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Thursday, May 13, 2021

E3 2021 Preview Update: SQUARE ENIX, SEGA, and an Online Portal

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - More companies, more fun... all virtual!

Normally I like to refrain making articles that are really announcements about announcements—but in this case, multiple mainstream gaming media outlets (like VG247) have reported false information such as, “Activision Blizzard, Bandai Namco, EA, Sega, Sony, and Square Enix will not make appearances [at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2021].” Misinformation often travels farther than the truth, so here's the most up-to-date E3 2021 company attendance information:
The list of companies confirmed for the all-virtual E3 2021 continues to grow with the addition of several high-profile video game publishers and developers, as well as tech, hardware and streaming companies. SQUARE ENIX, SEGA, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, XSEED Games / Marvelous USA, Inc., Gearbox Entertainment, Freedom Games, Devious Eye Entertainment, Turtle Beach, Verizon and are joining the fray and preparing to bring major announcements and reveals to fans throughout E3, which takes place June 12 through June 15.

Previously confirmed E3 partners include Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive and Warner Bros. Games.

We've known that for a week, but some irresponsible outlets don't update their original stories that are wrong, and they're still indexed on search engines. You'd think the least they could do is keep updated information on the BIGGEST EVENT IN THE INDUSTRY OF THE YEAR. Nah. They also could've been a responsible website like KoopaTV and not mention that companies that will actually come later will not make appearances.

Anyway, Bandai Namco, SEGA, and SQUARE ENIX will actually be there. It's true EA and Sony will not be there—which is why they're the only two companies KoopaTV originally stated wouldn't be there. Dunno about Activision Blizzard, but I'd be happier without them. Really curious what Verizon has to share.

The reason the outlets got it wrong is because when it was announced in early April who'd be presenting at E3, they mentioned “early commitments” from some companies, with “more to come.” Some outlets ignored the parts where the list was tentative, and to perhaps drive an “E3 is dead” narrative that's been around for a while, made it seem like all of these other companies not on the initial list were boycotting E3 or something. I bet being an inaccurate news outlet still lets you become an E3 media partner, though E3 hasn't yet explained how they'll select who gets to show up to media week, or how to apply.

However, they did officially announce (as opposed to unofficially?) the E3 2021 online portal and app. This online portal will open up for media week on June 7, and then for the rest of us June 12. It's more than just a livestream, but will have virtual booths, profile and avatar creation, and some kind of leaderboard system. Plus, online forums, which will probably be a toxic cesspit, but maybe it'll be a good opportunity to advertise KoopaTV. (Probably not allowed under whatever terms of service they'll have, but we can try.) They even made a new YouTube channel as of April 12, 2021... with nothing on it, so far.

Are we supposed to be doing E3's social features in-between press conferences? Will Nintendo Treehouse Live be integrated into E3 2021's online portal? Does E3 want to centralise discussion to its forum and away from sites like KoopaTV? ...And will that forum actually be archived or kept open post-E3 2021? We dunno.

They also mentioned that E3's live broadcast will be hosted by “Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez, Jacki Jing and Greg Miller”. Those are three names I don't even know, though the E3's press release insists they are “a trio of well-known video game industry personalities” and I'm just ignorant. They'll apparently be bringing “expert-level commentary” which is supposed to be what KoopaTV is here for. ...We'll see who'll do the better job, I guess!

Do you think Activision Blizzard will show up to E3? ...Do you care? When you hear the term online portal, what do you think of? Ludwig thinks of an Adobe Flash site experience (like Camp Hyrule or something), but those haven't been a thing for a long time, and nowadays, can't be a thing. He wonders how he should customise his avatar...

You can now register to the online portal as a fan... and those irresponsible media outlets can qualify as media while KoopaTV cannot.
The online virtual portal was a total flop.
VG247's parent company is rewarded for their 2021 FAKE NEWS by getting to manage and organise E3 2023.


  1. WHAT?! You don't know Alex Mendez, Jacki Jing and Greg Miller?? It's okay neither do I. The only commentary I need is the fans reaction, that really says it all. I fell that most game presentations cover everything you need to know, and it's not like football where the commentators can fill in the missing info with prior knowledge. The only people I'd like to hear as commentators would be actual game designers, talking about technical aspects or development process. Even then I don't know if I'd really care about that.

    1. As the owner of a gaming commentary story, I strongly disagree with your description on the uselessness of commentators.


    2. Alright then, tell me. What is the usefulness of game commentators? How do they inspire the world and bring joy to the masses? I suppose I could compromise and say that I do enjoy reading commentators thoughts, After the show is over. I guess I like to watch game announcements with my thoughts alone.

    3. We can add value to what has transpired—different points of view, enhanced ways of thinking...
      ...Or you could be one of those people who think excited screaming makes anything better. (Which I'm not, but that's apparently popular.)

    4. Haha maybe I am. I don't really like screaming, but I do like seeing people happy. As opposed to being upset like they are whenever a new smash fighter is announced. Of course the day they decide to localize Mother 3, is the day I'll scream with the rest of them.

      Are you a professional commentator, or an amateur?

    5. I dunno... Wot's the difference between an amateur and professional? Wot's the line that divides them?

      ...Hmph, well, I can't help but be upset when I see Steve. Ew.

    6. Not a personal fan, but I do like how this reinforces how literally any game character can join smash. Minecraft was a cultural phenomenon in many aspects, but if Sans gets in I will be very cross. The Undertale years were egregious.

      I like when Nintendo adds third party characters, but I wish they would add some of their own more obscure characters. I really can't believe bandana waddle dee hasn't gotten in. How do you feel about fire emblem characters? I wouldn't mind them as much if they didn't all use the same kinds of weapons.

    7. I miss when Smash Bros. was a Nintendo crossover and not a "celebration of all gaming."

      Anyway, I'd be fine with more Fire Emblem characters so long as they're the ones I like. Like Lady Micaiah.


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