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Friday, July 9, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 46: Finalia, but in EXTRA FITNESS

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The very last world of Ring Fit Adventure's Extra Fitness mode.

When this fitness log is getting published, the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games will begin in about two weeks. It is my duty as a prince of Koopa Kingdom who is also on Team Koopa's Olympic delegation to be as fit as I can so I can perform my very best in these games. I'll be fencing. It's basically set up in a tournament-style bracket. I'm amazing at brackets, as someone who has played in several of them for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. ...Yeah, I rarely win, but this is a different sport.

My training in Ring Fit Adventure's Extra Fitness mode—basically replaying Adventure Mode but with new dialogue, stronger enemies, higher-level Fit Skills, higher gym pass requirements (B rank to A rank) and no Town requests—has brought me once again to Finalia (World 23: Finalia). After beating the Four Masters from Hades last week, this week's world is officially called World 46: Extra Fitness Lv. 284.

Day one of the week began Sunday. Final boss Dragaux told me to get some last-minute training in, as he also needs some minutes to prepare himself for a final boss fight. ...Yeah, except it'll take a whole week to get to fight him. There's 16 courses in this world, so 15 of those are pre-final-boss preparation. That takes time, man. ...And if it isn't obvious, because I'm fighting a final boss, you should expect spoilers.

Ring Fit Adventure World 46 Extra Fitness Lv. 284 Dragaux dialogue Finalia unhinged
Both Dragaux and Ring have said that Dragaux and the Four Masters are at their maximum power.
I better be in that peak condition too. For the Olympics and to get through the final boss.

Not among those courses is the Town, which has no NPCs in it but the General Store Number 42 with patrons Honey and Hubby are there. They're selling the Galactic Jogger II (set bonus: Increases EXP earned by 5%—best bonus in the game) and the Crimson Phoenix II (set bonus: Recovers hearts with repeated knee lifts—among the worst bonuses in the game) for equal prices and they have equal stats. One exception: The Galactic Jogger II requires four Zircon (and that's exactly how many I have) while the Crimson Phoenix II requires two Zircon. Well, I'll be wearing the EXP-bonus outfit and not wearing the fan-service Armored Muscle outfit. Check out last week's log if you want to see the fan service. Even the stats are superior than the Armored Muscle's.

Now for the first course: Stadium Grounds. ...Most of these are named Stadium Grounds, by the way. Despite it being named grounds, the level is just a river rowing course with a lot of squatting required to get under low passageways. The one enemy fight is the Mini Dragaux Statue at the end. It's pretty much a harmless HP sponge, so just bring your favourite single-target Fit Skills of any colour and go through them until it crumbles. Every Mini Dragaux Statue will drop a Dragaux Statue Fragment. Anyway, after destroying the statue, there's now a split path to two different Stadium Barricades, each one marked as a miniboss fight...

We have to do both, but I went to the one leading north first. It's versus one Dragaux Statue! It's the same strategy and concept as the Mini Dragaux Statue, but it's... more badass, I guess. And gets miniboss music. All Dragaux Statues will drop a Dragaux Statue Core. As for the east Stadium Barricade? Also a miniboss fight against one Dragaux Statue! Yup, two courses of the exact same thing. If you find this too monotonous, feel free to drink smoothies to make the fights go faster. (I didn't.)

Ring Fit Adventure Stadium Barricade Dragaux Statue miniboss
See that Dragaux Statue up ahead? That's not just for the aesthetic. That's the miniboss.

Beating one Barricade (or both) gives you access to more Stadium Grounds, as well as to a warp zone as long as you clear out the Gold Hoplin (there's really five) off the overworld first. Based off the suggested level the game thinks you should be in before entering a given course (it's 282 for the further Stadium Grounds and 278 for the levels in the warp zone), they clearly want me to go through that warp zone for further training. It IS optional, by the way, but it's my intention to 100% every world in this game.

