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Friday, March 5, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 30: Avoiding Allegra's Killer Workout

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - If I die here, KoopaTV would go down too. I don't think you want that.

In this increasingly dangerous world (filled with multiple genocides in the span of a month), there's a pervasive mantra of “survival of the fittest.” How does one get fit? A big part of it is exercise! And the most fun way to exercise is via Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch.

Last week, I played through World 29's miniboss infestation on difficulty level 28. This week, I'm playing World 30: Extra Fitness Lv. 198. This is based off World 7: The Forest Runner, and the story there was us chasing Allegra the leg master around the world. Writing this paragraph without actually turning on the game yet and starting World 30, I'm going to assume it's going to be a bit different this time around, plot-wise. To the extent you'd say that Extra Fitness still has a plot. (It doesn't, it's just alternate dialogue.)

Speaking of alternate dialogue, on Sunday, the world opened up with Ring saying this is Allegra's homeland, and he hopes that Allegra and Dashley are getting along. Allegra suddenly appeared to confirm that, yes, she's apologised to Dashley over the bad things she did while under the dark influence, and they're training partners again. Except today (or this week). This'll be all Allegra. Dashley is busy. ...I'm sure she'll appear in a later world and I can remind you all who she is.

Ring Fit Adventure World 30 Extra Fitness Lv. 198 Allegra killer workout dialogue
Today and the whole week 30.
(Emphasis here on “killer”.)

The world opens up with access to the Town and General Store Number 26, selling the Splash Runner II and Street Runner II complete outfits. You need about 5000 coins and 4 Onyx gems to be able to buy them. Above the Town is the Gluting Gallery (Novice) Game Gym which'll give you 400 coins for completing it at an A rank. If you have trouble, blame the Ring-Con's sub-par Overhead Side Bend detection. South of Town is the Glutes Set Fitness Gym, offering an Onyx gem for proper completion. Since I KNOW this'll make me do Wide Squats, I lowered the difficulty level. ...From difficulty level 28 all the way down to level 11. This resulted in me only having to do 10 Hip Lifts, 10 Wide Squats, 30 Ring-Raise Combos, and 6 Chair Poses. Not only are the number of repetitions way less (more than 50% lower), but the detection is way more generous and you have to hold the pose for less time. This all means that lowering the difficulty level disproportionately makes squats easier to do, compared to the increased ease of doing other kinds of exercises. Wide Squats were actually kind of leisurely to do at difficulty level 11 compared to what would otherwise be expected of me! The Hip Lift detection continued to be totally wonky (getting low points for it despite doing the pose correctly!) and almost threatened my ability to get an A rank, even at the significantly lower difficulty level!

I immediately changed the difficulty level back up to 28 after completing the Fitness Gym, and headed south to the overworld Treasure Chest containing three Kale Smoothies. Behind the chest was the Core Crushing (Novice) Game Gym, which gave me one Skill Drink for completing it at an A rank. I got a new record (still A rank) of 10550 points, and with the Skill Drink, bought the final heart container from the spend skill points tree. Now I have 20 hearts! (And I don't think I'll ever have more health no matter how high my level will get.) After that, it's time for the first real level of World 30: Swing Gate, named such because it's the first level that introduced the giant swings powered by squats that'll bring you across giant chasms. A Treasure Chest in the level has five Vine Spinaches. A SECOND Treasure Chest in the level contained the Deep Purple Smoothie recipe. That one involves...

Two Grapes + Two Currants + Two Vine Spinaches = Seven hearts healed and blue Fit Skill attack power up ↑↑ and switches all your Fit Skills to blue. It's a quality drink. I'll save it for when I'll ever need or want it. Which could be never.

If I did the Glutes Set at my actual difficulty level instead of cheesing it, I'd be exhausted already and stop playing by now (and my play time would be substantially longer). But I have energy to spare... maybe I shouldn't have cheesed it? But... Wide Squats... Anyway, I closed out the day by taking care of the Metal Slime—I mean, Rare Hoplin—overworld encounter that's blocking access to the next level. Exercise ya later.

Ring Fit Adventure boy in town difference between running tank sleeveless tops
Boy raises a very good point, and the lack of a good answer is making him feel very existential.
(He makes a very hopeless whimper noise on his second line.)

