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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Here's What the Rumouring Media Got Right and Wrong about the Nintendo Switch (OLED model)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Oh, and today there's a big announcement!

Today, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch (OLED model). It's releasing October 8, 2021 at a MSRP of $350. Here's the trailer:

Quite frankly, it's the same thing as the regular Nintendo Switch, except if you use it portably it has a higher-quality audio output, a higher-quality screen, and a more competent kickstand. Same battery life as it's had since mid-2019. It's also incompatible with the Nintendo Labo due to a very slight size difference, just like the Switch Lite. When docked, there's... pretty much no difference. (Which makes it really weird that Ring Fit Adventure was in the trailer, as a game you'll only want to play while docked.) You can compare the specs on Nintendo's website side-by-side. You can also see there's one less USB port on the dock (but now there is a wired LAN port with LAN cable sold separately), but the docks are interchangeable between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch (OLED model). The Joy-Cons are exactly the same.

I've read that some folks are disappointed at how... marginal this hardware revision is, because I guess they really wanted to buy another Nintendo Switch. I believe a big contributor to that mindset has been a thick sea of articles written by media outlets that have been telling people for months and years that a big and major Nintendo Switch hardware revision is coming. I recently published an article of my own that is a comprehensive list of all of the media outlets that claimed that there would be an announcement of such a revision made at or before E3 2021—which obviously didn't happen, since E3 2021 ended three weeks ago.

But besides announce a certain date of the announcement, those articles collectively also made many other claims about the substance of the hardware revision. I've summarised those claims and how right or wrong they were below:

Nintendo would announce the new Switch at or before E3 2021. False, as documented extensively by KoopaTV.
This new Switch will be priced higher than 300 USD. True. This one was a freebie. It's 350 USD, 310 GBP, and 37,980 Japanese Yen.
This new Switch will be priced at 400 EUR. False. Updated from Unknown to False after the product was released. You can purchase it between 350 EUR to 365 EUR.
This new Switch will replace the regular Nintendo Switch (which will be discontinued) and be sold alongside the Switch Lite. False Updated from Unknown to False after the first quarter of (OLED model) sales was disclosed. Nintendo continues to market the Switch family as a family of three, and the original continues to outsell both the Lite and the (OLED model) combined.
The new console will be released in September or October 2021. True, it will be available worldwide on October 8, 2021. This is the same date as Metroid Dread's release.
This new Nintendo Switch will have a 7-inch OLED display. True. That's the main selling point, and that's the exact size Nintendo is marketing it as.
This new Nintendo Switch will output 4K graphics when docked to a TV, and game developers have been instructed to make their games 4K-capable. False, the OLED model will still have a maximum video output of 1080p via HDMI just like the regular Nintendo Switch.
This new Nintendo Switch shall wield a more capable CPU. False, the OLED model will still have the same CPU as the regular Nintendo Switch.
The new Switch's dock will have an Ethernet port. True, that's what the LAN port means.
The new Switch's dock will have two USB 3.0 ports. False, it has two USB 2.0 ports.
This superior product will be named the Super Nintendo Switch. False, it is officially called the “Nintendo Switch (OLED model)”.

I'll leave it to your judgment, reader (and possibly commenter), for whether or not you can trust these media outlet “leakers” and “journalists” based on the things they got correct and the things they got wrong.

If it helps your decision-making, KoopaTV got nothing correct or incorrect, because we avoided the topic entirely. Personally, I consider that to be superior than spreading information of only mixed truthfulness.

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch OLED model docked television
Your experience with Ring Fit Adventure will not change whether you play it on the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch (OLED model).
If you're the type of person to just run past the EXP Medal and coins on the side and not bother vacuuming them up, nothing can help you.

Ludwig paid attention mostly to the few seconds of Ring Fit Adventure in the trailer because that's what he will go play after publishing this article. Come back to KoopaTV on Friday to read his fitness journey on that. ...Actually, it'll be about the game's final boss, so avoid it if you don't want to be spoiled. He probably should've been looping the Splatoon 3 part instead, which is another game you should only be playing docked and therefore the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) won't make a difference.

