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Friday, April 17, 2020

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 23: Finalia

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The final showdown...

What will the future of KoopaTV Fitness Fridays bring? ...Let's wonder about that later. For now, we're playing in the FINAL world of Ring Fit Adventure, appropriately named Finalia. This is World 23. We're continuing where Week 22 ended. I'm on a personal difficulty level of 30, which is the highest one. I am READY for a week of intense, productive work-outs.

Hopefully you're ready to read them. 

I'm starting on Sunday night, and, uh, despite me just writing that I'm ready, my tailbone is in pain from my poor writer’s posture. Well, and gamer’s posture. I spent most of today playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Claude's paralogue is kinda impossible on Maddening, so I'll just make that the last thing I do and proceed through the story as normal.

Erm, I'm supposed to be writing about Ring Fit Adventure's story. Well, after the page break. Warning... END-OF-GAME SPOILERS ARE AHEAD.

There is a town, but the only thing in there is General Store Number 21 headed by Hubby and Honey. All of the other townspeople ran away because they didn't want to be choked by Dragaux's dark influence. ...If you're wondering the economics of that situation, Hubby was just about to close the shop down. The only new item they have to sell is the Crimson Phoenix set, which recovers hearts with repeated knee lifts. It's stronger than any other clothing we have, but the Galaxy Jogger looks cooler and has a more interesting effect of experience-point boosting.

Ring Fit Adventure Finalia Dark Influence virus spreads weakness heart
Ring's timely talk of easily communicable viruses (that shut down the economy).
Might as well call it the Dark Influenza.

The first level is the Stadium Grounds, as Ring describes that the dark influence is like a virus that latches onto people who are weak of heart, like Dragaux. Then it totally devours them. ...Yikes. The level itself is an extended River Rowing section with many squat-ducking and rowing-up waterfalls, ending with a Mini Dragaux Statue fight. I did 16,741 damage to it before it broke apart. That is a meaningless number without context, so basically, it's durable by three times the normal enemy, except it had normal fight music and not a miniboss music.

Ring then explains he locked Dragaux away to stop him from training, since he became obsessed with it and the dark influence was preying on him. But he kept training anyway. Nice going. Meanwhile, there are two areas, both called Stadium Barricade. These are both minibosses with proper miniboss music. I went to the more south one first, and there's a DRAGAUX STATUE. This time, it had close to 18,660 HP, and higher defence and offence than the Mini Dragaux Statue. Still no threat, though. Ring is glad to have met me, since he would NOT have been able to do that by himself. (He doesn't genuinely care about me besides as a blunt instrument of destruction.)

Beating the Barricade down gives you access to a lot more levels, as well as the Gold Hoplin guarding the warp zone. The Gold Hoplin fight has five of them, which can represent 5000 coins if you drink a money-doubling smoothie and beat them all. In the warp zone? Many, many more levels, and with many treasure chests as well. What to do first...? Ignoring the warp zone and carrying onto the Stadium Grounds is the story option, but what if the contents of the treasure will help us in those upcoming fights?

Ring Fit Adventure Finalia overworld map warp portal treasure chests area
Here is what the warp zone map looks like. I'll be referring to it throughout this fitness log.
Just note that the red exclamation mark symbol isn't anywhere here, since it's all optional!

