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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Lying Twitter Trends Brigades Attack on Republican Congresswoman for Nonexistent Hypocrisy

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - “I get my news from Twitter!” is a bad sign.

I'm told this sort of thing happens all the time, but I want to document it in an article so I can reference it for the future.

On March 14, mainstream social media platform Twitter had this on their trending sidebar (that you can't hide, to my knowledge) for users in the United States:

Twitter trending March 14 2021 you voted against it COVID-19 relief bill Rep. María Elvira Salazar
So this seems like a horrible case of hypocrisy, right?
“YOU VOTED AGAINST IT: Many point out that Rep. María Elvira Salazar voted against the
$1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, after she called it 'my bipartisan relief bill'”

The problem is that this summary by the Twitter trending team (and it's written and curated by humans who work for Twitter) is a complete fabrication and disinformation, and by writing the event in a factual tone, they caused the millions of Twitter users who were in the United States at that time to digest FAKE NEWS, with a sizable percent of them brigading (an online harassment tactic where a bunch of coordinated people swarm in on you) Rep. Salazar (her then-recent tweets were all “ratio'd”, which is an obnoxious Twitter cultural thing phenomenon that has its own toxic culture associated with it) as well. A lot of people apparently believed this to be true information because Twitter, the company, said so.

Here's the true story:

Rep. Salazar tweeted this out on March 12:
The link goes to her government press release site where she states that it's about H.R.1533 - To extend the deferment of EIDL loans made in response to COVID-19 from 1 year to 2 years. (That stands for Economic Injury Disaster Loans, provided by the Small Business Administration.) That bill was introduced on March 3, 2021, and hasn't been voted on yet. It seems that it doesn't need to be voted on, since the one-year→two-year extension for when you need to start paying back the loan is now Small Business Administration policy, as announced on March 12.

For your understanding, Congress can pass legislation to force the Executive branch to act a certain way. Or, the Executive Branch—the Small Business Administration is a part of that—can just...act that way to begin with and not need legislative coercion. After the bill went into the House Committee on Small Business, the President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. administration must have decided it's a good idea to extend the loan repayment deadline, and made that the Small Business Administration's policy. (If you don't already realise it by now, the SBA gave a bunch of loans in 2020 for COVID-19 relief, and now small businesses have a longer period of time to begin to pay those loans back.)

As a result of the policy accomplishment, Rep. Salazar made the press release, and now everyone can be happy and I guess her bill can die in a corner because it's redundant. Swell.

Apparently, a day or two later after this March 12 announcement, her tweet was getting attacked by Democrat partisans like Representative Ted Lieu—and the FAKE NEWS media like FAKE NEWS CNN's Chris Cuomo—looking to stir trouble. They were saying that Rep. Salazar voted against her own legislation (which, again, hasn't been voted on), and trying to take credit for the accomplishment with her words despite her actions of trying to kill the relief. Since a lot of people follow these figureheads for some reason, they were getting attention, and then it was trending, so Twitter made that trending sidebar thing to attract even more attention.

One brigading example includes this doctor saying “Rep. Salazar is lying. It's a matter of public record that she voted against the COVID relief bill. Does she think we are stupid?” (Since Rep. Salazar wasn't lying, and according to the cited public record, her bill hasn't gone up to vote yet... who is the stupid one here?) Another includes a “former media & tech attorney” that said, “It really says something about the level of respect you have for your constituents when you attempt to lie about something so easily fact-checkable. You do realize that there’s a permanent & public record of your NO vote right? Y’all are a sinking ship full of hate & lies.” (It's so easily fact-checkable... and yet they did not fact check it.) It's interesting how presumably smart people are so provably wrong by their own standards, but still insist on being wrong and won't accept the facts just because it goes against their predetermined narrative fed by someone else.

The source of disinformation comes from there being more than one piece of legislation having to do with COVID-19 relief. What all the Democrats are referring to is H.R.1319, otherwise known as the American Rescue Plan Act, which zero House Republicans voted for. (It passed anyway and was signed into law on March 11.) That was the $1.9 trillion stimulus spending bill, with a lot of money going to a lot of different areas that you can read about here. (This is the bill including $1,400 stimulus checks.)

However, even when Rep. Salazar made a dedicated tweet saying H.R.1533 and H.R.1319 are different bills that do different things, left-wing partisans still assailed and attacked her, if you look at the comments, saying she voted against her own bill. Even though that's blatantly false. But they're getting that false information from the FAKE NEWS media, Twitter's unavoidable user interface, and from dishonest scumbag Democrats in office like Ted Lieu who will never apologise for the grief—based on a lie—he's giving his coworkers.

Twitter arguments with left-wing liberals you're blocked Palmer Report SusanHuddlest14 LajuWaro
This Twitter user, who has #Resistance in their bio, blocked me immediately after I said Rep. Salazar didn't vote against her own bill because it hasn't been voted on.
She shoved this screenshot in my face and blocked me. The screenshotted write-up comes from FAKE NEWS website Palmer Report that claims Rep. Salazar is pretending to be a Democrat ( Because she's a Hispanic woman trying to help and only Democrats can do that?) and says at the end,
“We can’t let them get away with it.” (Which is definitely a call for continued brigading of the Congresswoman.)
(Palmer Report also has the KoopaTV Twitter account blocked.)

Republicans have a lot of good reasons to vote against the American Rescue Plan Act, and Rep. Salazar can have reasons to vote against that massive amount of stimulus spending and still support extending loan repayment periods. Nothing hypocritical or contradictory about that. I don't know if the media, the Democrats, Twitter's trending team, and Twitter users all are collectively liars, stupid and lazy, gullible, or a nuanced combination thereof. But it's very slimy for all of this purposeful disinformation (with a lack of apologies) to affect the American people's perception of reality and of elected officials. A quick reminder that this occurred just mere months after they finished crying for years and years about “Russian interference and disinformation in the election.” I guess their problem was the Russian part, not the disinformation part.

And now, all of the parties have moved on to brigade some other cause or person they don't like. That's how they roll.

Ludwig dislikes social media mobs, and he also dislikes FAKE NEWS, so social media mobs acting upon FAKE NEWS really upset him and prompted this article to exist. Let him know how you feel about it.

What good reason is there to vote against the act? Well, lots of inflation...


  1. We at Nintendo support fake news, as it means that we can perpetuate the myth that F-Zero and Metroid still exist. Keep the dogs waiting and the cats dancing.



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