Since FAKE NEWS media outlets like Bloomberg got so much stuff wrong, they're lashing out against Nintendo with hit pieces.
FAKE NEWS Bloomberg's hit pieces against Nintendo got them directly called out by Nintendo themselves.
Bloomberg still insists that a Nintendo Switch 4K is still on the roadmap, though Nintendo disagrees.
According to GameXplain, the trailer for the (OLED model) being turned Private a year later is evidence of a new hardware revision. In reality, the (OLED model) is getting a Splatoon 3 theme.


  1. I like the new color of the dock and joycons but not enough to spend $350 on minor upgrades that I would not even see in docked mode. If there really is a Switch Pro planned, I wager it would release alongside of Breath of the Wild 2 sometime late next year.

    1. You could buy the Joy-Cons and the new dock separately if you'd like! Would be under $350 that way.
      (Probably still not a good investment!)

  2. Unless the switch 2.0 has different cartridges, I don’t see the original switch being phased out. The DS was doing just fine when the Ds I came out, it was the 3ds that really kicked it to the curb.

    I like the color of the console and while I won’t purchase it in this decade, I do like it when Nintendo makes different sizes of their consoles. Game boy micro and that fliphonelike game boy come to mind.

    Oh and the kickstand is a very big deal, I still struggle with my switch’s kickstand. When you have drift it’s better to use a pro controller and Somtimes the tv isn’t always available. How unfortunate for me.

    1. If you had drift with the old Switch you'll continue having drift with the (OLED model). I am underrating the kickstand, probably. It's just not something I use and it seems to have the most niche use case. Docked on TV? Hell yeah. Portable? Could be useful for a car ride or the toilet.
      Even if I was lying on the couch or something I'd still use the Switch without the kickstand.

    2. I don't know if you covered this already in any form, but there is apparantly a fix for joycon drift, and it's as simple as putting a 1mm or so piece of cardboard under the stick. i don't wanna explain it rn, search up "switch drift cardboard", it'll have more info

    3. apparently you can fix the drift by putting a 1mm or so piece of cardboard under the stick, i don't wanna explain rn so look it up

    4. I've seen it; I can't verify its long-term truthfulness.

  3. At this point, I'm honestly considering actually getting one of these even though I already own a Switch. It'll depend mostly on just how much the sound quality is improved--the main reason I always play with my current Switch docked is that too many of my games aren't done justice by the current speakers.

    I've said before (maybe or maybe not here) that when it comes to video games, a very good way to my heart is through my ears.

    1. I guess you'll have to go to a game store and demo the (OLED model) for yourself to find out how much the sound quality has gotten buffed, 'cause someone writing about it won't really help.

      That said, does this mean that you don't play your Switch with headphones on? Why not?

    2. I used to use headphones, then I developed tinnitus and figured keeping using them would make it worse.

    3. "I used to use headphones like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee."

  4. I have $231.95 canadian
    Step 1: my birthday comes and a relative gives me $100
    Step 2: I get $18.05 after that
    Step 3: christmas comes, I get $100 more
    Step 4: Buy switch oled

    1. I'm reading this as "I can't get a job." Unless that's Step 2.
      (Or petty theft.)

      So your birthday is between now and Christmas?

    2. my birthday is either august 26 or 27, I can never remember
      step 2 is just me doing stuff for money, not a job. there's a really small difference

    3. You don't remember... Uh... hm.

      So you doing stuff for money is, what, mowing lawns or something? (Winning the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program?)

    4. ok I remember it's the 26th
      I'm not actually that old, I just do like chores and stuff

    5. So you get paid to do chores and you're not just expected to do them in exchange for living, eh...
      Make sure you'll have money left over to buy Splatoon 3!

    6. I really hope so, but this plan so far only ends up with me having enough for the oled. unless the switch oled price becomes significantly lower when it gets to canada, I'm going to have to do a lot of chores

    7. I hope i have enough for splatoon 3, is what i meant

    8. Yeah, I doubt the Switch OLED price is going to be lower. It's 450 Canadian dollars.

    9. Update: I am currently at $302 or so. I have not been paid a cent for my chores. I know that relatives will give me cash for christmas, so not worried there. I have learned that selling some of my really old lego would net me some coin, but I don't want to do that. guess my only option is to wait...

    10. Update: I am currently at $302 or so. I have not been paid a cent for my chores. I know that relatives will give me cash for christmas, so not worried there. I have learned that selling some of my really old lego would net me some coin, but I don't want to do that. guess my only option is to wait...


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