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Friday, May 28, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 41: Field Day Festival!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Yeah, let's have a field day in the coldest world! That'll warm our spirits...

It's Friday on KoopaTV...more specifically, it's KoopaTV Fitness Friday. That means I'll communicate to you my fitness progress in my quest to be IN SHAPE for life and the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games that start in under two months. That involves Ring Fit Adventure, and on the highest difficulty level (30).

Last week, we made it through World 40 and took a break to restore our legs. This week it's World 41: Extra Fitness Lv. 251. A blonde woman named Thermia asked me to participate in the Field Day Festival, and Ring said it was pretty fun last time we came through this place. Honestly, I don't remember her or this world at all (and it's not elaborated what the Field Day Festival involves or why it exists), but it's based on World 18: The Iceman Flexeth! It's a world based on cold and things being frozen. Not sure why Ring would fondly reminisce on that.

Ring Fit Adventure World 41 Thermia big Field Day Festival
(I don't know what's going on or remember who this is.)

Appropriately, the opening course is calling Shivering Valley. It's definitely a big, cold-looking valley, but most of it is just flight segments (THREE! flight segments, two of which have headwinds). There's an unavoidable Treasure Chest with a Deep Lime Green Smoothie. After that, we're met by the Sportan Commander, who was apparently hoping to see me here. We haven't seen him since literally 14 weeks ago and here he is with no explanation. Maybe he wants to participate in this Field Day Festival, too? He wants me to display “Sportan pride” (I guess I'm an honourary member of their society?) and clear the Wintry Watchtower in 210 steps or less. Intercepting our run is a Treasure Chest containing one Rose Quartz, the stone we got from Dragaux last world. ...I still want more Garnet. I finished it in 143 steps, which was a pretty unoptimal number. (there's a lot of stair-steps in here, so maybe the best thing to wear is the jogging + knee lift improvement outfits?) At the end, the Sportan Commander was nowhere to be found, and Thermia explained that, while he intended to run with us, he sprained his ankle at the beginning. Ring feigned concern for his health.

Ring Fit Adventure Sportan Commander race Wintry Watchtower
...Turns out the Sportan Commander still ain't doing anything.

After that, let's go shopping at General Store Number 37. New items are the Arms Master II (increases Red Fit Skill attack power by 5% and lets you cosplay as Armando—and has higher base attack power than the full set of the Volcanic Athlete II + its 10 base attack boost) that requires two Rose Quartz, and the Storm Dancer II (which has no set bonus, but looks better) that requires one Rose Quartz. So now I have a Garnet deficit of three AND a Rose Quartz deficit of one, in terms of buying out the shop's inventory.

South of Town is an overworld Treasure Chest with a Dragon Fruit and the Aerochute (Advanced) Game Gym, offering 450 coins to partially offset the purchases I just made in Town. I got an A rank in it and it's fine. I don't know why multiple people have come to me and say this is the hardest minigame... you're supposed to pull out the Ring-Con to slow your descent (activate the parachute) pretty much every time after landing through a token, glide to the appropriate position, and then let go to fall through the next token, then pull out again.

After that, there's another overworld Treasure Chest with another 450 coins, and behind that is a CORE CRUSHING Game Gym. Unfortunately, it's not my final Game Gym nemesis, Core Crushing (Advanced), but instead it's Core Crushing (Novice)... in fog. Yuck. This one offers a Strength Drink for A rank completion. Unlike most of the other Game Gyms when they're foggy... the fog really doesn't impact anything here, since you don't need to see far in advance to succeed in this. Just focus on what's in front of you. In fog, you can see two rows of robots at a time, while without fog, you can see three rows. There's no need to be able to see three rows.

We have access to the warp zone, which brings us to the northeast of the map, featuring a Rare Hoplin triggered fight. There's four of them, so with an EXP doubling smoothie, you can get almost a guaranteed level up fighting them. They were in front of Snowflurry Valley, which, to my surprise, features the goddess Solar Plexia challenging us to a race. (And we haven't seen her in TEN worlds... she was crying last we checked.) We need to clear it within 180 seconds. I cleared it with 37 seconds left. At the end, Solar Plexia claims to have come in first place, but since normal humans can't see her, no one knew she even participated, and so I got first place instead. My prize? Apparently the overworld Treasure Chest next to the valley, which contained one more Rose Quartz, allowing me to buy out this world's new goods. ...I still need three more Garnet for last world's...

