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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 29: The Four Masters’ Pets

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Minibosses for each fitness element!

As we continue to get closer to the Tokyo 2020 2021 Olympic Games, as well as closer to our inevitable deaths, we need to be thinking about getting fit. And then going from thinking to... DOING. That's why every Friday KoopaTV has a Fitness Friday, and because we're a gaming site and think videogames are the best form of entertainment (and can do a lot of societal good), Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch a great platform to do fitness goals in. I get a lot of questions of, “Is it fun?” And the answer is yes. ...This week happens to have the Fitness Friday article on a Thursday because there's a Pokémon production we're doing a live reaction log to on Friday morning.

Last week, I went through and logged my experience in World 28. Starting this week, my left hip and other bodily pain issues are being alleviated due to better sleep posture, thanks to sleeping with a second pillow under/between my legs. This week, I'll be playing on difficulty level 28 in World 29: Extra Fitness Lv. 195. This is based on World 6: The Shrouded Land, which featured little more than four miniboss fights against darkly influenced Four Masters (and a cute town Lady). (World 6 is finished up at the start of Week 7's fitness log.)

While the Town doesn't have the cute Dragaux-worshipping Lady, it does have General Store Number 25. This is only selling the complete outfit for the Spring Dancer II, but you need two Onyx stones to complete the set. Dragaux dropped one at the end of World 28. Where to find another? My first stop is to the warp zone, which has three Game Gyms and three overworld treasure chests.

Ring Fit Adventure Shrouded Land World 6 29 warp overworld map treasure chests game gyms
The next paragraph discusses everything you need to know about the three chests and three Game Gyms.

The upper-left Game Gym is Smack Back (Novice) offering three Ashitaba Smoothies for an A-rank completion. The lower-left Game Gym is Robo-Wrecker (Novice), which offered a 400-coin bonus for an A-rank completion. Neither of these posed an issue, and the overworld Treasure Chest on the left side contained... one Onyx stone! Exactly what I need to complete the Spring Dancer II set (and then not wear it). As for the right side of the warp zone... The Game Gym is Squattery Wheel (Novice), which IS actually difficult to get an A rank (let alone S rank) in for its Defense Drink bonus. I have a tip for it after the jump break, but the two overworld Treasure Chests guarded by the Squattery Wheel Game Gym contain five Peaches (upper-right) and one Dragon Fruit (lower-right).

Ring Fit Adventure Squattery Wheel complete results bonus tips Game Gym minigame
Look closely at the base ring on the left portrait vs. the right clay area.
The right darkened inner-circle corresponds to the inner circle on the left. (You may have to click on the image for full size to notice the left-side circles.)
You'll want to make sure everything lines up.

Going back to the main part of World 29, the only non-boss or non-miniboss level is the Battle Gym south of Town, which also offers one Onyx reward for completion. This has three rounds in it, the first with three enemies, the second with one, and the third with four. Took me five turns total, not that the turn count matters here. That leaves four miniboss fights and one boss fight left in the world.

Starting with the top one, there's the Beaut Camp, featuring Allegra's five pets: Blue Kennelbell+, Blue Stepper+, Blue Matta Slay (this is the miniboss), Blue Hoplin+, and Blue Naughtylus+. Donning the Atomic Contender II for a boost to my blue Fit Skills, I dove into battle! First Russian Twisting to hit everyone for neutral damage, and then Side Stepping and Knee-Lift Combo-ing to clear the non-Blue Matta Slay enemies for super-effective damage. Blue Matta Slay then fell to a super-effective Thigh Press, and then a clean-up Overhead Arm Spin. Five moves and down, which makes it a frail boss. And that's Sunday.

Actually, there's a bit more to Sunday. For the first time ever (and I've been playing since November 2019), I actually went and washed my Leg Strap and Ring-Con grips. Official directions on that here. I also sanitised the Ring-Con itself with a disinfectant wipe. I probably should've done that... well over a year ago. I kinda never learned the gym etiquette of wiping down equipment after you use it, so I never applied that to my personal Ring Fit Adventure stuff either. After drying for... I dunno, 15 or 16 hours, the Ring-Con grips feel kinda smushy. Leg Strap is fine.