From the warp zone area—and you won't find a screenshot with a map of it in this log, so look at the Week 23 log already hyperlinked—I started south to Hindmost Highway. It's filler. Not much of a highway either, since you're flying over canyons and stuff. I did become a Knee-Lift-Combo Genius, though. (That's a Title I earned for doing 5,000 Knee-Lift Combos.) I went west from the faux-highway to the overworld Treasure Chest, which has the Pink-Grapefruit Smoothie Recipe, requiring three Pink Grapefruits to mix. The Pink-Grapefruit Smoothie allows you to select it after losing all of your HP and be revived with eight hearts. I already have one (which is how I finished my Smoothie Catalog in World 45), but never could make my own. And I still can't, because I don't have any Pink Grapefruits—it's the final missing ingredient in my Ingredients Catalog.

However, behind that Treasure Chest is this world's Fitness Gym, the Back Set. And what do you know, it's offering five Pink Grapefruits as a reward. If I can do this today, that'll free up significant time and physical effort for the rest of this week... But it's tough.

  1. Hip Lift (x30)—This Fit Skill if you were ever to use it in a fight (it's healing) and the physical motions of actually performing it are both garbage. You're supposed to be on the floor on your back and hold the Ring-Con between your thighs (so your leg starts bent), though the Ring-Con doesn't matter and isn't measured by the game when judging how good your form is. The game wants your leg to be straight for the exercise, and then returned to be bent. Quite frankly, I recommend you squeeze the Ring-Con to get past the set-up screen, and then lay the Ring-Con aside for the actual exercising. There's a high chance that the Ring-Con will just go and be damaged if you do what they want you to do. (And a high chance you'll fail the exercise in terms of points.) I admit I cheated on just this one thing.
  2. Plank (x30)—Unlike Hip Lift, Planks aren't glitchy. They're just really physically strenuous and you'll need to take breaks because there's no way you'll do the required 30 reps in one try (unless you're playing at a lower difficulty level—then it'll be a number less than 30). But at least you'll get 100 points per Plank.

  3. Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Gym Back Set Plank
    Planks can feel really good... but they don't.
    Difficult, yes. Absolutely.

  4. Overhead Bend (x30)—Compared to the previous two, this is just boring and bowing forward.
  5. Overhead Side Bend (x30)—...And this one is leaning to the left...and to the right... and left and then right...yeah. To be fair, you are holding your pose for about four seconds each bend. I gotta say, my back is startin' to feel the pain of everything up to this point.
  6. Chair Pose (x16)—The easiest, most relaxing, and also fastest-to-complete skill of the Back Set. Still, take your time and relax... or you won't get credit.
  7. Warrior III Pose (x28)—Despite this also being a Yoga Skill, it's less relaxing than Chair Pose. I attribute this to having to stand on one leg. Still way better than Planks.
Ring Fit Adventure Pink Grapefruit ingredients catalog 100% completed
And this completes my Ingredients Catalog.
Meanwhile, the clothing is from 65% to 63% depending on the category.
That's probably foreshadowing that Extra Fitness isn't the last mode!

I managed to complete the Back Set and got the Pink Grapefruits. And that'll be it for this day because this is the most I've ever played Ring Fit Adventure in one day.

After getting some rest (and having a whole day pass), I went back at it on Monday with Ring Fit Adventure. I intend to get through as much of this warp zone area as I can in one day, because it'd be awesome if I could make this a four-day workout.

To the right of Hindmost Highway is another five-Gold Hoplin fight; I beat them all in 49 seconds and got 5,000 coins for my efforts. Very good money. Behind the Gold Hoplins lies the Irrevocable River, which allegedly has wild Pink Grapefruit that isn't very important to pick up (and I actually didn't find any?). The river obviously has river rowing as a prominent means of transportation. The second enemy group dropped a Zircon. After the river is this world's Battle Gym, which has another Zircon as an incentive to complete it and its SEVEN waves of enemies. (The previous high for waves was five, so we just skipped the concept of having six waves of monsters in Battle Gyms.) I did it... but it took 17 turns and 20 minutes. The overworld Treasure Chest above the Battle Gym had one Strength Drink. After consuming that, I warped back to Town and bought out the Crimson Phoenix II, just to have it in my Catalog. And...then I stopped for the day. There's no way I'll do the rest of this Warp Zone in one day, so it'll be a five-day workout after all.

