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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Posthumous "The Cain Gang" Has Disbanded

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We're living past our inspiration. Are we the successor?

Remember when former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain died due to the Chinese Communist Party Virus? That was a very impactful moment for KoopaTV and me personally. After dropping out of the race, Herman Cain created a goofy content website, CainTV, in 2012. This was the genesis for the creation of KoopaTV in 2013.

After their boss's untimely death, the CainTV group (which had long since rebranded to, which included Herman's daughter, rebranded to The Cain Gang. This primarily relied on content syndicated by The Western Journal, which is a media outlet I don't respect, but Herman had been working with them for years before his death. Very shortly after The Cain Gang was established, CainTV mainstay contributor Robert Laurie left it, citing that using the guy's brand after the death didn't sit well with him.

Indeed, the vibe totally changed, and it didn't help that Herman's Twitter account—his content on Facebook by comparison was always more favourably received due to the Boomer conservative audience—was auto-posting stuff from The Western Journal. It repeatedly tweeted out ironic things, like “This is exactly what happens if you're a minority and you dare disagree with the leftists. You're dead to them.” (Herman Cain was a minority and also dared to disagree with the leftists... except when he tweeted that, he wasn't figuratively dead just to the leftists, but he was literally dead to everyone.) The account also tweeted, “Humanity has survived far, far worse than what 2020 has thrown at us.” (Herman Cain died in 2020.) And perhaps its most infamous tweet was, “It's time for the obsessive mask-wearing to wear off.” (Mask-wearing is widely considered by health professionals to help prevent catching the Chinese Communist Party Virus that Herman Cain died from.)

I guess there is only so much humiliation Herman Cain's estate could take until they realised that this is not a good way to honour the legacy of Herman Cain, so two weeks ago, Dan Calabrese (CainTV's editor in chief) announced that The Cain Gang would be coming to a close.

The Cain Gang close Dan Calabrese last article Herman Cain CainTV
It wasn't actually nine years, but this is a reference to nine being a very special number for Herman Cain.

In that announcement article (which I hyperlinked to using an archived link—the website is still live as of writing this, but who knows how long that'll be the case), Dan Calabrese goes over the history of CainTV and how it started as a weird, unfocused variety site with a bunch of writers and strange video features that no one was looking at but cost a bunch of money to maintain.

Cain eventually asked Calabrese for advice on how to turn the site from a disaster to something viable, and Calabrese came up with the writing focus that did away with the videos (but it still kept the CainTV name before rebranding to later, which is why KoopaTV has the name we have) and kept people coming to it with timely political commentary written by a small core group of writers you'd get to know and be attached with. That's the model that KoopaTV was built on, to parody CainTV, but for videogames instead of politics.

Today, Herman Cain's Twitter hasn't posted anything since the good-bye article. His Facebook is being used to promote Dr. Melanie Cain Gallo's (his daughter's) business psychology offerings for her own consultancy business. ...I get the feeling the audience isn't receptive to it, but she's also using the services of North Star Writers, or Dan Calabrese's company, for her marketing materials. Very interesting how they're still sticking together.

KoopaTV will be turning eight years old in May 2021. Let's hope that we'll outlive the lifespan of CainTV and serve as their true successor! (And they were founded July 4, 2012, so they did not exactly get to nine years old.)

Are you sad that CainTV is finally over? Are you happy that Herman Cain's ghost will finally stop tweeting weird stuff? Do you think KoopaTV will outlast CainTV, or is on KoopaTV on the same trajectory? Will Ludwig die soon too and the remaining staff will make The Koopa Gang for a few months and then stop? Discuss in the comments section.

Just a day later, KoopaTV published about its own demise.
But here is KoopaTV turning eight years old in May 2021.
KoopaTV survived long enough for its own nine-year anniversary, so it's been around longer than CainTV did.
KoopaTV announced that it would be dismantled shortly after its 10-year anniversary.


  1. Did the writers say if they were gonna make a new website or something. I just can't believe that their all going to be saying goodbye to each other after working together for so long, or a least that's what i gather.

    1. Nah, they're DONE.
      Dan Calabrese lamented it's the first time in 15 years he won't have a platform to do political writing on.
      Rob Laurie is glad to be out of political writing entirely.

  2. I just remembered! Have you watched the 'Uncle Tom' documentary yet? Herman Cain makes an appearance in it and i think you might like it.

    1. I haven't seen the documentary.

      I have asked the Cain estate for a review copy of but they ghosted me. ...Perhaps literally.

    2. Well you should check it out, also that looks interesting. I may decide to sail the seven seas later. Yo-ho-HO!


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