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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 8.0.0 Impressions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - There's a hero I'm excited for, and it sure isn't Min Min.

Most people will associate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 8.0.0—revealed in a presentation last week and released as of last night—as the version update that added Min Min and a bunch of ARMS music to the game, within the new Spring Stadium stage. Some speculators will be excited about the prospect of base game Spirits no longer deconfirming future downloadable content character selections. Speaking of spirits, a few high score nerds will seek to maximise their scores in the new spirit battle rematches feature.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min tourney mode June 29 2020 bracket
This looks like a Min Minfiltration.

I think I've made it clear that I'm most hyped for the updates to the fighters that come with the new update. Here are the patch notes details. (I'll note that Kirby and Captain Falcon featured in Min Min's trailer and were big beneficiaries of updates, and it was pretty much just buffs without nerfs.) If that comes across as gibberish to you, perhaps this before and after video from Beefy Smash Dudes will help:

What am I most interested in? Well:

Ike Aether version 8.0.0 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate transcendent priority
Ike's Aether now has transcendent priority, meaning it ignores knockback from other attacks (like PAC-MAN's forward smash)
and proceeds with the move anyway. It also now sends opponents much farther than before.

Ike was previously known in the metagame as a character that just went around and spammed his neutral-air, which was an incredibly versatile combo tool that basically could do anything. Racking up damage and leading to KO moves. His neutral-air was changed so it can't do that as well, but in return, his dash attack is now a much better KO move, Aether is just incredible (see above), his down-tilt sort of replaces his neutral-air as a combo starter except now he doesn't have to jump to do it (it's much faster to down-tilt than jump and neutral-air), and his forward-air lets you act a lot quicker out of it, making it much more viable as an edgeguarding tool (it's a lot more fluid to jump off the stage, forward-air, and be able to make it back instead of dying because it takes too long to finish the forward-air).

I've always really liked Ike and have been excited for him in Super Smash Bros., and his Fire Emblem games (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) have always been my favourite of the franchise, and some of my favourites ever. But I've never been able to play Ike effectively, between prioritising other characters, and Ike never feeling particularly fluid. I'm not used to sword-wielding fighters.

But with these changes, then perhaps I can have a lot of fun with Ike that I haven't had before! Maybe even get him to be competitively viable, too.

Little Mac KO Uppercut Ike Super Smash Bros. Ultimate photo mode
...The new Aether will still lose to KO Uppercut, however.

Ludwig realised as he was about to publish the article that maybe he should've used Chrom instead of PAC-MAN as Ike's Aether victim in the picture, but he fortunately managed to forget Chrom was even in the game. He doesn't care about Min Min, since playing against her is as boring as playing ARMS itself, which actually makes it accurate representation. You might disagree with Ludwig though. If you do, go ahead and comment.

For your information, Ludwig was very conflicted on getting Fire Emblem: Three Houses because of the series direction post-Ike, though Dorothea convinced him to get it.
Ludwig was hoping that characters like Sonic and Mr. Game & Watch would get nerfed...but they weren't.
The spirit battle replays thing new to 8.0.0 is very good, as demonstrated with more Ike (and Black Knight!) photos.
There's a new update: version 8.1.0!
Next main version is 9.0.0, and there are new buffs that Ludwig likes a lot.


  1. The thing about Min Min is that she's too weird for any casual Smash player to really stick with, plus her recovery is hot garbage. She does have some absolutely amazing edgeguarding tricks though in addition to decent damage racking. It'll probably take a lab monster to use her well in tourney though.

    1. I'm happy that I have some amazing edgeguarding tricks against her, too. >:D

      So far all I see is Min Min dashing back to create distance between her and her opponents, and throwing out punches. And that's kinda it, until the opponent is off the stage, and then she does her funky edgeguarding.

      It's boring. >.>


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