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Friday, August 7, 2020

Enjoy This Cute Wooloo Drawing by Momo


My photos of my new, sweet, adorable Wooloo plushie have made the rounds in the Pokémon community. I feel quite honoured to report that they have inspired other people to also create art of Wooloo. This sketch comes from an artist named Momo. She specifically asked me to publish her work on KoopaTV. Obviously I welcome that, so take a good look at the woolly adorable Sheep Pokémon:

Wooloo drawing sketch hand drawn Momo happy round wool friend sheep Pokémon
Wooloo, by Momo.

Fun fact: Wooloo's name in French is Moumouton, which is pronounced “Moo moo ton”. Not only is this a great name because anything with “moo” is likely adorable, but Momo's own name is almost similar to it. There's some fate there.

There is also fate in that you will love Wooloo. KoopaTV staffer Kamek described this Wooloo as “unnaturally handsome”. As for Momo, she doesn't have any contact information she'd like to share, or other works she'd like to advertise. But Momo will be watching this KoopaTV comments section, so... this is the place for letting her know what you think of her Wooloo art. Maybe you have requests for more artwork?

Momo and her Wooloo drawing won KoopaTV's 2020 Best Guest Article Contributor and Best Guest Art Article awards!


  1. hello momo this is my one post on this website im not trolling. this is awesome and a great drawing as i already told you <3 good job keep it up!

    1. (I can confirm Momo appreciated the sentiment, for anyone wondering.)


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