Ring Fit Adventure Solar Plexia World 41 humans eat goddess dust
There isn't much running in Snowflurry Valley, between the flight segment and the two Overhead Ring Pull pulleys.
The Field Day Festival organisers should've picked better.
Fortunately, she didn't start crying despite her setback.

That treasure was in front of another Fitness Gym, and today's last activity (in real-time, not in-game days... Field Day is really the whole week in real-world time!). IT'S THE SHOULDERS SET Fitness Gym, promising to relax my shoulders and provide me a Defense Drink if I succeed.
  1. Overhead Arm Spin (x60)—I'm a master at this, since I use it for all of my Red Fit Skill range needs. No problem.
  2. Shoulder Press (x40)—Shoulder Presses are a really nice Fit Skill... the reason we don't do them during the story is that they heal you and aren't an actual attack, and we'll never need the healing help. There's 20 repetitions per shoulder side. Just hold the Ring Con on your shoulder and press down with that side's hand.
  3. Hinge Pose (x28)—Hinge Pose is still badly programmed, but not in a way that makes it difficult to get a good score. 14 reps per arm that's going up to perpendicular.
  4. Standing Forward Fold (x16)—Standing Forward Fold is even more poorly programmed, though we only seem to encounter it in Fitness Gyms because it's another healing Fit Skill.
  5. Warrior II Pose (x28)—Pretty relaxing way to end the Shoulders Set.

Success! An S rank, too. And it was good for my shoulders and I'm glad it happened. And that's Sunday. There's only ten levels in this whole world, and we just did six of them in one day. Pretty sure that means World 41 will be completed in only three days. Woohoo.

On Monday, I headed to the Freezing Freeway... which had Hubby fuming at the entrance. The Field Day Festival gimmick here is that they forbid smoothie consumption, which is an “act of aggression” on the General Store's business. (Hubby sells smoothies and ingredients at the General Store, which aren't worth buying because you can just make them yourself and he doesn't sell the more useful ingredients...) Hubby wants to run through Freezing Freeway to protest the event organisers, while Ring is worried about the idea of Hubby...running. (He's a big fellow.) For some reason, you can't jump over the two enemy groups in the level, so you gotta fight them.

Ring Fit Adventure Hubby protest Field Day Festival organizers ban smoothies Freezing Freeway
Clearly, Hubby prefers revolution within the system.

We finished easily, but Hubby failed to complete the challenge and drank a smoothie halfway through. Honey, the other half of the General Store and Hubby's wife, said this is a great business opportunity and that they'll go sell a bunch of smoothies to super-thirsty participants at the finish line. ...I still got my own smoothies and don't need to buy any, but I guess other participants don't have endless inventory space. Anyway, next level is Rail to the Chief, which has no special Field Day event. It's just an obnoxious level all by itself, filled with Fit Skill-powered rails against upward slopes. There's also a Treasure Chest with five Cherries.

After that experience is Thermia shivering at the entrance of the Chief's Foyer. She's not shivering from the cold—she's shivering from fright, as there is a mysterious test of skill—the Mystery Course—inside the Chief's Foyer that no one has managed to complete yet. ...Possibly because it's brand new. Guess it's up to me to be the world's guinea pig.

Ring Fit Adventure Thermia Field Day Chief's Foyer overhyped difficulty
I don't want to be here, either!
(Though Ring Fit Adventure's difficulty is overhyped in general.)

