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Monday, February 8, 2021

Abandon Ship! Not a Projectile? Excluded from the Ballistic Barrage Event Tourney!?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It's arbitrary and unfair. ...And I'm not even the biggest victim here.

There was another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event tourney over the weekend, called Ballistic Barrage. Here's the description:
“Projectiles will be flying every which way in this time-limited tourney, open only to fighters who possess three or more projectile attacks!

The further you advance, the better the spirit you'll win!”

You think that I'd be included, right? After all, I ride the Koopa Clown Car, and for projectiles, we got the Mechakoopa, the Clown Cannon ball, and Abandon Ship!, where the vehicle itself becomes the projectile.

...Except apparently not. While Mechakoopas and cannonballs are projectiles, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate doesn't define Abandon Ship! as a projectile. ...Even though it clearly is. Just look at it:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Abandon Ship Ludwig Von Koopa Koopa Clown Car
I beat PAC-MAN at his own projectile game! BOOM!

You should be able to define a projectile as another hitbox that's external and separate to yourself, as opposed to your fist or the disjointed hitboxes from swords (or Min Min's ARMS).

In the case of Abandon Ship!, I'm launched up from my exploding Koopa Clown Car, which falls below. I can drift, dodge, and attack (by wand whacking) independently of the disposable vehicle, and the vehicle is also dropping independently of me, eventually exploding. Attacking the car doesn't impact me in any way, because it's separate. It's absolutely a projectile, and on many occasions I've used it as one to blow up enemies expecting to use an anti-air on me as I'm descending on their position.

While I'm almost uniquely screwed in that I would've otherwise qualified for the Ballistic Barrage event (since you need at least three projectiles and Abandon Ship! is my third), there are a number of other projectile oddities. Similar to my Up-B, Sonic's, Spring Jump, drops a spring projectile below him while he's launched up, but it's not considered a projectile. However, Samus's Bomb, where she farts out a bomb below her after turning into Morph Ball form is considered a projectile.

However, in what's an even more strange omission than myself is Isabelle. While Villager was definitely eligible for Ballistic Barrage, Isabelle was not. Villager's Lloid Rocket and Isabelle's Lloid Trap are both considered projectiles. Her dash attack, where she throws a pot out in front of her, is not considered a projectile. Neither is Villager's dash attack where he throws a pot in front of him. (Though they should be.) Alright? Both are aligned here. However, this is the key, and very strange, difference:

According to the end-match results screen (which is what the Ballistic Barrage event tourney used to determine what is and is not a projectile), Isabelle's Slingshot forward-air and back-air are NOT projectiles... yet Villager's Slingshot forward-air and back-air ARE projectiles. They are the exact same move, with the same frame data and animation. But the game just decided to arbitrarily screw Isabelle of two moves’ projectile status, which disallows her from meeting the requirements of participating in the Ballistic Barrage event tourney.

Clearly, it's an awful and horrifically arbitrary tournament. And according to my pal Toon Link, it's not even fun.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ballistic Barrage projectile event online tourney Toon Link winner
This photo exists at the end of this article just so I can brag about something.

Do you see a method to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's madness on what is and ain't a projectile? ...The answer to that question is clearly going to be “no.” So please find something else related to what was written in this article to comment about.

Ludwig was also confounded by the last event tourney that he wrote about (“Dark Reunion”) due to its inclusion/exclusion criteria.
The next event tourney is about alternate costumes bringing model changes!


  1. Seems like their running out of ideas. What's the next event gonna be? Participation is excluded to all except those who can pocket/reflect projectiles. Actually, that one might be fun.

    1. Well, there was already a tournament where everyone had reflection capabilities and it was a disaster, because projectiles would keep bouncing between people until it hit a limit and OHKO'd the target.

  2. The only projectile that matters is what I blast in Isabelle's face.

  3. I cannot say. This is a family friendly website.

    1. You should reply to the reply, not make a new comment. <_<

      Is it a projectile that's currently in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    2. Sorry I meant that I am not a furry.

    3. I don't get wot that has to do with anything.


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