And so I decided to embark on the warp zone journey... after going through the other Stadium Barricade's Dragaux Statue. Hey, they're giving away Dragaux Statue Cores! (I don't need them, but maybe I will later.) In the warp zone, I head south to Hindmost Highway. It's a dark-influence-themed Mt. Fearmenot palette swap, except the statues in the background are still of men and not of Dragaux flexing. Out of curiosity, I fought the enemies, and they're all Dark-coloured, meaning these are the toughest enemies with no colour weaknesses. Still very two-round KO-able, though. The Treasure Chest on the lowest-left corner is for a Wheatgrass recipe. For 2 Wheatgrass or 3 Wheatgrass, you can make a Wheatgrass Smoothie and restore 8 hearts, or a Super Wheatgrass Smoothie and restore 11.5 hearts, respectively. I lack Wheatgrass. Behind the Treasure Chest is the last Fitness Gym we'll see in this game, featuring the Back Set. Oy vey, my aching back... I've already played this for 29:14 in-game time today, and the recommended time for this Fitness Gym is a whopping 20 minutes. Still... I'M GOING IN:
  1. Hip Lift (x30)—I previously decried the Hip Lift as very buggy, but then I found a pretty nice way to cheat on it. Lie on your back, set the Ring-Con on the floor or something, and keep your legs flat. Bend the leg with the Ring-Con when the game tells you to return. Of course I cheated on it. You get 100 points every time. I'm not tolerating questionable detection.
  2. Plank (x30)—Another terrible Fit Skill that I'm shamelessly cheating at. Start in the plank position to get it started, then stand up straight on your feet. Raise your leg with the Ring-Con up when it tells you to RETURN! Then bring it back down to the standing-straight position for HOLD!
  3. Overhead Bend (x30)—This one is completely unnecessary to cheat in, don't worry. Hold the Ring-Con above your head, and then bow forward so the Ring-Con is in front of you and you're looking down, practicing your Japanese dream visit.
  4. Overhead Side Bend (x30)—When done on Ring Fit Adventure's courses and minigames, it's a glitch-fest. Oddly enough, in the Fitness Gym, it works perfectly, as intended. Raise the Ring-Con above your head and bend your upper-body 45 degrees to the right/left, while keeping your lower body straight.
  5. Chair Pose (x16)—Squat a little like you're sitting on an invisible chair, and move the Ring-Con slowly from the top of your head to in front of your chest, and back. The key is to perform the motion slowly.
  6. Warrior III Pose (x28)—This is where you stand on one leg, lift the other, and bend your body forward while your lifted leg is supposed to go all the way back (so you look like a T). As long as you don't totally fall over, you should be going slow enough it'll generously accept anything.

The reward was 400 coins. Not worth it. Though it did take less than 20 minutes to do. Anyway, that's five courses done, and the World Select menu says I've done 25% of the content in World 23. That's good for one day, and I better sleep. See ya later!

On Monday night I don't have much time to play due to a power outage sucking up most of the nighttime. I sort of need a big television screen to be able to see what's happening in Ring Fit Adventure, and those need a power source! Still, I wiped out the warp zone's Gold Hoplin fight and traversed through the Irrevocable River they were guarding. Like the first level in Finalia, it was mostly just River Rowing. Wheatgrass grows here.

Past that is a Battle Gym. It's the FINAL Battle Gym of the game, and as such, it has an unprecedented... SEVEN continuous rounds?! And they all feature Dark-coloured enemies with high HP and no weaknesses. I should note that there isn't a round with more than three enemies in it until Round Six. It took me a whopping sixteen turns to clear it, and all I got was a Diamond as a prize. (And a level up. Tons of experience points.) The Treasure Chest has the Knee-Lift Combo Lv.3 Fit Skill, which is of... dubious worth, but alright, I'll equip it.

With all of the levels south of the warp zone entrance taken care of, let's work back north, starting with Last Lookout. There's also Wheatgrass growing here. North of that is the Rare Hoplin fight (with five of them), which levelled me up to Level 204, unlocking the strongest Fit Skill so far: The base 795 power Overhead Bend Lv.3. I'd like to play more, but it's midnight. ...See you!

We're starting at a course called Closing Coaster, which was behind the Rare Hoplins. ...Maybe it would've been thematically better to close last night's session with this? Well, the level sucks. It's mostly just squat-powered vehicle sessions. Ew. But the treasure chest in the overworld to the right? Two Strength Drinks! Great. There's also the Aerochute (Advanced) Game Gym behind that. The reward for clearing it was one mere Diamond, but I did S-rank it for the first time with 4800 points. That's cool, right? Meanwhile, to the left of Closing Coaster is the Smack Back (Advanced) Game Gym, which I already S-ranked before, so no potential for cool new content there. (And I won't try to S-rank it again.) The prize for clearing it is only 400 coins.

The last stage of the warp zone has a very foreboding name: Ultimate Hollow. Nothing very ultimate about the same Wing Ability level that starts in the snow and ends in the big cave with stalactites that we've flown through many times by now. The final overworld Treasure Chest provides the Green Basil Smoothie Recipe. We've already gotten Green Basil Smoothie before, from a World 20 request reward. It's made from 2 Chard and 2 Basil.

