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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Inkopolis Saved? The Chicken Still Predated The Egg!

Squidwig KoopaTV avatar By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Same result. Almost exactly the same way.

According to these KoopaTV notes, Inkling citizens participated in the sacred Splatfest ritual on March 2018 to determine which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Oh, sorry for the in medias res. This is Squidwig. Ludwig is out to pasture. ...For now. Watching some convention thingy. I decided to take over his KoopaTV administrative account to write an update on a concerning matter that's been afflicting Inkopolis Square: The rerun of Splatfests, but with no indication that the event is being repeated. It's happening like it's the first time ever. To everyone in Inkopolis Square who doesn't research historical accounts like KoopaTV, the Ketchup vs. Mayonnaise Splatfest a few months ago appeared to be the first Splatfest we've ever had.

Besides the issue of gaslighting, this completely subverts Inkopolis law, which dictates that the winner of the Splatfest is legally recognized as superior, and is given that very important legal status. In the case of Ketchup vs. Mayonnaise, the original winner was Mayonnaise. The new winner is Ketchup.

Last weekend, there was another one of these Splatfest reruns, asking if chickens came first, or eggs. The result? Team Chicken won. Which team won the first time around? Also Team Chicken. The original and new winners are the same, and, for now, the status quo is maintained.

Splatoon 2 Splatfest law article 3 section 2 chicken came first before egg Pearl
Pearl references Article 3, Section 2 of Splatfest Law, stating that winning a Splatfest is proof of the victor's superiority over the loser.

In 2018, Team Egg won the Popularity vote with 58.70%, but Team Chicken won Solo wins with 52.66% and Team wins by 56.30%. In 2020, Team Egg won the Popularity vote with a slightly lesser 58.08%, but Team Chicken won Normal clout with 52.46% and Pro clout with 52.65%. Don't try to compare Solo/Team wins with Normal/Pro percents, because the clout-based system doesn't work quite like that.

The Popularity vote, however, is almost unchanged. I think that means that none of the Inklings knew that this was a rerun, or else it should've been dramatically different—which seems to be the intention. Why? I still don't know... Though we don't know the vote breakdown among the Octarians, which now are allowed to participate compared to the first time. Is that how they plan to remake civilization? Rerun old Splatfests with this new voting foreign voting group, and then have them take over? We voted to stop that already... but what happens if it happens again?

Squidwig dreads what further Splatfest reruns may occur in the future, and how they will reshape Inkopolis Square for the worse.

Need an explainer in KoopaTV-lingo on what gaslighting actually means? Click here!
The next and last Splatfest rerun was Trick vs. Treat, which did not have a changed result.
Squidwig next returns at the end of 2021, referencing Splatfest law again.

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