In three months, you can play Ring Fit Adventure on a Nintendo Switch (OLED model) and have no difference in your performance, just like the woman in the linked trailer did. That's not something I'll be personally doing—well, maybe I'll be playing Ring Fit Adventure, but not on a different Nintendo Switch than what I own now. Anyway, as for TODAY (Tuesday), I'm playing the rest of the levels in World 46's warp zone area, starting with the Last Lookout. I got to level 337 (only 1,000 levels away from 1337!) and also got the Infinite Presser Title for doing 30,000 air blasts by pressing in the Ring-Con while playing this game. It's probably intentional I'm getting this at the end of a playthrough.

North of the lookout was an overworld Rare Hoplin fight of five minions, and just like that, I quickly became level 338. Now 999 left to go until I'm 1337! Behind them was the Closing Coaster course. An enemy group dropped a Rose Quartz, which I do not need. I need three Garnet to complete Extra Fitness's clothing Catalog. Garnet! Not Rose Quartz!

With the Coaster complete, the overworld map has a left path and a right path. The right path is one Game Gym and a Treasure Chest containing three Super Wheatgrass Smoothies that only heal HP and that's it. The Game Gym is Aerochute (Advanced) and they're offering up a Zircon that I no longer need. Still did it and got it, though.

The left path has the last Game Gym of Extra Fitness: Smack Back (Advanced), with a useful (in the future?) prize of 475 coins for an A rank, which I earned on my first try. After that is the last course of this warp area: Ultimate Hollow. Like Howling Hollow before it, it's just a flight level. Finally, the overworld Treasure Chest after the Hollow has one measly Defense Drink. And now I'm done with the warp zone area, so it's time to leave and tackle those Stadium Grounds that await us. ...Another day, though. Boy, I'm glad I split this warp zone area into two days!

I skipped Wednesday (but did you read my article about Nintendo's ominous plans on the future of Ring Fit Adventure?) but I'm back on Thursday.

I went to the Stadium Grounds that's more south on the map first. The objective for both this and the other one is “Defeat the monsters!” It's basically two minutes worth of running up treadmills until you get to the one monster fight at the end, which is two Dark Protean Shakers and a Mini Dragaux Statue, with the Dark Protean Shakers separated in a way that to hit everyone in one turn you need to use a five-range Fit Skill. Between the two Dark Protean Shakers, they will spit something at you to greatly reduce the power of three colours of your Fit Skills, but greatly increase the power of the fourth colour. The optimal strategy is to bring only single-target Fit Skills of all the different types, and just use whatever Fit Skill is boosted by the Dark Protean Shaker on the Mini Dragaux Statue. They're capable of changing which colour that is every turn, so it's...sort of more fun that way, too! However, given the objective being plural, you must beat the Dark Protean Shakers at the end to finish the fight, not just the Mini Dragaux Statue. But they're...trivial to beat.

The second Stadium Grounds features air blasting push-blocks up inclines. Left by themselves, they'll slide down, so you gotta constantly be pushing forward. The fight at the end is a Mini Dragaux Statue and two spaced-out Dark Matta Rays. In this case, you will want to destroy the Dark Matta Rays sooner rather than later, or else they'll heal themselves and/or Mini Dragaux Statue. You can 2RKO them with strong all-range attacks, and fortunately in my case, they both chose to attack me on their first (and only) turn instead of do healing, so I could wipe them out on my second attack. ...And the rest of the turns was beating up on the Mini Dragaux Statue.

In the original World 23, you had to clear both of those Stadium Grounds to advance. In World 46, you only have to do one. I still did both. The very last course besides the final boss is another Stadium Grounds, but this one is an extensive flight level with immense headwinds and interesting scenery that begs a lore-ful explanation that we won't receive. The fight at the end is versus TWO Mini Dragaux Statues, spaced in a way that you can hit both with three-range skills. Drinking attack-boosting smoothies to make this go faster is a good idea, especially because, hey, it's the last world of Extra Fitness, little need to hoard it.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux up ahead World 46 Finalia Extra Fitness final boss do this together
Hey, Ring, are you coming with me to Tokyo? And we can win the Olympics together?

