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Thursday, January 23, 2020

I Brought A Drednaw Plushie To My Dentist Appointment

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - What kind of response did I get? Plus, a photo!

Six months ago, I wrote about a poor experience I had at my dental cleaning. Well, that's nothing new—dentist visits are always torturous affairs. I absolutely have dental anxiety. The dentists know that, by the way.

That article from six months ago's headline was, “Remind Me To Bring A Plushie To My Next Dentist Appointment”, and I put in the article's footer that today was the day for the appointment. Truthfully, I didn't need a reminder... anxiety means the thought of the appointment consumed my thoughts for this whole week. And last week, too. Though long-time KoopaTV fan Kody B. gave me a reminder anyway.

Speaking of time periods in the past, two relevant things happened a month ago. One, I got an Oral-B Pro 5000 for my birthday, which is a super-powerful, high-tech automatic toothbrush. (To my knowledge, there is no relationship or association between Kody B. and Oral-B.) Two, I got a Drednaw plushie from The Pokémon Center online store, which was offering pre-Christmas free shipping on plushies. I wanted to get a Wooloo plush too, but they were and still are sold out. Still, I do like Drednaw.

And no, there isn't any hypocrisy in me refusing to buy Pokémon Shield and me buying/wanting to buy plushies of Galar Pokémon.

Perhaps you see where this is going. Yes, I brought Drednaw to the dentist appointment. I think it's fitting, given that Drednaw is an expert with teeth, jaws, and biting. Dentists should appreciate that, right? Though the “dread” part might not be the best for soothing anxiety...

When I came to the operating table... erm... reclining dentist chair, with Drednaw in claw, my dental hygienist asked, “Oh, who is the friend of yours?” I explained it's Drednaw, a Pokémon, from the newest Pokémon games. The dental hygienist told me her son is into Pokémon, too! And she seemed totally fine with me bringing Drednaw there.

Coincidentally (or perhaps thanks to Drednaw), the hygienist was very pleased at the quality of my tooth-brushing. It was a significantly less painful experience than in all of my years getting cleaned by a dentist, with minimum gums-bleeding and tartar to scrape off. I explained that the new toothbrush actually makes the process much easier.

The dentist who runs the establishment then came in, and the dental hygienist explained my great progress to her. The dentist also asked who Drednaw was, and when I said a Pokémon, she liked Pokémon to Star Wars as “something that will live forever.” The dentist also found no cavities! ...Though after she left, uh, the dental hygienist actually did find a cavity, and I have an appointment tentatively scheduled in the next two weeks to get that taken care of. ...Whoops.

Despite that, the dental hygienist gave me “the most improved patient of the day award” in terms of the overall state of my mouth from the last cleaning to the present cleaning. She also wished all of her patients “followed the directions I give them.” in terms of how to take care of their oral health.

Between the lavish praise, the significantly reduced usage of scary dentist tools, and having a Drednaw by my side, I felt significantly more comfortable in today's dentist appointment than in previous ones. I wonder if the first two list items were because of Drednaw being there. Maybe the hygienist was too scared to drill my mouth because Drednaw might Jaw Lock her neck. ...Or she felt pity for me that I brought a Drednaw to begin with and decided to treat me very nicely. Well, I like the result either way, so I'll keep bringing a plush friend.

Ludwig Von Koopa dentist cleaning Drednaw plushie Plushwig
(Artistic recreation of Ludwig at the dentist.)

Ludwig probably isn't going to write an article every time he sees the dentist from now on. That would be... rather questionable content. Still, you can suggest other plush suggestions, or Ludwig can keep bringing Drednaw. Let him know what you think in the comments section!

Ludwig revealed the next day that he has such dental anxiety that he had a bloody nose leading up to his appointment. (And during his appointment, actually. Not portrayed in the photo above.)
Ludwig writes a whole article about how he wants Wooloo.
As a follow-up, The Pokémon Company created Pokémon Smile, an entire app about using Pokémon to get you to brush your teeth.
...But Ludwig can't use the app.
Ludwig's still bringing Drednaw to his appointments a year later, by the way. The dentists remember him for it.


  1. There are DREADNAW plushies?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I WANT OOOOOOOONE! ^_^_^_^_^_^ Just LOOK at him with that adorable yet deadly backhoe jaw!

  2. My cavity filling was a success! Drednaw was with me, too.


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