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Friday, December 20, 2013

Fighting Fascism In Our World and The Game Industry

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Quixotic fight, but that hasn't stopped us before!

Surely you're aware by now about what happened to Phil Robertson on the show "Duck Dynasty", which KoopaTV has briefly mentioned before so it's okay to talk about it again. That's called continuity, folks. While it IS KoopaTV's place to rant about transparency and the injustices of the world, it's really not something you'd expect us to have any expertise about. 

Full disclosure: I've never watched a full episode of Duck Dynasty.

However, something we game industry journalists DO have experience in is the supposedly influential videogame discussion forum, NeoGAF. Indeed, if you've read a lot of our AIM Blast logs (that we do with every Nintendo Direct!) then you might see NeoGAF mentioned a lot. That's because we all have accounts on there — although I'm only a Junior Member and Rawk is (temporarily) banned from the site. YoshiRider123 is riding fine though. They're pretty major in the game industry. Here's a documentary explaining it.

Full disclosure: KoopaTV occasionally uses NeoGAF's propensity to click on anything to get a lot of views.

So what does NeoGAF have to do with anything? Well, they happen to have taken a strong stance of silencing anyone who stands opposed to their far-left agenda.

NeoGAF has a long history of this. Back during the Chick-Fil-A boycotting incident (do people still do that?), they had a thread in the Off-Topic Discussion board about it. That thread was basically a graveyard of banned accounts. Who got banned? Anyone who was supportive of the restaurant. KoopaTV has briefly wrote about these types of people before.

During the Zimmerman trial, they banned anyone who spoke out in support of George Zimmerman. Supporters eventually included all of KoopaTV's staff. As a matter of fact, the GAF "hivemind" is STILL angry about Zimmerman, where his regular attempts for attention are regularly given that attention on NeoGAF and people STILL think he should've been found guilty of murder of Trayvon Martin.

And now with Phil Robertson being suspended indefinitely? You can believe that they're silencing anyone in support of the guy. And anyone who calls out the gay movement's heavy-handed fascism and faux outrage obviously gets banned. The officially endorsed "NeoGAF Worst Posts" Twitter calls people out who go against the far-left hivemind. Read that conversation and notice the pathetic people who "Favourite" all of the posts responding against my counter-Tweet. That Twitter account proceeded to block the KoopaTV Twitter. What does that mean? They silenced KoopaTV like A&E silenced Phil Robertson.

Whether you're Phil Robertson or KoopaTV, we're ALL ducks being hunted by the fascists on the Left.

The politically correct (PC) movement in America has taken over much of the media. KoopaTV and other "rogue media" outlets are trying to push against it, but just like President Barack Hussein Obama spoke out against George Zimmerman, he spoke out against blogs like KoopaTV. It's the exact same silencing tactic that NeoGAF uses! It's a common theme among leftists. You don't have to agree with either KoopaTV or Phil Robertson or anyone else to defend our right to express our views. It's a horrible thing to silence your opposition, because you become a one-viewpoint organization. That's dangerous. That's how bubbles are created. It's why we invite opposing viewpoints on KoopaTV.
Liberals think they're better than other people because they claim to be "compassionate to humanity" (seriously, look at the Twitter conversation from before). And some are. Many are hypocrites. Many engage in phony outrage and appear to be the defenders of "oppressed minorities". They're in it just for the power over them. They claim to have a monopoly on compassion and tolerance, and this is simply not true.

If you're not getting Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies for Christmas, get The Joy Of Hate by Greg Gutfeld.
I haven't read it yet, but I WILL.

What can we all learn from this? We must learn that silencing thoughts different from your own is not a good idea. This is true in any organization whether it be a videogame company or any other type of business. New product development requires input from all sorts of different people. For example, when developing Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!, I took feedback from Rawk about the game's difficulty and toned it down. Did I think his suggestions made the game too easy? Yeah, but I'm the one who has the most experience with the game because I programmed it. Of course my opinion would be different than his. He was looking out for the ordinary consumer, and not the opinion of the guy who made it. Did I silence him? No, I implemented the feedback.

Even if you don't want to change and you want to remain rigid, inviting opposition to object to your opinions can actually strengthen your beliefs. Challenge your assumptions. That's the basis of the Socratic Method, and it makes you mightier. If you think doing it your way is the best way, then surely you can answer any objections?

And no, responding with derision and personal attacks is not how you make a valid objection.

Of course I recognize that A&E is a private corporation. So they can do whatever they want and you don't have to watch them. Individuals should be able to say what they like, but we also aren't free from non-governmental consequences. However, that doesn't change that it's influenced by the far-leftist mindset that's spreading like a virus throughout the country. If we could get rid of that, we could lessen the suffering of those people, increase diversity of thought, and truly flourish.

But not if NeoGAF has their way.

We shouldn't be happy with the thought of only one point-of-view, the monolithic "hivemind", in our industry and country. Let's do better than that.

Ludwig is a NeoGAF member himself but won't post this on NeoGAF because it's rather predictable what would happen to him. Regardless, you're free to voice your disagreements here, and you won't get banned from the blog for doing so cordially.

This article won KoopaTV's Best Article of 2013 award.
NeoGAF proves Ludwig's point here: By banning him. Read the story by clicking!
It's not just on the forums, but the gaming industry itself is trying to become polarised and is intolerant of different personal opinions.
Diversity of thought is what counts, not diversity of looks.
NeoGAF has fallen from whatever grace people thought it had, but its fascism remains in people's hearts.

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