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Friday, January 29, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 25: Learn to recognise a joke!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I once more begin going through Adventure Mode, while Ring has to go through humour training.

Ah hah! I wrote last week (Week 24) that I'd be back on Friday with Week 25, and here we are. Welcome to KoopaTV Fitness Fridays! It's been a bit of a while, so let's recap. I've already beaten the main Adventure Mode... back in April 2020. That unlocked Extra Fitness mode, a pseudo-New Game+/harder difficulty. This repeats the same 23 worlds as Adventure Mode, but it's streamlined and with different dialogue, because you and the antagonists are all friends now. (I'm hoping the different dialogue will make everything worth playing again.) The enemies have all gotten buffed to accommodate that you're carrying over your level, unlocked Fitness Skills, your inventory, and everything else.

Sunday (January 24, 2021) is apparently the 100th day of me playing Ring Fit Adventure's Adventure Mode (the 99th day, again, being in April 2020), which got me the “Consumed by Fitness” Title. Tipp is concerned that I haven't played in a while, so he recommended to lower my difficulty level. I agreed, so now it's gone from 30→28, which means I'll have less repetitions to do on the Fitness Skills. It's time for World 25: Extra Fitness Lv. 182, which is based on World 2: The Land of Night, featured back in Fitness Log Week 1. My own level is 216.

The first level is still Nightcloak Pass, with its swampy terrain you need to knee lift to wade through. The Hoplin generic enemies are one-round-KO pushovers. (Blue) Kennelbell is a scrub, too, though it can only be two-round-KO'd with my strongest Legs Fit Skill (Thigh Press Lv. 3). Still, it can only do a fraction of 1/4 of a heart of damage in retaliation, so nothing in this early game is a threat.

The treasure chest above Nightcloak Pass contained yet another Citrine stone, used for crafting/buying items. The next level is Dashalong Tower, and the first (and only) Hoplin fight there gave a Citrine as a droppable item, so... I'm sure we'll need a bunch of these for the upcoming shops. As a reminder, I only have 33% of the fashion catalogue filled out, meaning there is 2/3 of that still locked, to be more complete in this playthrough.

Ring Fit Adventure World 25: Extra Fitness Lv. 182 overworld map The Land of Night
While the overworld maps and treasure placements in Extra Fitness are identical to previous worlds,
the contents of the treasure are different. This one had a Citrine, an ingredient that did not appear in normal Adventure Mode.

There's my first Game Gym of the Extra Fitness playthrough: Robo-Wrecker (Novice). Getting an A rank or higher will net me the Royal Green Smoothie recipe, which isn't what the original reward was. The original minimum reward rank was also B rank or higher. Still trivial to achieve. I got the recipe, and the Royal Green Smoothie is brand new. 2 Chard + 2 Basil + 2 Ashitaba = 12 hearts of recovery, and your Fit Skills get recharged, AND negative status effects are cancelled. That's an all-around beneficial clerical drink, and it's a very marginal improvement over the endgame-quality Green Basil Smoothie. ...And it's also way more recovery than what I'll need in this world, and probably most (or all) subsequent worlds.

I'm noticing that there's only two levels left in World 25: Extra Fitness Lv. 182, so... I guess I gotta space this out to be a week's worth of content? How will I do that? Keep reading to find out...

Ring Fit Adventure Cooldown Tipp have a break sometimes
I just ended a break that lasted for well over half a year, and little did you (or even I, at the time) know I'm taking a bit more days off...

...I took a break on Monday, and on Tuesday, my TOE was mysteriously STUBBED. You're not supposed to do exercise while you have a stubbed toe, so I didn't play Ring Fit Adventure on Tuesday. Very unplanned. I did push and pull the Ring-Con with Multitask Mode, however, maxing out on the 500 repetitions for both Monday and Tuesday.

