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Friday, July 30, 2021

ŌKAMI HD on Sale and Amaterasu Now in Monster Hunter Rise

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Well, an Amaterasu-like layered armour for Palamute. Not literally the goddess herself. ...Right?

For the record, Monster Hunter Rise exclusively (for now) on the Nintendo Switch is publisher CAPCOM's highest-selling single-console game in their company history at over seven million copies. (You won't see it on that CAPCOM page as of now because it hasn't been updated in four months, and the game came out four months ago.) It won't be single-console forever, since it's releasing on the PC sometime in “early 2022.” And I'm not saying that, for example, the PlayStation version of Monster Hunter: World didn't sell over seven million copies. (Let me know if you don't understand that distinction in the comments.)

One tiny part of Monster Hunter Rise's appeal is the “Capcom Collab” events. This is when other CAPCOM franchises get to cameo in Monster Hunter Rise. There'll be five of these over the course of 2021 (and possibly forever). The first was with fellow Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, which released earlier this month. Now the second is available with update 3.2.0 (along with bug fixes), and it's Amaterasu from ŌKAMI:

The “Rising Sun!?” quest takes place in the Shrine Ruins location, which is kind of fitting. You need to go around and collect enough Sun Goddess Pictures to get materials (Celestial Scrolls—celestial is a keyword from the series) for the “Ammy Costume” (head and body), which is layered armour for your Palamute (dog) companion. The quest itself just involves running around rather than fighting things, so it's easy enough that you can do it as soon as you're able to do event quests. The quest is not time-limited (in the sense that it'll still be around, say, a year from now).

Besides getting Palamute to look like the sun goddess Amaterasu (but not cel-shaded), she'll bark differently, and use the Reflector/Rosary/Glaive weapons from ŌKAMI based on how you equip your Palamute (blunt/sharp). True to ŌKAMI, there are special visual effects as well when running, and mini companion Issun makes a non-gameplay-affecting appearance too.

Monster Hunter Rise Ammy Amaterasu layered armor costume Issun petting Palamute
(Non-Celestial) Brush comes separately.

The third Capcom Collab will be released in August, and the last two in Autumn. We don't know what they involve.

Right now you can pick up ŌKAMI HD on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for 50% off ($10 total), or at full price on Steam and the Xbox One. The sale ends August 6 on the Switch/August 5 on PlayStation 4, though those might be mere hours apart for all I know instead of a whole day. It's not clear to me why it's on sale on the PlayStation 4 when the only console where ŌKAMI has a special event going on is the Nintendo Switch!

Maybe you picked up The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and thought it's not that great. ŌKAMI HD is a way better take on a traditional The Legend of Zelda experience, and it's very much worth full price. Half price is ridiculous. You can get it with a mere $10 Nintendo eShop card! (KoopaTV is giving one of those away at the end of August, by the way.)

Ludwig wrote this article not out of having any love for Monster Hunter Rise, but he does like ŌKAMI HD to the point where he'd like to promote it this way. It's the only CAPCOM game on sale right now as of publishing, if you were wondering.

Ammy isn't the only CAPCOM dog getting in. Rush from Mega Man is a Collab, too!

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