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Friday, August 28, 2020

The DonCon Experience, Part 2

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Four nights of... varying experiences, but a mix of mostly policy and just a touch of fear.

Disclaimer: I definitely have a strong political bias, but I still feel like I can present coverage of The DonCon Experience (Part 2, for 2020) in a fair & balanced way, at least according to my principles. Fortunately, there was a lot of substance presented from August 24 to August 27, so we have actual concrete things to discuss, as opposed to feelings-based, visceral affairs like DonCon 2016 and BideCon from a week ago.

The Republican National Convention of 2020 has just concluded, and I watched almost every bit of it, with the exception of the one or two times I fell asleep. They had lots of speakers, most of them on a stage, one at a time. ...Except for the closing acts on Wednesday and Thursday, where they said screw the CCP Virus, let's put everyone in the White House Rose Garden. Well, I hope that doesn't turn out to be like what happened to Herman Cain.

Anyway, I'm not going to do a play-by-play, but I will say that President Donald John Trump, and his surrogates, put on quite a show. There were cool features like a naturalisation (citizenship-granting) ceremony, a presidential pardon, and a round-table of former hostages freed by the United States. There were no awful live performance artists, but there were plenty of “real people.” Some other commentators might focus on the few awful speeches like Kimberly Guilfoyle's speech (the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. and former Fox News personality shouted negative nonsense into the microphone) and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's bomb-throwing stupidity, but not here.

DonCon 2020 was, on balance, uplifting and focused on positive policies (which I'll cover below the page break) and the achievement of THE AMERICAN DREAM, which wasn't featured in BideCon. Most of the negativity was around the ongoing urban riots going on around America (and associating Joe Biden with them, which is partially true in that BideCon didn't address the riots at all), and mean things Joe Biden (or the people said to be controlling him) will do, like raising taxes and defunding the police. (The extra money won't go to lowering the national debt, for your information. Neither party cares about that.)

DonCon 2020 focused on crucial issues like the economy (repeatedly stating that the economy, at least pre-pandemic, had the lowest unemployment rates in generations, or ever, among many demographic groups), tax reform, regulation-slashing, a federal desire for school choice (something about how your zip code shouldn't determine how you get educated, and education is the most important thing for children and can affect your whole life), funding for historically black colleges and universities, right-to-try legislation and lowering prescription drug prices, criminal justice reform (referring to the FIRST STEP Act, and implying there will be more reforms with a second term), and perhaps most importantly, foreign policy/diplomacy.

Here's the speech from one beneficiary of President Donald John Trump's activities on criminal justice reform, Alice Johnson, whom I've briefly referenced before:

I dedicated the whole last half of the BideCon article being upset that the Democrat Party, once an anti-war, pro-free speech party, didn't have any anti-war speakers at their convention. They went out of their way not to invite United States congresswoman, presidential contender (and delegate WINNER!), and anti-war activist Tulsi Gabbard to that convention.

By contrast, MANY speakers at DonCon 2020 pointed out the fact that President Donald John Trump is the first president in over 30 years to not start a new war (and that he is ending endless wars). These include Florida representative Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump Jr., Kentucky senator Rand Paul, Eric Trump, Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, a random liberal young man in a Democrats-for-Trump montage, Arkansas senator Tom Cotton, Ivanka Trump, and finally, President Donald John Trump himself.

Here are remarks from Rand Paul, who is almost like the Tulsi Gabbard of the Republican Party, except he was a speaker:

Foreign policy and opposing new wars is the most consequential thing a president can do. Almost every other agenda item is legislative in nature, and those things don't actually originate from the president, but from members of Congress. However, the Executive branch has a LOT of power when it comes to foreign policy and use of the military, especially after presidents started ignoring the fact that only Congress can declare war, but Congress hasn't tried to hold presidents accountable for usurping that role. (Here's a Backgrounder from the Council of Foreign Relations, which explains the issue. ...Note that I don't endorse the CFR broadly.) In other words, foreign policy = greatest area where the president can make an impact.

KoopaTV cares deeply about foreign policy, since we are the representative blog for Koopa Kingdom written by and funded by Koopa Kingdom's regime. (I myself am a prince of Koopa Kingdom, as was recently reaffirmed.) American politicians who like regime-change wars are dangerous to our continued rule of our own kingdom, and we'd much prefer non-interventionist policy. After all, Koopa Kingdom wants nothing to do with the United States anyway! (Except for the occasional advocacy for things like installing Bowser Statues instead of monuments of your nation's own historical figures.)

Only the Republican Party, based on their convention speeches, follows that policy. And they made a point to show that. The Democrats don't seem to care about any policy besides espousing anger and rage towards the President. The President was actually shown to be kind and caring, as demonstrated by him apparently indirectly rescuing the lives of hundreds of cows, according to Wisconsin dairy farmer Cris Peterson

Brown cows Republican National Convention 2020 grass field Wisconsin dairy farm
This is a screen-grab from a montage video that played during the 2020 Republican National Convention.
Notice how they're showcasing lovely chocolate cows.
President Donald John Trump clearly isn't racist against them, unlike Mario's anti-chocolate cow racism and segregation.

