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Friday, April 24, 2020

Future Fitness Logs: Ring Fit Adventure's Extra Fitness Mode

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - How KoopaTV's Fitness Friday series will progress, and why.

Last week I completed the story mode of Ring Fit Adventure by 100%-ing all 23 worlds over the span of 23 weeks. It's been a long journey that I've dedicated a whole KoopaTV category to, and colloquially deemed it KoopaTV Fitness Fridays.

Rather than the game ending, I unlocked Extra Fitness mode. It's not a traditional new game+ mode in that you're still using your same file, but there's now an option in the Select World menu selection to go to the Extra worlds instead of the Main worlds. (You can switch between both, but obviously there's no new content in Main after 100%-ing it.)

Ring Fit Adventure Extra Fitness instructions explanation select world

Here is the crucial bit: I'm doing all of this fitness and exercise because I'm participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as a member of Team Koopa. Unfortunately, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has just been delayed to sometime in 2021.

Logically, I should delay playing through Extra Fitness until 2021. In 2021, I can use Extra Fitness as my second chance at getting in Olympic-quality shape. The very existence of this second mode basically predicted that the Olympics would get delayed into a second year.

I don't know for sure, but from what I can tell, Extra Fitness has two key differences from the main game. One, there doesn't seem to be any town requests. I mean, look at the screenshot above. Do you see any? No. That basically makes worlds take half as long to complete, since you're doing everything once and not twice. And two, the dialogue is rewritten.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux friends now Extra Fitness first world
Dragaux now talks about how we're friends!
Which genuinely makes me wonder how they'll rewrite the dialogue for all of the other words.
Will we get further characterisation on the main characters? Then it's a must-play!

This is the first week in five or so months that Ludwig didn't work out at all. He physically feels like crap. He doesn't know exactly when in 2021 he'll start replaying Ring Fit Adventure, or what the fitness logs will actually look like by then since most of the interesting content has already been covered. This means that KoopaTV will have normal articles on Fridays again.

Three months later from not playing Ring Fit Adventure, and Ludwig's body is rapidly decaying. He hires a chiropractor to tell him to try Quick Play mode for Core exercises.
Ludwig regrets taking the time off, but come 2021, he is going to go through with Extra Fitness.
The first Extra Fitness playing of 2021 comes in Week 25 of KoopaTV's Fitness Fridays.
You've learned about Extra Fitness... but what about Fitness Master? Fitness Master is the THIRD playthrough to Extra Fitness's second playthrough, and it too has some unique aspects.

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