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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Try the Splatoon 2 Special Demo 2020!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - ...Well... it might be a bit vicious.

After the free ARMS trial that ended at the start of April, Nintendo is continuing their online multiplayer game demo + free Nintendo Switch Online trial combos into May, with a slightly less-than one-week demo for Splatoon 2. (Specifically ending the morning of May 6.) This one is called the Splatoon 2 Special Demo 2020, as explained in this press release. While there isn't a tournament accompanying this, there is a 30% discount on Splatoon 2, making it $42. That's bigger than when they did this exact thing a year ago, but they only offered a 20% discount.

The demo gives you access to Turf War, Salmon Run, and ranked battle. It starts you off at level 1, but if you choose to buy the game, you'll be able to transfer your demo progress over to the real game. Unfortunately, it does not give you access to the single-player mode, which is what actually lets you understand how the game mechanics (particularly movement) work.

I don't recommend people who already have Splatoon 2 to play Salmon Run or ranked mode while the demo is a thing (unless it's with friends), because inexperienced players can make those experiences go poorly very easily, and that will ruin your rank. Turf War is pretty safe and low-stakes. I had a few matches today, and, uh, it was tough out there.

Splatoon 2 Special Demo 2020 smurfing new users
Somehow, I don't think sqjr is a legitimate new player who just started playing, despite what Level 7 may imply.
(He has 385 hours or more play time!)
I wonder how many other people who already have experience in Splatoon 2 are masquerading as new players to smurf?

The way that match-making works now, you probably won't be able to reliably bully new players. Splatoon 2 is just as likely to match you up with bad, new players as it is with experienced, competent players. ...But I guess people try to be vicious to the new blood anyway.

If Splatoon 2 isn't your thing, and maybe the Nintendo Switch in general isn't, may I interest you in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which is 50% off on... the PlayStation 4, until May 8? Or 50% on Steam until May 6?

Ludwig wonders if there will be a similar demo for Mario Tennis Aces coming up. Remember that game? ...Anyone? There's going to be another Splatoon 2 article coming in May. Stay tuned for what that will involve. Ludwig rarely plays Splatoon 2 nowadays, mostly around once a week for Salmon Run.

Missed that Steam sale? How about until May 15?
Off the demo, there is a rerun Splatfest closer to the end of May.

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