The day is Monday, and the next level is Starting-Block Bridge, which is notable for being one of the longest levels in the game in terms of the sheer amount of running. Like its World 7 incarnation, its notable because Pumpkin grows here, and Pumpkin is the key ingredient to make the money-doubling Pumpkin Soup, which requires two Pumpkin and two Soy Milk. Pumpkin is relatively rare (Soy Milk is everywhere), and it's a useful recipe—you're spending more money than you're going to normally be earning in Extra Fitness, so trying to get extra money certainly helps stall fiscal calamity—so I recommend using ingredient-doubling smoothies whenever you're in a level with Pumpkin in it. I did, and I harvested ten Pumpkin (so it'd normally be five).

I then used the Pumpkin Soup and the experience-doubling smoothie (Carrot Soup) in the Battle Gym directly west of the bridge. I... don't recommend you do the same at this particular Battle Gym, since there's only three rounds of enemies. But I did take the time to mathematically calculate something important!

Ring Fit Adventure World 30 Battle Gym money rewards Pumpkin Soup smoothie bonus
By comparison, Dragaux's boss fight at the end of this world gives about 1,000 coins BEFORE the smoothie boost, so using it for that is a much better use of your resources.
(I can probably just sell that Citrine.)

Ring Fit Adventure World 30 Battle Gym experience points Carrot Soup smoothie bonus
If you're wearing experience boosting clothing like the Galactic Jogger (which is my go-to unless stated otherwise), which increases experience yield by 5%,
the 5% applies BEFORE the smoothie boost does, but the smoothie doubling doesn't double with the outfit boost.
In other words, you get 3012 base experience, then an additional 5% with the Galactic Jogger (+151), then the Carrot Soup doubles the 3012 as “smoothie boost”, for a total of 6175 experience.

The next level is Trotter's Grove, and to my earlier point, there's Soy Milk here. There's a fleeing Treasure Chest you need to Squat open—it only contains 100 coins. Soon afterwards (past the two squat swings) is a stationary Treasure Chest with one Onyx in it. At the very end of the level, there is a THIRD Treasure Chest, with this one containing 150 coins. I'm fairly exhausted stamina-wise at this point, so rather than open up the overworld Treasure Chest (MORE TREASURE?!) tonight, I'll save that for the next time I play. Good night!

The next time I played was... Wednesday! The overworld Treasure Chest contained three Sesame Smoothies (which is one of the ingredient-doubling smoothies I just mentioned), and the Game Gym behind it is for Squat Goals (Novice), offering a Dragon Fruit ingredient as a bonus incentive for completion. And, what do you know, for the first time ever I S ranked and perfect score'd Squat Goals (Novice)! That's 17200 points. The key is to be precise with your timing and the degree in which you squat. You don't want to go for max power squats every time if you don't have to, because that makes you have way too much end lag as you're waiting to land so you don't have time to go for the next squat. My achievement for the S rank is the “Can't Stop the Hop” title.

That's just the warm-up for all of the squatting I'll need to do for the main focus of tonight's work-out: The LEG BATTLE against Allegra in the Beaut Camp. (I recommend wearing the Atomic Contender II.)

Ring Fit Adventure Allegra toe calf quads leg battle dialogue
Allegra is explaining what a “leg battle” is. For my part, I have no intention of playing fair.
(I also don't want to pit baby cows against one another.)

And as a way to significantly increase the game's difficulty level, and to differentiate it from World 7, the game is forcing us to only use specified blue Fit Skills. Here's the list:
  1. Squat Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 655 base attack
  2. Wide Squat Lv.3—3-range, 3-turn recharge, 560 base attack
  3. Overhead Squat Lv.3—5-range, 3-turn recharge, 325 base attack
  4. Thigh Press Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 615 base attack
  5. Mountain Climber Lv.3—5-range, 4-turn recharge, 510 base attack
  6. Knee Lift Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 615 base attack
  7. Knee-Lift Combo Lv.3—3-range, 4-turn recharge, 490 base attack
  8. Hip Lift Lv.3—4-turn recharge, 15-heart recovery
Blue Fit Skills are not only some of the weakest in the game, but they are also the most physically challenging to perform, with the exceptions of Thigh Press, Knee Lift, and Knee-Lift Combo. I do not want to do any squats here. So after Thigh Pressing and Knee Lifting, I drank Lavender Tea to not only greatly increase my attack power with blue Fit Skills (all of them), but also instantly recharge my Thigh Press and Knee Lift and not have to wait for their full recharge timer. (The smart thing to do would've been to drink the tea after doing a Knee-Lift Combo following Knee Lift, but I forgot that recharging skill drinks instantly recharges every Fit Skill, including moves you just used the turn before.)