Skip to Wednesday. My toe is still kinda puffy, but at least it's not in pain. I raised the difficulty level to 29 and headed to Disturbance Meadow. With that high difficulty level and me purposefully not double-jumping over enemy fights, that should artificially lengthen the time I'm spending on the level so this world can last a week, right? There wasn't much to say about Disturbance Meadow (the in-level treasure chest had 400 coins in it), and I'm not doing Dragaux's level today or else the world will end and I wouldn't drag anything out. So I went back to Custom Mode and made this minigame list of minigames that I haven't S-ranked (and in some cases, haven't A-ranked) yet so I can acquire the Titles for doing so:

Ring Fit Adventure Custom Mode Fitness List minigames novice advanced difficulty
Minigames I played were Thigh Rider (Novice), Squat Goals (Novice and Advanced), Squattery Wheel (Novice and Advanced), Core Crushing (Novice), and Bank Balance (Novice).
Clearly, I'm not good at the squat-based minigames.

I got new high scores in Squat Goals (Advanced), Core Crushing (Novice), and Bank Balance (Novice). Two of those were good enough high scores for a rank change:
Ring Fit Adventure Titles acquired! achievements minigame ranks
Elegant Stepper: S-ranked Bank Balance (Beginner)
Hopping the Charts: A-ranked Squat Goals (Advanced)
Game Coach: A-ranked all Advanced-level minigames

Skip to Friday, because Thursday is... whatever, and I did other things, like counting dead Goombas. I spent my morning at the dentist (and brought my Drednaw plush, which the dental hygienists remembered from before. ...It was a very good idea to bring Drednaw, since they did X-RAYS, too! SCARY!) on Friday. Later in the day, I decided I must finish this world. Dragaux was waiting for us in Dragaux Stadium (2), probably disappointed at my days off. He was explaining that the stadium was specially designed for upper-body training, but Ring is a jerk and interrupted Dragaux's explanation. I wanted to hear it, Ring.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux Stadium World 25 world famous architect
Ring wasn't interested in the architect.
Ring is unironically more of a villain than Dragaux in Extra Fitness.

Apparently, this special design is just a bunch of pinwheel doors that you need to spam air blasts to open. ...That's pretty much the whole stage portion. Dragaux got totally ripped off by the famous architect he hired to design this place.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux Stadium pinwheel doors
It's just a winding path of at least five consecutive Pinwheel Doors. That's it. That's the stage.
Remember, being world-famous doesn't mean being good.
(And not being world-famous can still mean you're very good. Like KoopaTV.)

Ring reveals he has no sense of levity, and Dragaux admonishes him for not being able to take a joke. However, he recognises my great sense of humour, and we start fighting against him and his Blue Scuttlebell+ and Red Scuttlebell+ because apparently I'm obligated to defend Ring's failure to not be a killjoy.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux recognize a joke
Dragaux followed this up with,
“I'd say you're the one who needs to go through trainin' again, not Koopa#5969!”
It's true. I'm a master of levity. Read other KoopaTV articles. My humour is amazing.

Those Scuttlebell+s can't take more than two rounds of attacks, and Dragaux himself only has one full hit bar. While Dragaux can take many rounds of attacks (a Side Step Lv. 3, an Overhead Lunge Twist Lv. 3, a Chair Pose Lv. 3, a Back Press Lv. 3, and finally an Overhead Bend Lv. 3) he can barely do any damage back to me, which definitely makes that smoothie recipe we got unnecessary. With no special attacks to break up the slugfest, Ring and I easily beat Dragaux, and he flew away saying he has to train more. ...I mean, he said that sort of thing in the normal Adventure Mode, too.

And with that, World 25: Extra Fitness Lv. 182 is CLEARED! Stay tuned for next week for World 26...!

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log World Week 25
Yeah, so I only worked out for three days. That should change as the worlds get more content again.

Let Ludwig know in the comments section if you think his master strategy of stretching out World 25 over a week by only playing for three days of that week is super lame and doing his body a disservice. ...You can also let him know if you have any positive thoughts, too.

Let's be clear... Dragaux ALSO has excellent humour. That's obvious in Week 26!
This level design returns in World 48, and Dragaux jokes there too.


  1. When are you going to post a picture of your 6-pack?

  2. Dental X-rays ARE scary. At the very least, they're genuinely unpleasant. Actually, I have a confession...I'm getting drilled for the first time in my life on March 1. I'm more than a little nervous about that myself... :S

    1. Guess we won't see you around starting in March. :(





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