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Thursday, March 18, 2021

CAPCOM Publisher Sale of March 2021!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Ubisoft and SQUARE ENIX join in too.

You didn't expect me to be writing about another CAPCOM sale a month after the mid-February sale “themed” after Lunar New Year 2021, did you? ...Eh, you probably did. CAPCOM loves to have sales.

This time, closer to their whole library on the Nintendo eShop is on sale until March 31. Why? I don't know, but it probably has to do with the release of Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch on March 26.

Annoyingly, the first Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS is not on sale.

CAPCOM's games on Steam and the Xbox aren't on sale, but some of their PlayStation Store games are on sale, like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and Mega Man X Legacy Collection (ending March 24), but not Mega Man 11, ŌKAMI HD or Mega Man Zero/ZX Collection. (But all of those games are currently on sale on the eShop! Along with all the Ace Attorney games on the 3DS.)

Capcom Publisher Sale Nintendo eShop March 2021 Ace Attorney
Not shown: The sales for the Devil May Cry and Mega Man franchises. ...And Dragon's Dogma.

Simultaneously, Ubisoft is holding a sale of the same time duration. The discounts are bigger, because that's just how Ubisoft values their products. (Like 83% off Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.) Why? Beats me. SQUARE ENIX is also holding a sale (and they've been doing so since last week) ending next week. Why? Could be the release of Bravely Default II. Maybe they think BALAN WONDERWORLD is cause for celebration. ...Which it's definitely not. But there are much, much better games you can get at greatly affordable prices from the publisher at this time. And, uh, reminder BALAN WONDERWORLD is literally going to be $60. Yikes.

SQUARE ENIX's sale is also in the United Kingdom, but not CAPCOM's or Ubisoft's.

If you haven't already, please buy the Ace Attorney games. That's the footer.

The last one of the CAPCOM Publisher Sales (by that name) happened February 2020.
CAPCOM also had their games on sale in January 2021.
There's a dedicated Ace Attorney sale on May 2021.
ŌKAMI HD had a dedicated (the only game) sale at the end of July 2021/start of August 2021 to celebrate Amaterasu in Monster Hunter Rise.
Next year has a particularly special CAPCOM Publisher Sale of March 2022.


  1. I was thinking of saving up all those loyalty program rewards cards, but now I just don't know. To go from 30 dollars to 9 dollars in the ace attorney field is a pretty sweet deal. In any case, I really appreciate these sales posts, keeps me updated.

    1. There's lots of sales that happen that I never write about, simply because I only care if Ace Attorney is on sale.

  2. I'm always tempted to get Okami when I see it on sale, to give it another chance without needing to drag out my PS2.

  3. Replies
    1. Now is a good time to advocate for your friends to get into Ace Attorney!


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