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Monday, May 31, 2021

In Memoriam: Glenn Fraldarius

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - He died like a true knight.

There are few tragedies as far-reaching and destructive as the Tragedy of Duscur. In Imperial Year 1166, the royalty of the Kingdom of Faerghus of the continent of Fódlan—including King Lambert, Queen Consort Patricia, and Prince Dimitri—embarked on a diplomatic trip to the neighbouring nation of Duscur. They were attacked by the people of Duscur. The Faerghus royal guard tried to repel the attackers, but they were slaughtered. One of those knights was Glenn Fraldarius, oldest son of Duke Rodrigue Fraldarius, the head of House Fraldarius. All Faerghus attendees on that trip, with the exception of young Prince Dimitri, were killed off by Duscur fires of torment. This left Faerghus without a king or queen, so King Lambert's brother Rufus became regent of Faerghus until Prince Dimitri would be old enough to rule.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tragedy of Duscur Dimitri flashback painting art
Depiction of the Tragedy of Duscur, painted by Ignatz Victor.
Prince Dimitri is in the centre; Glenn is one of the fallen knights on the ground.

More about Glenn: Glenn was highly respected among the knights, being hard-working, chivalrous, and duty-bound. He was engaged with Ingrid of House Galatea, and they had a real love for one another. But she was only 13 years young when the Tragedy occurred, forming Ingrid's worldview that she must grow up to become a knight in service of Dimitri, so she could be like Glenn. She also developed a grudge against the people of Duscur for murdering her fiancé (not to mention her king).

Meanwhile, Glenn's surviving brother, Felix Fraldarius, has been muttering “he died like a true knight” over and over for the past four years. To be fair, what else needs to be said?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Felix he died like a true knight Glenn Fraldarius
Felix lacks friends because this is all he says when he talks to anyone.
...Truly, Glenn's death affected so many people.

Dimitri still hears Glenn's voice in his head. We're sure only good can come out of the prince having a fine, gallant and true knight guiding his thoughts. For the future of Faerghus!

KoopaTV wishes you a safe Memorial Day. Hopefully it's just discussing tragedies instead of living through them, though with the way there's a yearly tragedy before every Electronic Entertainment Expo, there's probably one coming up.

Too bad Glenn Fraldarius isn't the only memorialised knight from Fire Emblem... there's the Black Knight, who is an even more true knight.
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  1. "Dimitri still hears Glenn's voice in his head. We're sure only good can come out of the prince having a fine, gallant and true knight guiding his thoughts."

    Lets just hope 'Glenn' doesn't decide he wants Dimitri to burn down the hospital, I'd get that checked. But at any rate, RIP.


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