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Monday, February 15, 2021

The MOONAR...erm, Lunar New Year 2021 into America-wide Winter Storms

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Happy Moo Year...?!

In many East Asian countries, including South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, they're celebrating the “Lunar New Year”, which also has an associated Zodiac of twelve animals that cycle every year. Over the weekend, the Lunar calendar just switched over to the Year of the Ox, which is probably the best one of them all. (Hard to dispute that when there's no shelled creatures on the Zodiac that'd otherwise be in competition.)

That means leading up to the switch, Japanese games with ongoing events had bovine-themed events, like Pokémon GO featuring Tauros and Miltank (but not New York-exclusive Bouffalant) and Pokémon Sword/Pokémon Shield featuring Tauros, Miltank, and Bouffalant in Max Raid Battles (but not Tapu Bulu who lives in a giant Crown Tundra cave with all the other Legendary Pokémon).

Speaking of tundral environments, it's REALLY cold throughout the United States of America. Like, TEXAS is getting several inches of snow. It's no surprise that those Pokémon events stopped before the snow was falling. Bovine, of which many live in Texas, don't appreciate that winter environment. (And for Tapu Bulu, I guess it's warmer in the cave than the horse-caused cold.)

Dragon Quest XI S Sniflheim frozen solid cow
The cold freezes both a bovine's body, as well as food supply. Stay inside!

Cows are so interested in the weather and how it affects them that a fair number of them have studied mooteorology to become weathercows. At least within Erdrea.

Dragon Quest XI S mooteorologist achievement title trophy weathercows
(I wonder if the horse in the picture is responsible for all the climate change?)

...Of course, some humans will try to keep bovine locked OUTSIDE in the freezing cold. In that case, it's totally justified to bust out and go for freedom, like Fjola the cutie cow here tried to do.

Lady: What are you doing all the way over here? If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times—you are not supposed to leave your pen!
Lady: No hay for you tonight, missy!

Fjola: Moo!

Lady: Honestly Fjola, you could at least have the decency to look a little upset. Whenever I scold you, you just stare back at me and smile.

Lady: You might have everybody else fooled, but I know you understand every word I say!
If you're going to dedicate the year to the ox (and other bovine by extension), then you must provide special, preferential treatment to them. ...Which I do every day in one way or another.

Support bovine-owned businesses!

Don't expect a Lunar New Year article every year now. This is just a cow thing. ...You probably shouldn't expect one in 12 years either, because do you really think KoopaTV will still exist in 2033? ...Yikes. Anyway, Ludwig clearly didn't know what to actually do with this article. He just happened to be playing Dragon Quest XI S and got moo media and wanted to share it. You can share your Lunar New Year tradition(s) in the comments section, too.

Japanese game publisher CAPCOM is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a game sale.
Fjola did de-thaw, but she escapes from the Lady to hang out with Cat.
It seems like Lunar New Year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.


  1. Poor Cow. It hasn't sopped snowing here in Illinois. I've had to shovel more this year than any other. Anyway, Did you see that Direct announcement? I nearly fell out of my chair when I realized it was the official Nintendo account ad not some prank channel. So exited! I hope they announce something Kirby like.

    1. You're exited now, but I hope you come back in time for it. <_<

  2. What's that mean? Before everyone spoils it? I usually watch it thirty minutes after it's begun so i can skip through all the announcements that don't interest me.

    1. Ooohh, whoops. In that case I'll only come back if they announce something really cool like Rhythm Heaven.

    2. Wasn't there just a Rhythm Heaven game a few years ago?

    3. Yes but that was a 'best of rhythm games' collection. As such most of the content was old and they even left out a lot of the best rhythm games. I want a new game, but i suppose the likelihood is slim, and even then they usually tend to come out near the end of the consoles lifespan.

    4. Well, Nintendo keeps insisting we're in the MIDDLE of the Switch's lifespan.

      ...But we'll see. ^_^;

  3. " Bovine, of which many live in Texas, don't appreciate that winter environment."

    You forgot this bovine:

    1. Alright, but all the cows are at warm pleasant Ryoshima Coast, and there are none living in Kamui.

      And I'd say Itegami didn't wanna be in Kamui either, given his entrapped circumstances. Just 'cause you're blowin' cold air doesn't mean you wanna live under your own product. Just ask any Washington D.C. politician if they wanna live under their own laws.


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