Friday. Final boss day. I'm now level 341, which doesn't really mean anything to the average reader, but since this is World 46: Extra Fitness Lv. 284, I'm... quite a number of levels higher than what's recommended. Dragaux said this FINAL DRAGAUX STADIUM is like all of the previous ones put together, and he's overflowing with not just his own power, but also the power of the Four Masters. Ring wants me to make sure I take breaks and stay hydrated.

Ring Fit Adventure World 46 Dragaux Stadium defeat all of them Allegra Armando Abdonis Guru Andma
This is incredibly misleading. You'll only be fighting Dragaux. Him eating the others doesn't mean we're fighting them.
(You only need to bring your strongest Fit Skills and don't worry about the range.)

I actually forgot just how intense and platforming-y the final Dragaux Stadium is—it's more platforming-oriented than any other level in the game (despite being on-rails) and that's really nice. There are a lot of coins to collect even though it's pretty pointless to go after them. But that's just the kind of videogame player I am.

When I got to Dragaux at the end, he respected my ability to not only go through all of the worlds once, but also twice. But he's been training as well, and now he's claimed to have harnessed the power of the DARK INFLUENCE to where he can control it, instead of it controlling him. And now he'll pwn us. (By the way, this is the first time in the Extra Fitness mode where Dragaux says the dark influence is still around and he is, in fact, using it. ...Seems like a plot hole, but it would explain things like why the wild animals are still feral.)

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux harnessed dark influence power World 46 Extra Fitness final boss driver's seat
But the storyline says the dark influence was eradicated after the first Adventure.

Dragaux immediately turned red just so he could be weak to Red Fit Skills. Despite his claims to have overwhelming power, my Tropical Smoothie-boosted Overhead Arm Twist lopped off about 2/3s of his first health bar, and his own first attack (a single punch) did less than one-quarter of one heart, and I got twenty of those. After doing my second attack and wiping out his first health bar completely, Dragaux got pissed off and did a super attack where he threw slow boulders at me for a while. Afterwards, he gave up and transformed into Yellow Dragaux.

I did my Overhead Lunge Twist (super-effective on yellow enemies, and still boosted by the Tropical Smoothie) and got a bonus Overhead Hip Shake Rush. Put together, those knocked off more than the value of a full health bar off of Dragaux, so in three turns, he lost 2.5 health bars and has 1.5 left. All he did on his turn was flash his eyes at me to reduce my defensive power greatly. No big deal. On my fourth turn, I didn't renew my smoothie boost and just did a Leg Raise on him, which is an Abs Fit Skill that's still super-effective on Yellow Dragaux. Now he's on his last health bar, and I was lucky enough to get an additional turn before he could move. I was hoping he'd turn to Blue Dragaux (and then I'd drink a Blue-specific smoothie) but I guess I can Knee-to-Chest him while he's Yellow Dragaux. This brought Dragaux down to about 2/5s of his last health bar, and now he can attack and... he did a super attack where he jumped back and threw waves of four wooden crates at a time that contain restorative hearts in them. (They restore MY health, not his.)

Then he turned into Blue Dragaux. One Ring Raise Combo reduced the rest of his health, but Dragaux got plot armour so he could make a slow “BUT WHY CAN'T I WIN?!” exclamation and turned back to his Red, then Yellow, then Blue forms so he could spam SUPER ATTACKS that I had to Overhead Press, Leg Raise, and Overhead Squat for 60 seconds each to defend against. He lost his plot armour sliver of HP several times over. (Since Dragaux has taken powers from each of the Four Masters, I assume the plot armour+super attack spamming comes from Guru Andma.)

Without any additional dialogue, after having his last SUPER ATTACK deflected back at him by a really bad Overhead Squat on my part, Dragaux turned into DARK DRAGAUX and obviously lost control again, but he now has five HP bars, zero elemental weaknesses, and a really awesome new theme. Since this Dragaux is just an HP sponge and there's no type effectiveness to take advantage of (rather than knocking off a whole HP bar, a smoothie-boosted Overhead Lunge Twist just does half of one bar), just use a bunch of smoothies to boost attack power so it'll still end sooner. I mean, I don't wanna be here all night. Dark Dragaux is still as offensively weak as regular Dragaux (a two-clawed swipe still did under one-quarter of one heart), but now he can seal a whole class of Fit Skills from your use, so I don't suggest just bringing all of one type...

