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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Herman Cain's Mission Lives On: The Cain Gang

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Plus, my college entrance essay about Herman Cain.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a very personal article about former Republican presidential candidate, radio talk show host, business legend, and personal mentor Herman Cain, who had died that morning due to complications from the Chinese Communist Party Virus (COVID-19). There have been a number of things that have happened since then that I said I would follow up on.

Namely, the fate of Herman Cain's political commentary website (which KoopaTV owes its existence to), his memorial service, and the college essay about him I mentioned.

The Cain Gang

If you're wondering what happened to Herman Cain's website without Herman Cain, his daughter, Dr. Melanie Cain Gallo, has stepped up to run their website. She has previously contributed before, though very sparsely, and the records have disappeared. (I did compliment her three years ago, though.) Dan Calabrese, one of the founding staffers of the original CainTV, writes his side of the story here.

CainTV/ are now rebranded as The Cain Gang, though the URL will remain as because is taken by some band. Herman Cain had come up with The Cain Gang name by himself, though I dunno what his intended purpose was for it. They have a new site logo, too. They'll continue to piggyback off the resources of iffy right-wing news site The Western Journal, because I doubt Dr. Gallo has the resources to pay a full staff.

Herman Cain CainTV The Cain Gang site logo Dan Calabrese Rob Laurie Melanie Gallo Michelle Cohl
Top: Herman Cain's website's previous logo.
Bottom: Herman Cain's website's new logo, The Cain Gang.
(Featuring Michelle Cohl [Dan Calabrese-affiliated editor], Robert Laurie [CainTV original staffer], Dr. Melanie Cain Gallo [Herman's daughter], and Dan Calabrese [CainTV original staffer].)
(Not pictured, the original CainTV logo that KoopaTV stole over seven years ago.)

Anyway, they're all really happy they're able to keep their team together, and I'm happy to since I find their commentary to be amusing. It makes me wonder about what'd happen to KoopaTV if I were to pass. Several staffers have already died in the time KoopaTV has been around—I could be next. Do I think the other staffers would stick together and make The Koopa Pack? ...Nah. They have a lot of trouble sticking together while I'm ALIVE.

Herman Cain's Memorial Service

You can watch Herman Cain's memorial service—which took place on August 7, 2020—embedded here, from the Antioch Baptist Church North of Atlanta:

I don't know much about Christian memorial services, quite frankly, especially not ones in black churches. So this was quite an educational experience. I also wrote on behalf of KoopaTV on his guest book. There are also good life lessons in this, like “proper preparation prevents poor performance.” They also say to wash your hands, cover your coughs and sneezes, and clean and disinfect regularly, and that it was coronavirus that killed him, contrary to foolish people who think it's a conspiracy and he died from something else.

Herman Cain's favourite song is also My Soul Has Been Anchored In The Lord, which is good to know. Herman Cain's own rendition of the song is the best I've ever heard it.

College Entrance Essay

I'm declining to tell you exactly when I wrote this, but I guess it had to be between 2011 and 2019. That means you won't know when “nowadays” actually is, but I think it still is true to this very day. ...And ultimately, this essay worked to some extent, since I did get accepted into at least one college:
Nowadays, inspirational quotes are worth less than a dime a dozen; they’re free. All the time we hear about people who have done amazing things and lived through hard times. These people frequently have some sort of cause they are advocating while they have their fifteen minutes of fame. Does anyone seriously remember or have their lives affected by these all-too-common “extraordinary” inspirational influences? They pass by us like a Catalonian bull stampede: Impact on your life for a split second, and then you go on with your day. It is quite a rare event when a so-called influential figure enters your perspective existence.
While it may be too early to judge this, I believe, without triteness, that I’ve experienced this rare event. Georgia businessman and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is truly inspiring. His voice and message is incredibly captivating in a manner that I’ve never fathomed possible. My ears are attuned to his every word. That’s a strange way of putting it, but the way he speaks, the way he presents himself, it’s incredible.
I’m going to be honest in saying that I never felt any connection to the Civil Rights Movement, and that it seems so distant and foreign a concept without much modern-day results. Herman Cain, however, is a product of that era, and he lived through a time where he was in poverty while people around him treated him poorly because of his race. Herman Cain still built himself up from the bottom of the social ladder to become a successful businessman in several different companies, and reversing the situations of businesses from imminent failure and bankruptcy to success and prosperity. Herman Cain lived from quite humble beginnings but he had an American Dream that he finally achieved of having a $20,000 salary. Mr. Cain then continually set his standards higher, going up the corporate hierarchy every time for the numerous businesses he’s been apart of. He’s someone who is always challenging himself, and he gets through those challenges with optimistic spirit, large intelligence, a logical mind, and determination. Those are the same qualities that I wish to develop and possess. If Herman Cain could do it and be the example that everyone has an equal opportunity to prosper in America and achieve his or her American Dream, then I can do it too. Mr. Cain has made me want to be an entrepreneur.
Herman Cain, besides his back-story and how he rose from that destitution to the fulfilled man he is today, has one other major inspirational feat. He is a Stage IV liver and colon cancer survivor. He had only a 30% chance of survival, but through his treatment, optimism, and his faith in G-d, he carried on. Mr. Cain believes that G-d has other plans for him and that He would not let him die just then. Mr. Cain has to stay on Earth to make America a better place for his children and grandchildren, which is really an admirable cause.
It's fairly repetitive in themes with what I wrote a few weeks ago, and for your information, that's just due to consistency in how I've viewed Herman Cain. I didn't read this essay until after I already published what I wrote two weeks ago, which was right from my heart at the time. 

It's probably sad that if Ludwig died, he feels he wouldn't have even a small fraction of the legacy or pouring of support that Herman Cain has seen. ...Other than that feeling, Ludwig has been trying to get over his Cain-related mourning, and he thinks he's pretty close to a full recovery.

A little over half a year later, The Cain Gang has disbanded, since it got way too weird maintaining the brand based off the dead man.


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    1. why is God censored jus t curious

    2. It's one of the Ten Commandments to not use His name in vain.

      A lot of Jews see the best way to avoid that is by not writing out His name, period.

    3. thats what i thought! thanks for the information ! my orthodox friend AND ex also are jewish but they used God's name sometimes! Maybe interesting information for u! More information for u... I love God :) hhehhe thanks for the knowledge!

  2. I should note that the Cain Gang quickly disintegrated, and while Dan Calabrese and Herman Cain's family are still very much part of it, Robert Laurie is not:


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