The problem here is that it's a miniboss fight against one Dark Scuttlebell+... and the Garnet Pitbell. The test of skill mandates which Fit Skills to use (all red—which means the absolute best thing to wear is the Arms Master II). Here is what's available:
  1. Overhead Press Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 655 base power
  2. Front Press Lv.3—3-range, 3-turn recharge, 390 base power
  3. Back Press Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 675 base power
  4. Tricep Kickback Lv.3—3-range, 4-turn recharge, 430 base power
  5. Overhead Arm Twist Lv.3—1-range, 4-turn recharge, 705 base power
  6. Bow Pull Lv.3—5-range, 4-turn recharge, 370 base power
  7. Shoulder Press Lv.3—4-turn recharge, 14-heart recovery

I'm not sure what the strategy here is... I think you want to target the Garnet Pitbell and ignore the Dark Scuttlebell+ and therefore not bother with the non-1-range Fit Skills. Dark Scuttlebell+ will be able to hit you once every two turns, and for a lot of damage, but... it's really not worth fighting it—you'll get the experience points for beating the Dark Scuttlebell+ just by beating Garnet Pitbell. Meanwhile, a smoothie-boosted Overhead Arm Twist can knock out a quarter to a third of Garnet Pitbell's HP bar in one round. Consider the Dark Scuttlebell+ to be a timer on how fast you can beat Garnet Pitbell rather than a target. Meanwhile, after a Back Press, Garnet Pitbell got to under half health, so it went and did its spinny SUPER ATTACK that I gotta MEGA AB GUARD for 43 seconds. After Overhead Pressing and doing half a round of Front Press, the Garnet Pitbell was defeated. Dark Scuttlebell+ instantly was defeated at that moment as well.

Thermia said the Mystery Course wasn't in Chief's Foyer, and I pretty much killed his dog for no reason. Ring decides we ought to be quiet about it.

Ring Fit Adventure keep quiet about victory Chief's Foyer Garnet Pitbell
We killed Armando's guard dog, and now we're going to go to Armando's house, not tell him, and instead beat up Armando?

The final boss of the world has arrived... at the Chief's House. Dragaux provides an unnecessary hint that we'll be fighting against Armando.

Here's what I'm worried about: World 42 will certainly take us back to Robot Land, where the local inhabitants speak in Binarese. You can't understand Binarese unless you're wearing the Fitness Machine outfit. You cannot switch clothes in-between world transitions—so after I beat World 41, I can save and quit, but as soon as I come back, I'll get the World 42 opening. Given how little in-between dialogue there is in Extra Fitness (World 41, this one, being a pleasant exception due to the Field Day Festival gimmick), I really don't want to miss whatever Binarese takes place in the opening, assuming there is any.

Unfortunately, the Fitness Machine has 195 less points in attack and defence compared to the Arms Master II, or the equivalent of about 40 levels. That said, this is World 41: Extra Fitness Lv. 251. I'm level 298. I'm still overlevelled from the recommended level!

A KoopaTV reader and fellow Ring Fit Adventure player, Toaster, informed me that World 42's opening story bit doesn't require the Fitness Machine outfit to understand. But... maybe I'll get special acknowledgement from the game if I wear it anyway? (That would be the first time ever you get alternate dialogue based on what you're wearing... besides the Fitness Machine in World 19 that is the cause of all of this doubt, but...) LET'S DO IT.

Ring Fit Adventure World 41 defeat that guy Armando Fitness Machine clothing
That guy being Armando, but you can check out my Fitness Machine outfit in full display here.

I even got up to level 299 right before the fight, while jumping through the stairs and rolling spike logs for 1369 attack and 1367 defence. (So my stats would be much higher if I wasn't wearing clothes from 22 worlds ago.)

Ring Fit Adventure Armando PURE MUSCLE cold-weather gear
Actually, I'm wearing the Fitness Machine that you get all the way back in World 19.
If I was wearing the Arms Master II so I could look like you, this fight would be significantly shorter.