Going back to the main map, we're still left with two levels called Stadium Grounds. I'll choose the one to the northwest first. Ring muses about the awesome Dragaux statues being Dragaux's idealised self, and that Dragaux used to draw pictures of what he wished to look like. The level itself is a bunch of push-pull blocks on conveyor belts that I'm pretty sure is from a previous Dragaux course. The fight at the end is versus a Mini Dragaux Statue and two Dark Matta Rays. Beat the healers and go for the statue.

Ring Fit Adventure Finalia Dragaux statues ideal form standing still stone
I can understand why Dragaux's ideal form would be something that shoots out lasers.
But why would his ideal form lack legs? There were two worlds just about Dragaux training his legs!

It turns out it doesn't matter what I pick—I need to clear both Stadium Grounds to proceed. The second one is entirely on conveyor belts and features a lot of spiky logs, and is absolutely from another Dragaux Stadium level. The fight at the end is a Mini Dragaux Statue and two Dark Protean Shakers. Dark Protean Shakers are much bulkier than Dark Matta Rays, and can be much more annoying with their debuffing status effects than just dealing with enemy healers.

Beating both Stadium Grounds unlocks the penultimate level... also named Stadium Grounds. Ring also explains that all of the Dragaux Stadiums were supposed to be areas where Ring and Dragaux could help people learn the joys of fitness, even if they're insecure. That would explain why Ring seems to know the layout of all of the worlds. The third Stadium Grounds is one long Wing Ability level against headwinds from Dragaux mouth-caves that also involve flying coins. The fight at the end (still normal fight music) is against TWO Mini Dragaux Statues. Oh boy. By the way, I don't know how you can consider a floating battlefield to be Stadium GROUNDS.

Ring Fit Adventure Finalia Stadium Grounds Wing Ability Mini Dragaux Statue area fight
The fight is on top of the big floating area directly ahead. Not grounds.

With that complete, all that's left in Finalia is the final level, requests, and... all of the now-available lingering requests from the previous worlds, which are all coming from one guy. We'll handle the optional stuff before the final boss...! To another day! 

Hello, coming to you from Wednesday! The first of these resides in World 7: The Forest Runner. This one guy is... THE GYM FANATIC. We first saw him in week 11, only for him to reappear in week 13 and then week 17. In all of those appearances, he's been advocating for me to go through an old world's Battle Gym under weird, specific circumstances. 

This time, he wants me to go through Game Gyms under specific circumstances. In World 7, he wants me to clear Gluting Gallery (Novice) with 7500 points or more without touching any gold tokens, with the prize being a Dragon Drink. Good end-game prize. The last time I had to deal with Gluting Gallery was in its Advanced form with the same request, and it was a buggy mess. This time I did it in one try, with the maximum points (8900) without getting a gold token. And thus, World 7 is 100% complete!

Gym Fanatic next appeared in World 14: Moppets Gone Missing, where I'm tasked with clearing Thigh Rider (Novice) while collecting all of the score tokens. High standards this time, and with a 1000 coin reward that isn't anywhere as good as a Dragon Drink. Still, I like the minigame. However, I forgot that World 14's Thigh Rider is COVERED IN FOG. You need slightly less than frame-perfect precision, but it is difficult to get a perfect score when you can't see what is even in front of you. And it's a randomised layout every time you restart. My best advice is to remind you that you can clear the request even if you hit the bombs.

After eventually clearing that request and 100%-ing World 14, the next Gym Fanatic request is in World 16: The Steeliest Buns, where I must break 100 or more crates using just air blasts in Crate Crasher (Advanced). The reward is a very good Dragon Drink! This is a very easy request, especially in the parts with the gold balloon crates where there are 23 normal crates you can blow up per wave. You have more than enough time for this. After that, World 16 is 100% complete!

The last Gym Fanatic request is in World 21: Between Land, where the Gym Fanatic is (temporarily) the only human being here besides, uh, myself, and the shopkeepers. I must clear Robo-Wrecker (Advanced) with 10000 or more points... without hitting any gold robots! For a third Dragon Drink. (I guess the 1000 coins reward was an anomaly.) Normally, you'd play Robo-Wrecker as whack-a-mole and instinctively hit anything that pops up. Here, you must play more slowly and thoughtfully, and refrain from smashing the shiny gold object. You also must refrain from smashing any robots opposite of the shiny gold object, because your robo-wrecking device hits on two sides simultaneously. It still only took me one try, and now we've 100%-ed every world except Finalia!

Ring Fit Adventure Gym Fanatic make sure to find you next time
Yeah... they aren't going to have another event.