After getting Allegra down to under 50% of her health, the second biggest (behind the Glutes Set Fitness Gym) challenge of the world happens: Squat defence against her SUPER ATTACK. I...uh... basically sat down for the duration of it so the squat would register. It did, and not only did I defend against her giant blue energy foot, but I deflected the attack for big damage on her. Then I finished her off with a Knee Lift. So I didn't even need to Knee-Lift Combo once...and outside of the one Squat defence, I didn't need to Squat, Wide Squat, Overhead Squat, or Mountain Climber. That's definitely thanks to the Lavender Tea attack boost plus the Atomic Contender II. Thank you, optimal use of game mechanics!

As I was replenishing my Lavender Tea for my inventory post-battle, I noticed I had 0 Raspberry Smoothies in my inventory, and decided to make some. It turns out the Raspberry Smoothie was my missing Catalog item that I spent a big amount of time last week trying to acquire the recipe for. Turns out I had the recipe all along, but I guess I only recently had acquired actual Raspberries to make it with. (You basically don't get any raspberries in normal Adventure Mode.)

Ring Fit Adventure Raspberry Smoothie view catalog
......I feel so dumb, ugh. The Raspberry Smoothie was waiting for me to make all along.

With me feeling like a dumbass in mind, I decided to just end the world by going off to Dragaux's. It's full of swamp and stairs, along with two fleeing Treasure Chests. I ate a Milk Pudding to buff my jogging and knee lifts just so I could catch the Treasure Chests and open them. They contained 100 coins and 150 coins. Was hoping for more!

As for Dragaux... he was day-dreaming about wanting Allegra to notice him when we ran into his domain. He was... flustered that we heard that, and challenged us to a fight. He brought along a Green Matta Ray+ (healing enemy) and a Green Megaphauna+ (stat buff casting enemy) for back-up, too. Dragaux being healed AND getting a defence boost by his minions makes him VERY tanky, so you wanna knock out his buddies as soon as possible. He'll maintain the defence boost for a little bit even after the Green Megaphauna+ goes down. (And be warned that the Green Megaphauna+ has bulkier stats than Green Matta Ray+ does, so it may require an extra turn to beat.)

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux wants to be noticed by Allegra senpai dialogue
Did Allegra notice the fake Dragaux and never turn back...? What does that even mean?

But on his very first turn, having taken very light damage from a Boat Pose Lv.3 primarily aimed at knocking down the HP of his minions, Dragaux immediately went for a super attack that required a MEGA AB GUARD. And then he did a SECOND super attack (but this one is effortless boulder-throwing) once he got below half health.

After slugging on Dragaux some more, I beat him, and he flew away saying that I heard nothing and to forget this conversation ever happened.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux embarrassed move on with our lives World 30 dialogue
...Oh, uh, should I delete the screenshot above this one, then?

Well, World 30 is cleared! AND I became a Thigh-Press Maestro, the highest honour for Thigh Press devotees (doing 3,000 cumulative Thigh Presses).

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log Week World 30
The world was short enough I did it in three days.
But if I didn't lower the difficulty on the Glutes Set Fitness Gym, it'd likely spill over to four days of play.

Does going through Allegra's training count as a Women's History Month activity? ...Probably not. Do you think Ludwig is smart for lowering the difficulty level as he did during a part of the game that's of horrific physical challenge (torture), or is he a wussy and he shouldn't do that ever again? Next world will be Abdonis's. Stay tuned for what that involves.

Here's World 31 re-featuring Abdonis. Ludwig raised the difficulty level again.
Ring proves he didn't forget what Dragaux said and brings it up in World 32...
When this world appears again in World 53, Dragaux has no feelings expressed for Allegra, and Allegra has a different personality.


  1. sounds like you cheated a bit on that squat part. I'm really liking these name puns, Ab-donis, al-leg-ra, that's good stuff. Although this is the first time I've seen rings face, he looks a bit like a troll.

  2. Exercise more Koopa, and live long enough to write more articles.


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