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Thursday, June 10, 2021

E3 Weeks 2021 Schedule!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The fact there wasn't a 2020 version of this affects our thinking a bit.

As KoopaTV has been making you aware for the past several months, E3 Weeks 2021 is upon us. This is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)—the biggest gaming event of every year. Except 2020 when it didn't happen.

KoopaTV has a tradition of covering the major livestreams that occur during E3 with text-and-image-based live reaction logs that actually do a decent job documenting what happens and our actual, unedited emotions during gaming company presentations. They're better than videos.

Here is this year's KoopaTV E3 Weeks 2021 logo:

KoopaTV E3 Weeks 2021 logo banner
I made this logo with no input from anyone else.
The plain-ness represents how I'm not actually expecting or anticipating anything.

This year is different than previous years. E3 2021 is an all-virtual event with a gamified digital portal. While the conferences will remain, there are now apparently more details contained within this portal with its simulated booths. ...As of writing this, it's still unclear how that content will play into our E3 Weeks 2021 content. You can watch the E3 streams for yourself on Twitch and many other distribution services.

So here are the conferences we'll be having some kind of content around. There are many events that will occur not on this list that you can request we watch in the comments section, but we're excluding them because they don't seem interesting or relevant. This article will be updated as E3 Weeks progresses with hyperlinks to KoopaTV's coverage. Times listed are in Eastern Time:

SATURDAY June 12, 2021

Ubisoft Forward: 3 PM–4:08 PM
Devolver Digital MaxPass+: 4:34–5:01 PM

SUNDAY June 13, 2021

(Microsoft) Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase: 1:03 PM–2:27 PM
SQUARE ENIX Presents: 3:17 PM–3:58 PM

MONDAY June 14, 2021

Verizon Conference: 12 PM–12:37 PM
CAPCOM Conference: 5:30 PM—5:56 PM

TUESDAY June 15, 2021

Nintendo Direct | E3 2021: 12 PM–12:39 PM
Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2021: 12:40 PM–4:51 PM

KoopaTV will be updating multiple times a day during E3 Weeks, so you should stay near KoopaTV as events progress. You won't want to fall behind on content! (Though if you do, you could still catch up...)

The last time there was an E3 Weeks Schedule, it was 2019's.
The weeks ended with a big games sale.
KoopaTV rated the companies in a tier list to cap off E3 Weeks 2021!
You may have noticed the lack of E3 2021 Virtual Portal in KoopaTV's coverage. That's because it never really worked.


  1. Capcom could be interesting, that should help me stave off my anticipation for NINTENDO. While I don’t expect 100% guarantee to get exactly what I want, I am expecting them to announce something big. Regardless I’ll be checking in every so often.

    1. Microsoft's and Nintendo's are the most important...!

      I actually don't expect CAPCOM to announce anything new; just advertise more of things we already know about. They'll almost certainly have a Monster Hunter Rise update.

    2. My expectations are exactly what happened 'cause I'm awesome.

    3. I knew they’d announce somthing big! Not what I was expecting but I’m thrilled about dread. Sorry for the confusion but I was talking about Nintendo when I meant somthing big. And it’s good capcom didn’t announce anything big as you said because where would all the time and money come from?

    4. Well, I know where the money comes from, but not the time. >_>;;

  2. Might check out the Square Enix one too, this year. I thought Project Triangle Strategy was quite promising from the demo, I'd hope there are further developments with it by now.

    Like a better title for instance.

    1. I... actually don't expect Project Triangle Strategy to appear at all. I get the feeling the game won't release until 2022, and they won't want to show it until they've implemented the feedback from the demo... and people probably gave more than enough feedback that they won't have a new build to show until sometime after E3 2021.

  3. KoopaTV cancelled our Bandai Namco log:

    [5:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: UGGGGGGh
    [5:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: DO I HAVE TO WATCH BANDAI NAMCO?
    [5:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I DON'T EVEN CARE
    [5:24 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The E3 stream claims this is specifically for "House of Ashes"
    [5:24 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And not the whole company.
    [5:25 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Uhhhhhh well I'm gonna just cancel this log then.


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