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Friday, December 6, 2013


By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Not bad at all.

It kind of bums me out that there is no direct sequel to the topic of this article, but there are some close ones. Like this one. Anyway, a recent GameFAQs poll asked what kind of game the last game you've played was. The overwhelming majority of respectable console gamers (that's what the GameFAQs audience is made up of) have played a sequel last. Including me, playing New Super Mario Bros. U.

Some people like to think that this is a bad thing. "Oh, they're just rereleasing the same game but... different!" Well, you know, you could extend that to games of the same genre, not just the same series. It's a strawman argument, the kind that KoopaTV makes all the time.

Sequels are good. In that GameFAQs poll, you could consider all but the last option to be part of a franchise. Some people feel good (such as KoopaTV contributor RawkHawk2010) in saying they're playing an "original title" because sequelization is part of the "problem" of the industry.

No it's not. Game companies who make poor sequels that are basically rereleasing the same game again are the problem, not the act of making a sequel. KoopaTV will be part of the forefront in providing an example in how to properly do a sequel: We promise that Jessie Go Jr. Two will be a fantastic sequel to Jessie Go Jr. Remedial Algebra and represent the good things that sequels can provide to the world. And none of the bad. To remind you, those things include a strong cast of characters with character development across a series, and the ability to iterate on success based on mass-received feedback. And be able to compare that iteration apples-to-apples.

So don't feel good you've played a sequel. After all, most games these days ARE sequels! And so are the majority of KoopaTV's favourite games!

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