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Monday, June 8, 2020

It Would've Been E3 2020 Now... But Here's FakE3 2020!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - What a sorry state.

In previous years on KoopaTV, we would already have our Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) schedule up for the year and have covered multiple company conferences with live reaction logs that would've taken place on Sunday and Monday. We would even have a temporary and unique logo for the occasion.

E3 2020 is cancelled, however, thanks to coronavirus concerns. Same ones that cancel everything else, including the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. (Well, almost everything. Riots/protests still happen.)

Does that mean the videogame companies that were going to show up to E3 2020 and make announcements there, will just make the announcements around this timeframe anyway, but for FakE3 2020? (Or IGN's FakE3 2020.) Well... that's unclear. Some companies are. Some haven't announced it. There's no Nintendo on any FakE3 2020 schedule. Meanwhile, Sony is doing their own thing on Thursday. I guess we'll cover it here. But it wasn't even supposed to be during this week. What a mess.

I guess you could argue if the videogame industry is going to move on and do well regardless, then E3 isn't even needed and should stay dead. Just have The Game Awards in December.

Oh, what a nasty fate that'd be, for that awful event to be THE annual event for the gaming industry.

Let's just make the Tokyo Game Show the new E3. And hope they actually announce USEFUL stuff there.

By the way, every E3 has a pre-E3 tragedy. This year's tragedy was obviously the killing of George Floyd. No one contests that! The tradition is apparently so strong or scheduled so far in advance by destiny, it happens even when E3 gets cancelled.

KoopaTV covered E3 2019 atypically, but here was its schedule article.
Here is Sony's presentation, the only one during the would-be E3 2020 time period, featuring the PlayStation 5.
Nintendo has an out-of-season Treehouse Live to check out.
And here is the Xbox presentation, which is quite like what a real E3 one would be like.
Turns out the Tokyo Game Show of 2020 was useless, too.
Here's the E3 Weeks 2021 Schedule next year, since E3 2021 is a real thing that happened.

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