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Monday, December 9, 2013

Want To Start Learning Programming?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Hour of Code promotion.

It is important to remember our roots: Even though KoopaTV gets caught up in a lot of negative stuff, writes some heated things, calls people out for spouting lies, and expresses and defends unpopular views... well, we still have some basic obligation to promote the industry. After all, we're here to try to save the videogame industry: It's not really the warzone we make it out to be. (Oh, but we'll continue to make it out to be like that after today.)

So one of the best ways for you to get involved? Participate (for free) in the Hour of Code. There are multiple different tutorials — for BEGINNERS and people who've never done this sort of thing before — in multiple different speaking/programming languages (although if you're on KoopaTV, then you should only care about if it's in English...and it is). ...And again, it's free.

For more information, here's President Barack Hussein Obama.

Here's usually the part where I tear Obama apart (as anyone who looks at the General category on KoopaTV is familiar with), but I actually agree with him. So does Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives.

For some reason, these people also got Newt Gingrich as a testimonial.

...Well, he's always been into this sort of thing. Mr. Gingrich is such an interesting figure that KoopaTV has produced a Newt Gingrich tribute that is completely inappropriate to embed into this article. Um, where was I...?

Right, so whether you want to produce professional-grade videogames like Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!! or make websites with appealing and interactive features like KoopaTV, you have to learn some sort of programming. It's around everything we and everyone else does. Do you want to be EMPOWERED or do you want to be a passive follower with no control over the world or your fate? Coding enables you to be the former.

Update 3/12/2016: We were asked to provide a resource for what coding language one should actually try to learn, since there's so many. That person provided this source. Looks informative. I can't make decisions for you, so figure it out yourself.

As of publishing, Ludwig himself hasn't done the Hour of Code, but he will in due time for he practices what he preaches. He happens to be busy doing other things like writing articles and checking out the new 3DS Miiverse. His NNID is PrinceOfKoopas!

Don't know coding? Nintendo Treehouse suggests you used a level maker like Super Mario Maker to get experience with design!
The Hour of Code started in 2013, but has continued for the subsequent years, including 2016 where world leader Justin Trudeau participated!
Being a programmer isn't a profession that gets you a lot of accolades.

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