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Monday, July 19, 2021

Nintendo Directly Addresses FAKE NEWS Bloomberg (OLED model) Hit Piece!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Don't trust FAKE NEWS Bloomberg. Or any media outlet that describes them as a credible source.

Remember last week I wrote about how FAKE NEWS Bloomberg was writing hit pieces against Nintendo because they're pissed at Nintendo for not willing their FAKE NEWS dream of the “Nintendo Switch Pro” into reality and instead announcing the Nintendo Switch (OLED model)? And, unfortunately, many media outlets that spread Bloomberg's original Nintendo Switch Pro FAKE NEWS spread Bloomberg's hit piece, as well.

In a very rare statement, Nintendo's investor relations account directly refuted Bloomberg's hit piece, which means the hit piece wasn't just a distorted and poorly reported attack, but it is also yet another example of FAKE NEWS. Read their statements for yourself, and I'll provide context on how important this is.

Again, these are rare statements. The vast majority of the time, media outlets will write garbage about Nintendo and Nintendo won't address it unless asked about it at an investor meeting or interview, which is what happened twice in the recent 81st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. However, it's not unprecedented—Nintendo also put out a statement when Japanese news organisation Nikkei falsely reported about the Wii U's production. (Note that FAKE NEWS can come from any country or continent.) But you need to make such a catastrophically stupid and damaging claim for Nintendo to push back against it.

Nintendo Co Ltd investor relationships Twitter Switch OLED model profit margin Bloomberg
I'm not the type of person to print out images and frame them on a wall.
But if you are, consider this one.

Today, Nintendo not only released that statement that debunked Bloomberg's hit piece, but they also published their Annual Report. But look at what's pinned on the Twitter profile. The statement! Annual reports are big and publicly traded companies put significant effort into preparing them, so the fact that Nintendo's investor relations team would rather you look at that statement than look at the annual report is massive. (I gotta read that annual report, by the way.)

Bloomberg has two options now. One, they can try to repent and stop spreading FAKE NEWS. Or two, and probably the more likely option, they'll double-down now that they know they can directly get Nintendo's attention. ...And maliciously troll Nintendo with it. And, apparently, they have the mainstream media and the gaming media's support.

Since the media would prefer to stick together and/or conveniently forget whom among them are terrible and badly behaved, I propose that outlets that keep referencing Bloomberg when they do Nintendo stories (...or, better yet, any story) from now on should be held in the same level of contempt as Bloomberg itself. If such-and-such outlet is going to parrot Bloomberg despite their track history of FAKE NEWS, they're as bad as Bloomberg and should be treated as such.

I'll make that KoopaTV policy from now on. As a reader, you should think about the sources you read as well. If you see them reference Bloomberg, or reference another outlet whose source is ultimately Bloomberg... they are not to be trusted.

Ludwig literally woke up out of bed and was uncharacteristically excited to start his morning, all thanks to Nintendo's statement. His priorities were getting out this article and not much else, as demonstrated from him grabbing the garlic flake shaker and putting that in his cereal instead of grabbing the cinnamon flake shaker. Five years later, he still wishes he was an Early Bird, but he isn't actually one. Feel free to ask him what garlic cereal tastes like, or comment about the actual substance of the article. He'd like to write about other topics on this website besides the media and many journalists being trash.

A mere two months later, Bloomberg once again published a piece about the Nintendo Switch that Nintendo's investor relations team tweeted was not true, though this time within hours.


  1. Just to clarify, Nintendo didn't just stop at "the claim is incorrect" right? Because with that alone it's a pure "our word against theirs" situation.

    1. Nintendo didn't go into the mathematical details of their profit margin, but they don't need to.

      If they're lying to their investors, they can be sued for that as a sort of fraud, similar to how those trial lawyers tried to do a class-action lawsuit against CD Projekt Red for misrepresenting to investors about how great Cyberpunk 2077 was going to be. (Except unlike that lawsuit, a lawsuit against Nintendo for lying here would actually work and not just be a gimmick that didn't even happen.)

      When Bloomberg lies to the public with their FAKE NEWS, they can't be sued for that because the press are protected by law.

  2. When Nintendo has to are in, you know you’ve made a big mistake.

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