After waiting for that to dry off, on Monday I picked up where I left off: To the Arms-Race Gym, featuring Armando's pets. I have the Flame Contender II on, along with a few more red Fit Skills than I'd normally bring. And I get to face... just one enemy: Red Scuttleknell. While it takes two turns to actually attack you (raise up arms and then smash you), it does devastating damage.

Ring Fit Adventure Red Scuttleknell miniboss Ab Guard Arms-Race Gym
This dude is way stronger than even Dragaux is.
If you didn't Ab Guard this well, it'd probably be an OHKO.
(Oh, yeah, I got my 19th heart from the skill points tree. This did 9.75 hearts out of 19 with top-of-the-line stats and equipment.)

Fortunately, Red Scuttleknell will do a super attack that involves smashing the ceiling and making ceiling debris fall down. You can air blast these easily, and a couple of these have restorative hearts contained, which turns Red Scuttleknell's 2HKO on you to a 3HKO, assuming you're responsive enough to make sure nothing from the ceiling bonks your head. ...Also assuming you don't just defeat the Red Scuttleknell before it can hit you for a second time. ...I happened to beat it that quickly, so, uh, yippee. Let's move on.

At Six Park, Abdonis boasts that Absploder, while not handsome, is a fantastic training partner. And so I enter with the Volt Contender II for boosted abs attacks. Absploder is a Yellow Stomper that has two Yellow Stepper+s, one on each side of it. Russian Twist Lv.3 and Overhead Hip Shake Lv.3 are more than enough to wipe out the Yellow Stepper+s (while still doing some damage to Absploder), leaving you to wail on Yellow Stomper (or Absploder) with your numerous high-powered Abs Fit Skills like Overhead Lunge Twist Lv.3 and Overhead Bend Lv.3. And by “your” I mean “my”, since that's all it took for me to personally defeat Absploder. Absploder does attack you every turn, by the way, but it's extremely weak. That ended my Monday.

Skip to Tuesday night, and I'm entering the Temple of Balance. Guru Andma is pitting me up against a Puffersquish+, the Green Sufferfish (named Ball) that can OHKO you if you fail the Mega Ab Guard, and another Puffersquish+. The Puffersquish+s are spaced so there is a gap between one and the Green Sufferfish, meaning you can't hit all three enemies with a 3-range attack but only with a 5-range attack. This time, you're locked to using only the specific green Fit Skills Guru Andma provides:
  1. Tree Pose Lv.3—1-range, 2-turn recharge, 490 base power
  2. Chair Pose Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 655 base power
  3. Warrior I Pose Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 580 base power
  4. Warrior II Pose Lv.3—5-range, 4-turn recharge, 430 base power
  5. Warrior III Pose Lv.3—3-range, 4-turn recharge, 440 base power
  6. Boat Pose Lv.3—5-range, 5-turn recharge, 495 base power
  7. Fan Pose Lv.3—4-turn recharge, 15-heart recovery

I'm not really sure what my strategy should be here. I guess I need to use the multi-range moves to knock out the Puffersquish+s first, and then alternate between the 1-range attacks for the Green Sufferfish? Warrior II Pose Lv.3 only 3RKOs the Puffersquish+s. So I did that and Boat Pose Lv.3, and then I just did one-range attacks on Green Sufferfish, hoping to use the Warrior II Pose Lv.3 once it recharged to finish off the Puffersquish+s. You don't really need to KO them as soon as possible—they don't heal Green Sufferfish, can't provide any status effects, and they can't really pose any damage threat to you. Unlike last week, my body is physically able to actually do the Boat Pose since my abs aren't in pain, and unlike last week, I could MEGA AB GUARD successfully and not get OHKO'd.