Speaking of Rand Paul, tolerance for others, and mobs, Rand Paul (and his wife) was confronted by a very angry mob (calling for his death) as he was leaving the White House to get to his hotel. He talked about it on Fox News this morning, though the segment was much longer than it needed to be. He was only saved due to the presence of police officers. The angry mob was upset over racial injustice in the country (and demanded that Rand Paul “say her name”, being that of Breonna Taylor, who was murdered by Kentucky police officers in an unannounced raid of her apartment, though she wasn't the reason they were there to begin with), despite Rand Paul being one of the only people in the United States Senate to be a consistent advocate for criminal justice reform.

Rand Paul is the author of the short, simple, and direct Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, which would prohibit no-knock warrants (which right now, allow for cops to enter a premise without declaring who they are, or “authority”; and what they're there for, or “purpose”). The bill has no Democrat Party co-sponsors (including the lack of California senator and vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, who only supports the Justice in Policing Act, which is a huge bill with way too much stuff in it, and not all of it is good), even though this legislation would have likely prevented Breonna Taylor's death by police. It was observed at the Republican National Convention that members of both parties often like to complain about problems, but never want to fix them, because appealing to people's frustrations is a better way of fund-raising and getting re-elected than actually solving problems.

President Donald John Trump was portrayed as the opposite of that. He's a do-er and a problem solver, even if that makes him deeply unpopular among establishment politicians like Joe Biden. 

This article wasn't an endorsement of one candidate over another—the KoopaTV endorsement article will arrive later. It is a lot easier to write about actual policy proposals and results than vague “Well Joe Biden is just such a nice guy so you should vote for him” statements, and logic is how Ludwig's brain works. How about yours? Did you watch any of DonCon? What did you think of it? The one or two times Ludwig fell asleep were through much of Mike Pence's night because it was boring, and the ending of President Donald John Trump's acceptance speech, since it was so late at night.


  1. this was one of the most cultish things i have ever watched in politics and i watch alot of politics weird weird weird!!!!!!!!!!! go communism

    1. You call it a cult, and I call it consistent messaging.

      Compare to DonCon 2016 where they had Ted Cruz boo'd off stage because he was invited to Trump's convention and refused to endorse Trump in his speech.

    2. mental illness party revolving around ronald mcdonald jondarld j donald drumpf's somehow insanely popular cult of personality turning the american state that i hate and dont care about at all into a fascist beacon of democracy hehehehhe kinda funny hehehe kinda quirky kinda ironic heheheh so funny joke hehehehe fascist democracy hehehehhe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coming soon!!!!!!!!!!! 1 party have dementia patient who cant speak 1 sentence the other one have man who cant spell coffee!

    3. in short america screwed again just like in 2016 so have fun im chillin up north :D B)

    4. Awww crap, sam's opinion of Trump is something I actually agree with. His base IS cultish. >_<

    5. Even if that's true, that doesn't subtract from the content of his messaging or what he's managed to actually accomplish.
      (Or not accomplish. I didn't mention it in the article, but they barely touched on THE WALL or immigration, besides the pro-immigration naturalisation ceremony.)

    6. he accomplish ur country death in coronavirus hahahaha good work tbh thank u for ur service in weakening ameriKKKa trash country LUL

    7. I'll get to coronavirus in my endorsement article.

    8. also lheticus from NOW ON i will stop flaming you i didnt realize before this moment that you were not another right wing psychiatric ward patient like many others who frequent this site seriously. I APOLOGIZE for saying mean things EXCEPT for what i said after you flamed me because that was not nice and just payback. thank you for agreeing with my sentiment about drumpf's cult of personality and eventual dictatorship in amerikkka fellow KOMRADE. see u soon :D

    9. unless u are actually a right winger, in which case i dont take it back. also koopa fuck u stupid cult member u join kkk and q anon next/???? HAHHAHA!

    10. As an FYI, the only one who visits KoopaTV that comes close to "right wing psychiatric ward patient" (to my knowledge) is me.

      I was in the CKC (Cool Kid's Club), an exclusionary thread on The Pokémon Company International's Trading Card Game Online forum that got locked because it was trying to be elitist and do away with the literal 9 year olds that were the normal forumgoer by only allowing mature, coherent people.
      No KKK, however. Or Q.

    11. congrats u are in the cool kids club B) hehe xd so elite

    12. I was also part of KoKK, or Knights of Koopa Keep.

      Only after I made the name did someone tell me it was an unfortunate acronym.

    13. ok so u were a part of the KKK too next definitely Q ANON smh sigh smh.

    14. Fake news. >.>

      That "o" is important!


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