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Monday, December 27, 2021

Squid Erasure in Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Update 1.1.0

Squidwig KoopaTV avatarBy LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This is an outrage!

Hey KoopaTV readers, it's Squidwig. Been a while, hasn't it? Ludwig is busy doing something... weird, but he's not in the best physical shape for that, so he's not able to stop me from taking his administrative account and publish something that you really need to know, but would otherwise never be written about since it goes against the usual KoopaTV narrative.

Nintendo—right before Squidmas Eve—updated their big December 2021 release, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, with a version 1.1.0. The main feature of this update is to restrict the display of pictures of beings called “Creepy Crawlies” from the minigames (Super) Fast Focus and (Super) Speed Sorting.

Big Brain Academy Speed Sorting Fastest turtle car bicycle plane
An example of Speed Sorting, which asks a question and provides four possible choices using realistic photography.
(Not cartoon characters from the demo's different minigames.)
In this case, it's asking for the fastest option. Big Brain Academy states the answer is Plane, but since Team Car won its Splatfest, this is incorrect.
You can also observe the photo representing Ludwig, who is the slowest of them all.
Image credit to Donut Toys and Games.

Creepy Crawlies for Speed Sorting are defined as Snakes, Butterflies, Spiders, Octopuses, Squids, Starfishes, Frogs, Ants, Flies, Grasshoppers, Praying Mantises, Caterpillars, and Snails. Significantly less Creepy Crawlies appear in Fast Focus, with Dragonfly being the only one not in Speed Sorting. I've bolded the problem I have with the designation. For example, the following quiz would apparently not appear if someone has set Creepy Crawlies to Remove:

Big Brain Academy Speed Sorting moves with four legs pig crab squid ant
Squid (bottom left) and Ant (bottom right) would be removed as possibilities.
Somehow, Crab is acceptable, in a power play by Bisk of Shella Fresh.

I understand that people might not want to look at unpleasant imagery of things like an octopus. I know all too well that having Octarians around only creates trouble. But the problem with this new toggle is that it's all-or-nothing. If you love squids, as you should, but don't want to see octopuses or ants, you'll have to turn off squids and everything else.

Big Brain Academy Speed Sorting cold-blooded snail octopus snail
Image credit to a different Donut Toys and Games video.

If this is how Nintendo is going to be treating squids at the end of 2021, that makes me very worried, on behalf of all Inklings, for what will happen in Splatoon 3 in 2022. That Salmonid “buddy” isn't being banned by Big Brain Academy. Will it take over Inkling society? Will Inklings become a second-class group in Splatsville, subject to be toggled in favor of a race of crabs? Is that why there's a new special weapon called the Crab Tank? This is far from “solving structural racism.”

Squidwig is an advocate for Inklings keeping control over Inkling society and dictating and preserving their own culture. He celebrated Squidmas this year and had a nice time splatting scum like the Salmonids and Octarians in Inkopolis Square while wearing the Festive Party Cone.


  1. How are you supposed to answer the question to the last image you showed, that being which picture fits the description of cold-blooded? How are we supposed to know whether the Inkling or Octoling or both or neither equipped clothes with the ability "cold-blooded?"

    Maybe that is why the villain of Splatoon 3 is turning octopuses into mammals to not be considered a "creepy crawlie" Watch out Squidwig! The villain considers Inklings creepy crawlies and will try to make all squids mammals too.

  2. What score did you get in the test? Can you make an article on that?

    1. No one on KoopaTV's staff, nor Squidwig, actually own Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain.
      However, I can offer you my scores on the three minigames from the demo.

    2. Awww man, I just received my game 2 days ago! It's a very good game lol, although you got way higher scores than me 😂

    3. I do have the game on the DS, and they share some of the minigames, though it's probably not a 1:1 comparison.

      But, yes, I'm a genius and my mind is very quick. KoopaTV wouldn't be possible without it. Let me know if you get higher scores!

    4. Hey, PROHACKER08, you won KoopaTV's raffle for a $10 Nintendo eShop code.

      Can I get your contact info so I can send you it? You have a week to respond.

  3. I don't wanna send my main email in a public blog, but here is another email account: Yes, the name is stupid

    1. I was thinking you'd email me, but this works too. We'll send the code to you (and everyone else) soon!


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