My hopes failed, since when I did the Tree Pose Lv.3, I knocked out Green Sufferfish, and its two Puffersquish+ allies were beaten as well despite me not depleting their HP. I got experience points for it, too. Just so you get the math, the recharge turns start counting on the turn after—in other words, a 4-turn recharge means you need to do four Fit Skills not counting Warrior II Pose Lv.3 in order to use Warrior II Pose Lv.3 again, and Green Sufferfish suffered a defeat before that happened (Warrior II Pose Lv.3→Boat Pose Lv.3→Chair Pose Lv.3→Warrior I Pose Lv.3→Tree Pose Lv.3).

Ring Fit Adventure World 29 Temple of Balance Green Sufferfish Warrior II Pose Puffersquish miniboss fight
I kind of have little choice but to just KO Green Sufferfish on this turn.

Side-note: I haven't done Warrior I Pose in a long time, since I haven't bothered unlocking it from the skill points tree, due to it being thoroughly outclassed by Chair Pose Lv.3, which fulfills my need for a single-target Yoga Fit Skill. It was nice.

Now I've completed everything in World 29 with the exception of Dragaux Stadium... so will I head straight for there and make this a three-day week? Nah. Instead, I'm travelling back to the main game's worlds (my stats and everything still transfer seamlessly) to World 18: The Iceman Flexeth. Why? I'm pretty sure I missed a recipe in the Wintry Watchtower level. I have the French Onion Soup recipe from the level before Wintry Watchtower (Shivering Valley) and many red smoothies that are after that due to clearing Snowflurry Valley. However, Snowflurry Valley in the game is listed at the end of the world despite me completing it before the other levels, so maybe the recipe is in Freezing Freeway or Rail to the Chief? Either way, I'll find out another day. I gotta sleep.

Ring Fit Adventure View Catalog missing smoothie next to French Onion Soup

Wednesday? Didn't play. Oh well. Thursday? Headed to the Freezing Freeway. Didn't find opportunities for missing treasure there, even though I went through it twice because the path diverged depending on your jumping skills (failure has no treasure, just a bunch of knee-lifts required to get up fail-stairs). Rail to the Chief? A relatively lengthy and physically obnoxious linear level with no treasure. WHERE IS THAT MISSING RECIPE? I also went through Snowflurry Valley twice, since there is a path split (whether or not you fail a double jump), but there was no treasure on either path.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux Stadium stairs knee lifts World 29
Speaking of a bunch of knee-lifts... World 29's Dragaux Stadium is packed with the stairs as far as the eye can see.

Feeling like a failure, I went back to World 29. Time to clear this and be done. To Dragaux Stadium! ...Which has a LOT more stairs to go through. Dragaux gave a weird speech about how I happened to be at the right place at the right time when Dragaux was causing havoc, as opposed to being innately chosen for the job.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux World 29 dialogue putting in work
Dragaux is just spouting crap with full confidence.

And so we go to the fight, featuring Dragaux holding up a Blue Scuttlebell+ in his right hand, and a Yellow Scuttlebell+ in his left hand. You can hit all three targets with a three-range Fit Skill. Dragaux punching you with his Scuttlebell+s does significantly more damage than punching with his actual fists.

After eliminating his extra equipment (which you should do in 2 to 3 turns), Dragaux will go right into his super attack of... punching wooden boxes at you. Unlike the last time he did this, he's punching TWO wooden boxes at a time, which doesn't actually increase the threat level since they tend to be clumped together anyway. While Dragaux is an HP sponge, I'm an even greater HP sponge, so I prevailed and finished for the week.

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Fitness Log Week World 29
Over half of Thursday's work-out was spent replaying World 18's levels trying to find a treasure chest.

Ludwig was planning to split his Thursday work-out between Thursday and Friday, but then the announcement of the Pokémon presentation forced a change in his schedule.

Was that Pokémon Presents worth watching live? ...Ya.
Here's Week 30's fitness log, specialising in Allegra's legs!
The Four Masters’ pets are still around in Fitness Master's Week 52... but they're not judged cute, clever, or cool enough by society.


  1. Those Puffer squish are pretty cute, well maybe not the green one. Good job going through with the stair exercises, i absolutely cannot stand those. Literally, after i do them i nearly fall over. In real life, I'm sure its much more bearable in game.


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