You have to check out Finalia's final level but not actually enter it in order to unlock the requests for World 23. Quite frankly, the final Dragaux Stadium is very ominous.

Ring Fit Adventure Finalia last Dragaux Stadium final boss preview
30 minutes? 127 calories? Must be incredibly extensive, because no stage has been that long before.

The first request is to go back to the Fitness Gym's Back Set and re-clear it with an average of over 90 points, for a prize of two Diamonds. I don't need Diamonds, dammit. But I went and cheated through it like the first time and achieved an average score of 99 points. Heh. The second request is to return to the Battle Gym and clear it within 18 turns, which is two more than what I did the first time. I'm stronger now. (And drank the three Dragon Drinks.) Still took me 16 turns. I got 1000 coins, and... that's it. This world should have two more requests, but they're not available.

Makes me wonder what exactly will happen after I clear Dragaux Stadium? Let's find out tomorrow. 

I suppose I should reveal the Fit Skill line-up I'm taking to Dragaux? Alright.
  1. Thigh Press Lv.3; Legs; 3-turn recharge, 615 base power, one-range
  2. Side Step Lv.3;  Legs; 4-turn recharge, 545 base power, three-range
  3. Back Press Lv.3; Arms; 3-turn recharge, 675 base power, one-range
  4. Overhead Arm Twist Lv.3; Arms; 4-turn recharge, 705 base power, one-range
  5. Overhead Bend Lv.3; Abs; 4-turn recharge, 795 base power, one-range
  6. Overhead Lunge Twist Lv.3; Abs; 4-turn recharge, 840 base power, one-range
  7. Overhead Hip Shake Lv.3; Abs; 4-turn recharge, 395 base power, five-range
  8. Russian Twist Lv.3; Abs; 4-turn recharge, 455 base power, five-range
  9. Warrior II Pose Lv.3; Yoga; 4-turn recharge, 430 base power, five-range
  10. Standing Forward Fold Lv.3; Yoga; 5-turn recharge, 19-heart recovery
I'm ready...! I got a ton of smoothies, too. (I unlocked Overhead Lunge Twist Lv.3 upon levelling up to Level 212. I'm Level 213 going into Dragaux Stadium.) I have 18 hearts, 1015 attack, and 1016 defense.

Ring Fit Adventure current fit skill regimen versus final boss stats
Everything I just wrote is summarised on this screen.

I gotta say... this is the most extensive Dragaux Stadium ever, and it feels like a final platforming level from the likes of Super Mario Odyssey. It's filled with all kinds of contraptions (including many squat trampolines, and a rowing and flying section) and is wholly original to this stage, unlike the many repeat stages that have been the name of this game so far.

At the end of the level is, of course, Dragaux. He's not quite at FULL POWER yet, but he wants to eat us, or something, and then he will be. I mean, I assume he wants to eat us, since that's what he did with the Four Masters at the end of World 21 to absorb their power.

Ring Fit Adventure Mega Super Awesome Dragaux DX dialogue
Oh! That's why Dragaux's name begins with a D and ends in X. Dragaux DX!

And the fight begins, with Dragaux sporting a gold health bar. ...I'm not sure how big that is. He also immediately turned red, and gave himself a weakness to Red Fit Skills. I consumed a smoothie to turn all of my Fit Skills into red-coloured ones, and with another ↑ boost on top of that. My Overhead Lunge Twist knocked off his entire gold health bar (and some extra) in one round, leaving him with a red health bar. All Dragaux did was one punch that only did a quarter of a heart. HAHA. My Overhead Arm Twist knocked out his red health bar and left him with a pink one.

That enraged Dragaux, as he jumped into the background and slowly threw one giant boulder at a time. One of those had a heart in them to fully restore my health, as he feebly jumped back to the fray and turned into Yellow Dragaux. Alright, time to drink a smoothie to turn all of my Fit Skills to yellow! ...And I used an Overhead Bend, which is yellow anyway. It also triggered a rush attack. Combined, Dragaux's pink health bar was eliminated...and so was his purple one, leaving him with 1 HP.

Dragaux then began his SUPER ATTACK frenzy. Even though he's left with no health remaining, he triggered a super energy arm (requiring me to Overhead Press), a super energy abs (requiring me to Leg Raise), and a super energy leg (requiring me to Overhead Squat), all for one minute each, consecutively. He changed colours for each SUPER ATTACK. (I guess I skipped over Blue Dragaux in the normal fight.)

