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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Nintendo's E3 2021 Presence; E3 Fan Sign-Ups Open

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Here's what you allegedly get for signing up...

In a little over a week, the 2021 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will commence. It's THE biggest event for the gaming industry of the year, and there's been significant buzz about it for the past couple of months, demonstrating that people who've been saying that “E3 is dead” or “E3 is irrelevant” are... very dumb people, likely with an agenda that doesn't align with your own.

This year, hardware ecosystem owners Microsoft and Nintendo are E3's pinnacle sponsors. Yesterday, Nintendo announced their E3 2021 plans: Nintendo will stream a Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, June 15, at 12 PM Eastern. This aligns with their long-running streak of Tuesday 12 PM E3 digital events going back to E3 2014. It'll last about 40 minutes and focus on Nintendo Switch games releasing in 2021...with some mentions of outside-2021 things too. Then Nintendo's Treehouse division will do three hours of gameplay on select games right after. In past years, Nintendo Treehouse might do four, five, six, or even more hours every day for three days, so three hours in one day is substantially less time. Quite frankly, I'm fine with that, as someone who has sat through all of those hours in the past and live-reacted to them all for content. ...Content that you can read on KoopaTV in previous years (2019 and prior... well, for KoopaTV, 2018 and prior. 2019 was unique).

Three hours might fit in six to eleven games, depending on how much time they want to dedicate to each game. That's less games shown than some of the previous years’ Nintendo Treehouse Lives. Quality isn't always better than quantity here. Like, the 2016 E3 Nintendo Treehouse Live Day 1 was boring because it was JUST The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for hours on end. I suppose Treehouse Live could do that again and use all three hours on just one game, but... I hope not.

Also, today, E3 opened up their “fan registrations.” Registering will give access to the online portal that we wrote about a month ago. You can visit the “virtual booths” of companies not like Nintendo and Microsoft, but like SEGA, CAPCOM, SQUARE ENIX, and Ubisoft. These booths will apparently house special information and content, and there'll also be online discussion boards. Hopefully those boards will have a better layout than GameFAQs Beta, which was forced upon users for a few hours earlier today to unanimous condemnation.

How does one register? Well, the form looks like this:

E3 2021 Fan Registration online portal form
Are all of those fields REALLY necessary?

I totally understand why they'd ask for your date of birth. You see, E3 is ran by the Entertainment Software Association, and they also run the ESRB game ratings board in America, so they're all about not wanting kids or younger teenagers to be looking at potentially M-rated content. It's an easy assumption that the booths will be blocked off by ESRB rating. If you put your date of birth at a year that makes you 15 years old, you probably won't be able to look at an M-rated booth or the M-rated section of a vendor's booth.

But why do you need to know someone's first/last name and very specific details about where they live? ...Another interesting quirk: Your “Password must be less than 12 characters.” Passwords under 8 characters are disqualified, so you have a narrow range. You NEED to have a special character, too.

Of course, I registered as Ludwig Koopa from Sierra Leone. ...Postal code and state and stuff don't really exist there, but fortunately, the registration form didn't have much verification to it, so you could put un-true information. Logging in doesn't do anything right now, but a confirmation email says it will starting June 12, which is when E3 begins.

There's also a media registration form, which gives people access to E3 and vendors earlier than fans do. Unfortunately, KoopaTV does not meet the qualifications as an online media outlet due to not having “10,000 or more monthly unique visitors” as deemed by Google Analytics. I won't tell you how much we get, but it's under 10,000. ...And it's been under 10,000 for our entire existence. But I'm sure some FAKE NEWS rumour-mill clickbait websites with zero integrity do qualify and will successfully register. Even websites that have peddled FAKE NEWS about E3 itself.

Not a very just world, but KoopaTV has always been closer to you than to them. So we'll have the same fan registration as you do!

Next week, KoopaTV will publish its E3 2021 Schedule and temporarily have a new logo! ...And, of course, KoopaTV will begin doing its E3 coverage. Please look forward to it. It's unclear how KoopaTV will report on whatever occurs on the E3 online portal.

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What occurred on the online portal? Nothing, really. This article documents that.


  1. I hope The Great Ace Attorney will be in the Capcom booth.

    1. If it's not, I'll definitely let you all know about it. >:(

  2. Aw no early access this time, guess they are really cracking down on things then. I like the new logo, you should do more special event logos.

    1. You can see links to all of our logo changes at the bottom of our Logo Policy.
      It's mostly just E3.


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