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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Sickness and Scars Are Cured At Last

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Apparently, it was in front of me this entire time.

Long time readers (or those who know how to navigate the site — and I want that task to be as easy as possible) should recall that I had great distress because my preferred video for Paper Mario: Sticker Star's beautiful soundtrack (the entire OST in one video) was deleted off YouTube. However, a replacement video by YouTube user Jon Q has surfaced. ...How did I miss this? I interviewed him.

Update 2/12/2017: As you can see, the video is clearly unavailable now, which makes this whole article pointless, yet hilarious in hindsight. /endupdate

KoopaTV: I know you uploaded this video: In January, but was it always publicly available?
Jon Q: Yeah, why?

KoopaTV: ...Well I've searched for this before back in July because the other video I used for this got deleted because the uploader was infringing copyright. (This being the OST in one video.)
And I couldn't fiiiind it.
Jon Q: But now you did at least!

Well, that wasn't very informative of an interview. At first glance, it appears I'm utterly incompetent. ...And that's probably the case.

Rather than dwell on this, I'm going to take the opportunity to expose you to yet another Mario game with a great, jazzy soundtrack. You might not know about it... But it's Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

That's a sample. You can go on YouTube yourself to look. It goes without saying that I think this is a fantastic musical direction for the series to go in, and it really underscores how important spin-offs are to allow this kind of adventurous (or "different") music style you wouldn't find in a main release. So maybe I'll apologize for bashing Sochi earlier.

Something I've realized when KoopaTV watched through The Last Of Us: A lot of games nowadays DON'T invest in having a good soundtrack. I mean... people honestly think that The Last Of Us has the best soundtrack in any videogame ever. This is such a weird concept to me. This one hour of... creepy ambient noise? Critically acclaimed? Read the comments section of the video below if you're not going to listen to it, at least. (I don't recommend listening to it.)

If you want to go for atmospheric, then learn from the Metroid Prime series or something. Here's a small sample from Metroid Prime.

You know, still actually music. It's kind of one of the most important parts to a game. But let's close the article off with more jazzy stuff.

Ludwig loves jazzy music. Keep an eye out to his YouTube channel at PrinceOfKoopas, especially his Favourites list. He rarely adds things to it, so the stuff that does show up are must-listens.

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