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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

May 2021: North American Nintendo eShop's Ace Attorney Franchise Sale

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Take that! Sales!

So maybe you read my recent hyped reaction to the announcement that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will exist by the end of July 2021 after years of waiting.

Perhaps you want to know what's so good about a new Ace Attorney game. You know, KoopaTV talks about Ace Attorney at any opportunity. Well, between right now and May 19 at 2:59 AM Eastern, you can figure it out for yourself at affordable prices on the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo eShop Ace Attorney Franchise Sale May 2021 prices
Uh... one of the games is actually missing from this.
(Poor Apollo.)

Here is the full list of games on sale from the Ace Attorney series right now. All of the games are originally $30, except for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, which is normally $20:
  1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for $19.99 (Nintendo Switch) or $11.99 (Nintendo 3DS)
  2. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for $9.99 (Nintendo 3DS)
  3. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies for $8.99 (Nintendo 3DS)
  4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice for $11.99 (Nintendo 3DS)

I stole that list from the Ace Attorney Franchise Sale! March 2020! article from 14 months ago... with one exception: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy was $14.99 then. It's $19.99 now. This is actually a very rare example of where a CAPCOM game price goes UP instead of down. Perhaps it has to do with the “Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection” that will bundle The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy to one purchasable (digital) item on the Nintendo Switch.

The sale only seems to be available in North America, and on Nintendo's platforms. As opposed to other regions and other consoles. Also, and this isn't advertised, the Mega Man games are also on sale.

As far as I know, this sale is CAPCOM's way of celebrating KoopaTV's 8-year anniversary (May 12), by helping bring our favourite game series into the hands of more people. Thank you, CAPCOM!

If you've been participating in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program and playing it to win it, you'd have enough funds to buy some of these on-sale titles. Perhaps you should consider trying to win Round 38 (May to June 2021) with its more-than-usual prizes. It won't help you with the sale ending in a week, but it should help you for upcoming purchases thereafter!

The last time these games were on sale was March 2021.
CAPCOM also put the Ace Attorney games on sale for the KoopaTV anniversary in 2020, too, except on Steam.
The Ace Attorney series is on sale for the same prices a month later after E3 2021.


  1. I was gonna get the trilogy, but the person who loaned me the first two games said I could keep them so now I own the original trilogy! Well, not the GBA versions, but who does? I'm going to save up and wait until the next sale and get dual destinies, I bought it years ago but my 3ds broke before I could beat it. Also I don't really like the investigations, but you know that. In any case thanks for the heads up!

    1. The idea you gotta save up for $9 is funny.

    2. 9 dollars is a lot of money, that 9 whole dollar bills! and Yeah that is pretty funny, it's not that i don't have the money, I just need to better allocate my spending money. There are a lot of high profile switch games coming soon. Are you a fan of 'the world ends with you'?

    3. ...Nope, I'm not a fan of TWEWY.

    4. Aw, have you played it? You should play it, but only the ds version. It recently got a "sequel" of sorts announced so I thought id try the first game and I love it. Now I'm dedicating the rest of the week to spreading the gospel of TWEWY. Luckily the week is almost over.

    5. The two screens thing is X_X to me.

      And the aesthetics bother me.

    6. Fair enough, I like games that try different styles than the norm. Especially square enix games, seems like most of the recent ones have been medieval rpgs. Nothing wrong with that, it's their strong suit. However their most successful games are the ones where they try something new or introduce some unique element. I really like games that invent new battle systems rather than just press A and pray for the best.


    8. Me too! I'm not so invested story wise, but I do like the new mechanics and it's always nice to see that 2.5D style. I just hope they don't end up keeping the name, that' what happened with octopath traveler. It worked there, but Project triangle strategy is just too weird a name.

    9. You can abbreviate it as PTS... or post-traumatic stress.

    10. "Yes. I'm sure naming our game after a ruinous mental illness will sell millions".

      But hey it worked for Plague INC.

    11. Maybe you'll get it after playing the game. MAYBE IT'LL BE A THEME.


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