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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What To Get For Christmas

By LUDWIG VON .KOOPA - Or any other time of the year.

Hey, I know Christmas Eve is the absolute worst time to shop. That doesn't stop Nintendo employees like Tom from advertising the Wii U over Miiverse. So here's KoopaTV's list for you. I already hinted at some of what'll be on the list here, but here's the whole thing. (It's not like you should expect hard-hitting commentary today or tomorrow anyway.)


Yes, that last one is called "regifting". KoopaTV is fine with it.

No one at KoopaTV actually celebrates Christmas. If you have ideas or you want to share your Christmas list, that's what the comments section is for.

Who will be giving out the Christmas gifts in 2013? Click here to find out. 


  1. I got something like this for the scavenger hunt: ZPT-RXBX-662-MTP

    1. Uh, you're missing a whole character. #10. (Before 6.)

      15 and 16 are wrong. Reread the clues.

    2. I knew I'd get something wrong, but not something missing...ZPT-RXBX-D662-SWP.


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