Ring Fit Adventure Dark Dragaux Final Boss disoriented stunned rush attack
“Now I'm in the driver's seat for real!”
“I was pretty unhinged the first time around.” (Implying he's totally hinged this time.)

After eventually chopping off two of Dragaux's health bars, he started up the WORST ATTACK WE'VE EVER HAD TO ENDURE, according to Ring, with which we must MEGA AB GUARD for another 60 seconds. I rarely squatted enough to have that be a “great” guard, but “good” was enough not to get obliterated by Dark Dragaux's giant green energy beam/projectile vomit. When Dragaux got down to his last health bar, he was mumbling about “muscle me...” and jumped back to do a SUPER ATTACK where he breathes green fire at you. Unlike wooden boxes, these are actually fast and numerous enough that you might not be able to Ring Press Air Blast them all before they hit you. Fortunately, they only do half a heart of damage each, and some still inexplicably drop hearts.

You might also want to pop an EXP-doubling smoothie if you want to level up, like, three times from the battle, because he gives so much EXP. After beating Dark Dragaux, he dropped a Zircon. ...Like I'll need that. Hmph. I also got the Legendary Overhead-Lunge Twister Title for using the most powerful Fit Skill in the game 3000 times. And Dragaux brought the Four Masters back, though not by excrement, but by four magical energy balls that popped and brought them to outside of his digestive system. Dragaux explained that since we're all friends, he wouldn't just leave them eaten.

Ring Fit Adventure you can now select an even newer world post-game
I can select it... but...will I?

That got the credits to roll, and the game congratulated me and thanked me for beating Extra Fitness. It's promising one final challenge... but will I play that final challenge? Well, the Olympics is in two weeks, and Team Koopa really should be making our way to Tokyo. I don't think I can really bring my Switch and Ring Fit Adventure and the peripherals with me. We'll see. (In any case, I don't think it'd do me much good at this point.)

Ring Fit Adventure Week World 46 Extra Fitness Lv. 284 exercise log
Somehow it took me ten minutes more to beat the final boss in World 46 than World 23. Huh. More HP sponge-y-ness? Or maybe it was the Fit Skills I chose?
(That Sunday was the highest Time Exercising I've done in this game in one day.)

Ring Fit Adventure Extra Fitness completed total time calories burned miles run
The stats you see here combine what I did in Adventure Mode + Extra Fitness Mode.
And, by the way, Extra Fitness is totally 100%-ed. Every course in every level complete.

If Ludwig won't be playing Ring Fit Adventure next week, then what will KoopaTV's publishing schedule look like between now and the Olympic Games? ...Not even the KoopaTV staff knows! But don't be surprised if some weekdays just don't have anything published. Going to Japan and competing takes a lot of time and significant energy, and that might not leave anything remaining for KoopaTV. But should Ludwig do the THIRD AND FINAL playthrough of Ring Fit Adventure after the Olympics end? That may be up to the comments section!

Later that month, Team Koopa is off to Tokyo to participate in the Olympics! But there are so many rules to follow...
Ludwig failed to win the Men's Épée Individual. He wasn't even close.
The mode after Extra Fitness is called Fitness Master. Ludwig resumes playing Ring Fit Adventure three months later in Fitness Master mode, so click here for Week 47.
Eventually, Ludwig made his way back to Finalia, but in Fitness Master. This is the final ending.


  1. Huzzah! Good work Ludwig! I must say I am very excited for what this new challenge the game promises is. Maybe you’ll find some garnet there, at any rate you should play again next week. Gotta be as fit as possible for the olympics!

    1. You're more excited than I am 'cause I'm pretty sure it's just gonna be playing through it a third time, and I don't know how creatively I can write about going through the same content for a third time.


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