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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Balance Patches, Spirit Events, and Event Tourneys are OVER!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The only new stuff left are future amiibo.

If you were hoping that a renewed sense of importance in the Super Smash Bros. series going into 2022 would have Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continue to get content updates... you'd be wrong. Spirit events and event tourneys are now repeating. And the final balance patch, 13.0.1, was released last night. It supports some new amiibo and has these fighter adjustments, summarised in the following Beefy Smash Doods video:

I must admit that I'm happy to once again receive some buffs. Well, less me and more my Koopa Clown Car. The Grinder that appears with my dash attack is stronger and more consistent, along with the car's tongue (well, it's not stronger, but it's more likely to KO due to its new angle). My Up Smash's propeller blades are even stronger now, and one of my favourite tricks, the Kart Dash's spin-out, is more powerful as well in terms of how far it'll send my opponents! That's on top of the buffs from 9.0.0 where the side-b got more armour on it.

Ike (the same Ike who isn't gay) got some buffs too, but I don't find them notable compared to that time his Aether got drastically improved.

I like that Steve, Min Min, and Pyra and Mythra all got nerfs, but I'm upset that some other characters, like that electric yellow rodent Pikachu, didn't get a thoughtful nerf even once and has been considered top tier since the game came out. I'm not really sure who would be forward-smashing with Mythra to begin with instead of just switching to Pyra, but I'll establish my superiority regardless:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ludwig Von Koopa down tilt tongue clown cart Mythra forward side smash
Mythra's forward smash is so weak! Meanwhile, my machine's tongue is better than ever. HAH! LOSER!
...Since I never bought Pyra and Mythra's DLC package, I needed help from an anonymous donor to take this photo.
This donor requested that you think of me as lazy for not spending $6 and taking the photo myself.
Obviously, I don't need access to such weak generic anime swordsmen.
Since the balance patches are over, that means I'm considered to be fully balanced with her anyway, right?

It's upsetting that Nintendo has already declared that no more balances will be made. It's a shame that there are many characters that deserve to be buffed but were ignored. Feel free to name your favourites in the comments section, but I have Little Mac in mind. (His buffs from 13.0.0 aren't enough.) I'm sure the game will still be updated on a technical level to allow for compatibility with the myriad of unreleased amiibo (like Sephiroth) based off Fighters Pass characters. Yet Nintendo is sponsoring a whole circuit next year. What if there's a balance flaw revealed that makes a mockery of the game, like Bayonetta at EVO 2018? I like to point out that Super Smash Bros. 4 got a longer post-final-character update support window than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting. Bayonetta released in version 1.1.4 of Super Smash Bros. 4 on February 3, 2016, which then had versions 1.1.5 on March 15 and 1.1.6 on May 20. That's three and a half months. Meanwhile, 13.0.0 with Sora released on October 18, and the final patch is 13.0.1 from December 1, a mere one month and a half of support.

As for the event tourneys and spirit events, they are already repeating. Over the weekend there was a repeat of Heroes Vs. Villains, which was the very first event tourney. This time, Sora and Sephiroth were added as available characters. I'm sure they'll retroactively update their events with any new content that's been released since they first aired, but that won't change the fundamental gist of things.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Heroes Vs. Villains Event Tourney online Ludwig Von Koopa winner champion
Obviously, I won it. Both myself and King Dad were very heroic defeating that villainous plumber.
...Too bad he'll be back.

I'll miss making content based off those events, despite me declaring at the start of their existence that I'd do no such thing. (Let me know if you think it's a good thing I didn't listen to myself.)

You already got a couple of comment prompts throughout the article, so maybe respond to those? If nothing else, Ludwig is going to end up writing about this game a lot less in the future, though he may or may not keep playing it as much as he has. Probably not, though he can't let his buffs go to waste by not using himself... As for amiibo, none of the fighters from Fighters Pass 2 have had their amiibo released yet, but those will be throughout 2022 and maybe even after!

This article was wrong. There was a new Spirit Event with a new spirit: Evil Ryu. Ludwig apologises here.
Did the 13.0.1 patch impact the metagame much? Check out the fighter usage stats for April 2022.


  1. Too bad Samus or Zero Suit Samus did not get any changes at all. That means you won't have motivation to take a screenshot of her surrounded with smoke balls, pitfalls, Poké Balls, a Smash ball, and some other spherical objects that are used a items, and then put into your article.

    1. It could be an Artistic Corner article in the future.

  2. No more rebalancing, eh? I rather liked the subtleties of quite a few of the fighters being so dynamic, and not just the dlc ones coming in, either.

    I mean, perfect balance can never truly be achieved in a fighting game, but why stop improving it? Such a shame.

    1. Maybe they want the team working on other things.

      ...Those other things being...uh....unclear.

  3. It had to happen at some point I guess, you would figure they’d be able to make more new content for a long while. It can’t be that hard to grab a box picture from literally any Nintendo game and slap a fight onto it. Although eventually people would get bored always fighting side characters that into ever had one appearance.

    On another note, you solved my problem! Thanks to you, I can now comment once more. I really appreciate this because I never would have figured it out in my own. I searched blogger commenting problems (and other queries like that) but I never got anything corresponding to my problem. It’s strange that it only happens after specific updates, but I’m grateful nonetheless.

    1. People like side characters if it's a support character from a game they like! (...Reminder that the Ace Attorney franchise got absolutely nothing, not even a Spirit.)

      I'm really happy that I solved your problem, because my alternative solution was to tell you to stop using Apple products.


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