For the fight itself, well, I chose to use a bunch of underpowered Arms Fit Skills on an underpowered outfit, so I drank an Apple & Onion soup to boost my attack AND defence power. I gotta fight not just Armando, but a Garnet Belldog+ (extra enemy attacker...) and a Garnet Matta Ray+ (enemy healer). My Overhead Arm Spin spread move only did about 1/4 the damage off the Garnet Matta Ray+, while Armando's energy punch did a whopping 3 hearts of damage. By the end of my second turn, I only had 12/20 hearts remaining, while Armando's minions have half or more of their health left, to say nothing of Armando. Hm, maybe if I wasn't so overleveled, the game WOULD actually be challenging in terms of the RPG aspect. Fortunately, by the end of my turn 3, I luckily got a Rush Lift bonus attack specifically on Garnet Matta Ray+, knocking it out and making it so the enemy squad can't heal!

After taking six rounds of Fit Skills, Armando finally got under half health and declared my arms are getting BEEFY, so it's time for a SUPER ATTACK. Before, he'd attack me with a tiny red energy punch... now it's a BIG one that I need to sustain a 44-second Overhead Press to defend myself with. After learning not to underestimate my arms, it's time to keep hitting Armando, though with 22 ~4-second and then 15 ~2-second Overhead Presses as an offensive technique, not as a defence. Then he just punched me back, putting me in critically low health. ...Fortunately, I actually thought to bring the Shoulder Press Fit Skill to heal me back up, contradicting what I wrote earlier with the Shoulders Set Fitness Gym. (Alternatively, I could've dipped into my huge inventory of smoothies... Would be a lot less effort.)

Ring Fit Adventure Shoulder Press Fit Skill recover hearts Armando boss fight
You gotta do 48 of these Shoulder Presses to heal all of those missing hearts...
Or you could just drink one smoothie and still get to attack in that same turn!
(And that's why Ring Fit Adventure cannot be a mechanically difficult game.)

I then drank Pomegranate Juice (changes all Fit Skills to red) and used the two non-Arms Fit Skills I brought: Leg Raise Lv.3 and Knee-to-Chest Lv.3. I purposefully planned out the fight by bringing two Fit Skills that don't use your arms/the Ring-Con at all, correctly predicting my arms would be too tired later in the fight but my legs and abs wouldn't be. With those actually-Abs Fit Skills, Armando was defeated and dropped a Rose Quartz. He claimed that “Muscles can do great things if you wear them proudly” and the world ended.

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log Week World 41
I don't know why World 41 is so short, but from now on, the worlds will probably take five days each to finish.

How did the Field Day Festival actually conclude? Who won? Is it something winnable? What was the Mystery Course? ...We got nothing about that. Yet another missing part of the plot...

Will Ludwig ever find three Garnet stones? Will Ludwig be rewarded with any unique dialogue in World 42 for wearing the full Fitness Machine outfit? Probably not, but the only way to find out is to stay tuned for the next KoopaTV Fitness Log! This is content you probably won't find anywhere else.

Here is what happens in World 42, with regards to the Fitness Machine and much much more.
The Fitness Master version of this world doesn't have any Field Day or any other interesting thing happen, besides Armando being clever again at the end.


  1. I think Thermia is that girl who asks you to find her clothing in the first section

    1. My Fitness Log for World 18 indicates that it opened up with her being cold and underdressed, but the fact I got to look back at my old articles and not just remember her from memory indicates she's, y'know, not memorable. >_>
      (And she's still barely wearing anything.)

  2. "and now we're going to go to Armando's house, not tell him, and instead beat up Armando?" Something sounds off, possible typo? By the way I got this from one of the photo captions.

    Shame you didn't get to see the commander move this time, say do you like rhythm games?

    1. No, that's written as intended.

      Armando is the chief (Chief's House). We just killed his dog. We're going to his house, and instead of admitting we killed his dog, we're gonna beat him up.
      The caption ends in a question mark because I'm questioning Ring's psychotic behaviour.

      I don't really like rhythm games (I like Rhythm Heaven but not its actual gameplay), and if I did, I'd probably play Ring Fit Adventure's rhythm game a lot more.

    2. Aha I see, I love rhythm games, especially rhythm heaven. I'm just not a fan of the dancing ones. I like to be able to actually play the game at a speed lower than 75 mph.

      What's your favorite rhythm heaven minigame, mine is Flipper flop

    3. Blue Birds, since it gives me Captain Vul vibes.


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