't know a single person who uses Google's cloud game streaming service, Stadia. But back when it was announced, I did write that Jade Raymond (of Ubisoft fame) “is now the head of the new first party gaming studio that Google has opened to make Stadia exclusives: Stadia Games and Entertainment.”

Here's the full list of games that Stadia Games and Entertainment have released on the platform so far, which has been available to the public since November 2019:

...Well, you know, that's a really short list. Possibly as a result of that, Google has decided to disband Stadia Games & Entertainment, and Jade Raymond will be leaving Google. Google will allegedly still work on and eventually release “any near-termed planned games.” They didn't name any, and I don't think any have actually been announced. That doesn't mean they've been doing nothing this whole time... but it doesn't not mean that, either. The Stadia isn't going away with this announcement—it'll just exist to solely stream third-party games, like it's already been doing to whatever size its audience is.

This week and hopefully next week we'll talk about Nintendo's financial statements (which are out in English) and then their investor question and answer session (which isn't out in English...yet?). I mention that because the last time “Stadia” was mentioned on KoopaTV was over a year ago when Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa tied Google joining the videogame industry as what's needed for “the gaming industry” to “get noticed.” I ridiculed his statement at the time, and it's pretty clear in retrospect that the gaming industry itself hasn't noticed Google's presence. And I'm really fine keeping it that way.

It's possible that the next time the Stadia gets an article on KoopaTV will be when Google discontinues it entirely. Take your bets in the comments section! Do YOU know anyone who has ever used the Stadia? Is that person... you?

Here are those financial results mentioned in the last paragraph.
And here is that question and answer session.
Google acquired a studio called Typhoon Studios, though their one game wasn't exclusive to the Stadia. Typhoon turned into a new studio after Google shut Stadia Games & Entertainment down.

Now the Stadia itself will be over as of January 2023.


  1. I had just ordered my Stadia as well! Not that I could play anything on it. Apparently they make great paperweights, though!

  2. Stadia? I would have completely forgotten about it if I wasn't getting bombarded by the YouTube ad every other video. I can appreciate the idea, but not from google.

    1. Ironically, I haven't gotten YouTube ads about Stadia. The last three ads I've gotten were...
      1. Progressive insurance
      2. HelloFresh meals
      3. Liberty Mutual insurance
      4. Skechers shoes (ew shoes)


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