...If the Dragaux fight felt too easy...well... THAT'S BECAUSE THAT'S NOT DRAGAUX'S TRUE FORM. He transformed into a gross-looking DARK DRAGAUX with another FIVE health bars (the first being coloured yellow) and no Fit Skill weakness. He also has an awesome new boss music to go with it. With no weaknesses, rather than my most powerful attacks doing over one health bar in one round, my Overhead Lunge Twist with a ↑↑ smoothie boost did little over half of a health bar (at exactly 5200 damage).

Ring Fit Adventure Dark Dragaux final boss fight phase 2 Overhead Lunge Twist
Look how... darkly influenced Dark Dragaux is! (And with so many health bars...)

...Still, Dark Dragaux's normal attacks only do a quarter of a heart in damage. He can also flash his eyes and seal a whole category of Fit Skills from you, but when he did that, he sealed the Yoga Fit Skills, which I wasn't planning to use anyway. You can bypass it by drinking a colour-change smoothie, which you should be doing regardless in conjunction with boosting all Fit Skills of that colour.

Dragaux has a MEGA AB GUARD attack he'll go for when he's at two-and-a-half health bars left, which is him vomiting energy for a minute. Successfully guarding it will leave you unscathed. When he's at his last half-health bar, he'll jump back and breath fireballs at you, which you must put out with air blasts. These are more difficult to deal with than his boulder-throwing, but still nothing that could be lethal unless you stand there and do nothing.

What else is there to say? We beat Dragaux, and he vomited out four energy balls that turned into the Four Masters. The dark influence disappeared and Dragaux turned back to normal, as did the environment. Dragaux apologised for his bad optics, and explained that the dark influence took advantage of his low self-esteem due to how weak he perceived himself to be. Submitting oneself to the dark influence wasn't actually overcoming one's weaknesses... it was running away from them.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux epilogue after final boss sorry for trouble
Oh, it's okay.

Dragaux feels like he has to take responsibility for all of the trouble he has caused. Ring suggests opening up the real Dragaux Stadiums. Cue credits. (You can manipulate the music, as well as the staffs’ names, by pushing/pulling/doing things with the Ring-Con.)

Tipp goes over my end stats and says there's a sort of new game+ mode so I can complete the item catalogue (the outfits are only 33% done... because the other 2/3s didn't exist) and all of the titles, and he hopes to see me again. 

It's Friday night. I'm here again. Tipp is happy I'm around, but I really want to 100% World 23. You see, the requests just now opened up for the world's two Game Gyms. For Smack Back (Advanced) I must break all the robots for 1000 coins, or, in other words, get a perfect score. I did it on my first try, since I'm amazing. The last request is to clear Aerochute (Advanced) with an A-rank or higher, which is... very boring and plain. The reward is two Diamonds.

Ring Fit Adventure you've completed all main worlds 100%
This is what I've been going for all along, throughout this playthrough.
But... note that it says Main worlds.

I've completed all of the Main worlds! I also have the option to fight Dragaux again... along with these EXTRA worlds. To my surprise, there's original dialogue here, with Dragaux and the Four Masters saying they'll be my trainers/spotters starting now. Dragaux also gave me the Dragon Breaker outfit, which he claims is scary powerful. 

Ring Fit Adventure Dragon Breaker outfit
Dragon Breaker has the same stats as the Crimson Phoenix set but without a set bonus.
...Still, it looks really cool, as Dragaux-themed clothing.

So now I'm on World 24: Extra Fitness Lv. 181. Kind of a terrible name, though. It has the same level structure as World 1: In the First Place. The first level is still called Beginnia. The level is the same, with the same ingredients and Red Hoplin enemy. The Red Hoplin's stats were increased dramatically to the power level of around a Garnet Hoplin, which means it'll still lose in one round of super-effective Overhead Arm Twist Lv.3, but a real Red Hoplin would lose in one HIT of that.

We got to fight Dragaux again, in the context of a spar instead of a murderous fight. He dropped a new stone called the Citrine, and said the real fight begins next land.


Well, I'll stop for this week.

Ring Fit Adventure exercise log world 23 Finalia length
Yes, I played Ring Fit Adventure for 6 days this week.
Definitely not normal for me, but this week was special, so...

