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Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Ludwig, and an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I... finally... have THAT game.

It just so happens that today, December 13, is Ludwig's birthday. Or as it happens, my birthday. I'm writing my own birthday article. Herman Cain's birthday is on the same day, and he got one of his associates to write a birthday article for him! I gotta do mine MYSELF.

Anyway, the big announcement: It took 2 months since it released, but since I'm finally done with my Dual Destinies review, I now possess Pokémon X. As I promised. You're welcome Game Freak. I hear that my Safari area type is STEEL.

Okay, so... I have Pokémon X for my birthday present (to myself). It just so happens that on KoopaTV's Intranet forum, Planet Koopa, I've had a tradition of doing an adventure log of both Soul Silver and White, along with some failed Nuzlockes. They're surprisingly good reference material.

I'll do the same thing for X. Yes, we're opening up the Intranet site for y'all to look at. It'll be updated as often as I play the game. We at KoopaTV decided a long time ago that we actually don't want to saddle a commentary-based website with stuff like adventure logs. But commentary logs are totally okay, as you've seen many times already.

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