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Monday, January 27, 2020

Before It's Taken Down: Listen to 2 Sound of Kirby Café Soundtracks

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This article has the potential to become obsolete pretty quick, so be IN THE MOMENT.

I briefly wrote about the Kirby Café in that stupid coffee article back in 2017. This was an actual Kirby-themed establishment with Kirby-themed food and drinks in Japan with Kirby-themed plates that opened in 2016, was ended, reopened temporarily, closed again, and now (as of December 2019) reopened in Tokyo on a permanent basis.

There's a short storyline involved about how this café exists, but it's in Japanese. There's a video that goes with it, which, if nothing else, is precious. There doesn't appear to be characteristic deep Kirby lore involved, however.

Kirby Café King Dedede Rick Kine Coo beanie drinks
King Dedede wearing a beanie? Amazing content. ...Not sure what he's eating though.

However, this article exists to serve an English-speaking audience. You probably can't read Japanese. You probably won't be able to go to a tourist trap in Tokyo. In that case, what's in it for you? Well, the Café has some really great music that goes along with it. There was a CD soundtrack back in its 2016 existence, and now there's a second soundtrack for its 2019 revival. If you have access to buying things from Japan, you can purchase these for a combined 4000 yen (or nearly $40). Otherwise, you can listen to people dumping the soundtrack on YouTube. Try this 49-minute video of the whole first soundtrack, and this 60-minute video of the whole second soundtrack.)

If nothing else, listen to awesome and soothing remixes of songs that span the entire Kirby series, including my precious Kirby Air Ride. And do it before they get mysteriously taken down and swallowed up in a Copy Ability claim.

Ludwig obviously loves the Kirby series music, and this may or may not be why the KoopaTV Best New OST awards every year go to that year's Kirby title, most recently Super Kirby Clash won Best OST of 2019. He obviously listened to the music this article is promoting while composing this article.

This kind of article isn't unprecedented on KoopaTV. Ludwig wrote one similar to it for Paper Mario: Sticker Star's soundtrack being uploaded to YouTube.
Nintendo is also controlling the distribution and listening of their 30-year music fest concert for Kirby.


  1. Update: That playlist and its videos are still around, but the all-the-songs-in-one-video for both the first and second soundtrack are gone.

    1. I updated the links because what was there before got taken down. These are uploaded by "Game Time Music".


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