Will Ludwig keep going with the extra worlds in future weeks? Find out... next week! You can also influence Ludwig's decision-making in the comments section. Please refrain from giving him a dark influence, however.

Ludwig decides on the future of the KoopaTV fitness logs... here!
Week 24 is here. Story mode isn't continued in this, but it is a whole week of fitness.
For the next story mode week, here's Week 25!
Ludwig returned to Finalia in Week 46, World 46, to fight Dark Dragaux again.
And then Ludwig returns to Beginnia for a third time in World 47.


  1. "Ring's timely talk of easily communicable viruses (that shut down the economy).
    Might as well call it [the dark influence] the Dark Influenza."

    Damn, that's an underrated caption. I'm amazing, jeez.

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. Good morning,

    A belated comment (and question) from The Netherlands!

    I’ve quite recently started working out with Ring Fit Adventure (and am enjoying it tremendously), and I’ve even more recently discovered your fantastic website. Thanks for all the helpful information in your fitness log!

    I’d like to ask you a question – how on earth did you manage to succeed so easily in the requests to break XX crates just using air blasts? As far as I understand it, you have to aim to MISS the balloons and only shoot them until only they are left. But for the life of me: I can’t see what I am firing at. I can see the general direction, but not the exact point. So I keep blasting the balloons inadvertently. And aiming slowly and carefully takes waaaay too long to finish in time. Am I doing something wrong? Do you have any ‘tips & tricks’?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Hi Janice!

      Thank you for enjoying KoopaTV, and it's great that you enjoy Ring Fit Adventure!
      Yes, I believe you have to hit all of the crates and then hit the green/yellow ones last.
      There is a sweet spot between firing too slowly and firing very quickly. Obviously if no balloons are in a big spot, you can rapid fire there. To re-calibrate your aim, you want to point the Ring Con down like you're going to Ab Guard. You ought to do this between waves. You should feel like you have enough control over where you're aiming with practice.

    2. Good morning,

      Thanks for your reply!
      OK, so I’ve got the right idea. And so: back to practicing and finding the sweet spot, then.
      The aerochute challenge (collect all the coins) is another troublesome one. Can’t get that right either.
      Those two seem to need more ‘dexterity’ than ‘fitness’, at least more dexterity than I am capable of.
      I am preparing myself for the fact that I won’t finish those challenges (and that I'll have overcome my completionism...). Let’s count that as another benefit from playing Ring Fit ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Thanks again & stay healthy,

    3. Hello again Janice!

      Could you be specific on what about Aerochute is troublesome? You understand the basic concept, right? You're supposed to free-fall in the parts without rings to pass through, and then when you see the collectibles below you, you're supposed to open up the parachute to slowly and thoughtfully aim your way down the middle of them.

      Ring Fit Adventure as a whole can be very physically demanding to actually 100% complete, especially all of the Titles. I'm trying to do the best I can with that, myself! (Since I also have great completionist urges.)

      Stay healthy as well!

  4. Good morning,

    Thanks for your kind reply and for your interest in my problem with aerochute!

    I think I do understand the basic concept and I know that I need to get my shadow (triangle) on the coin to know that I’m positioned correctly. But I find it hard to get the movement right (speed and direction) to get there. That, combined with the right timing of letting go. So it’s mostly a coordination issue, I guess. Or maybe I should just admit that it’s the aiming ‘thoughtfully’ part I can’t handle? ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Back to practicing again, then.

    I’m just preparing for my final Dragaux fight in world 23. After that I’ll go on to enjoy ‘Extra Fitness’, and I will keep trying to get the remaining missions from the first set of worlds over and done with. I may not succeed, but at least I’ll go down trying ๐Ÿ˜Š

    All the best!

    1. Morning Janice,

      Yes, the triangle's shadow is the centre, which you'll want to align and aim with each token's centre.
      You're not the first person who has told me they have difficulties with Aerochute. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful with this. I find it personally intuitive, since it's a relatively common videogame minigame trope, so I'm pretty used to it.
      I do feel like I have total control over my character's movement as I'm pulling the chute out and slowly descending. If you have the physical stamina, you... could just stay like that, I guess. It's just if the token is moving you'll have to predict where you'll need to be to catch it. (That's why you'd want to stop pulling and just fast-fall.)

      Cheers. ^_^

  5. this page was among top google searches and the only helpful one for unlocking ring raise combo 3
    thank you


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