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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Super Nintendo World Osaka Opening Delayed Until Coronavirus Shoos

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This surprises no one.

Once upon a time, KoopaTV wrote a headline (and an article to go with it that maybe you should read), “Super Nintendo World Set to Open February 4, 2021”. A few weeks later, Nintendo's lead on the theme park, Shigeru Miyamoto, toured the area and trespassed on Lord Bowser's property. Everyone throughout the process was wondering how opening a theme park in the middle of (well, it's probably middle-end of) a global pandemic is a good idea, and the answer has been that Japan hasn't had it as bad as the rest of the world.

Back in April or so, Japan got headlines like, “What Japan Can Teach the World About the Pandemic” and “What Lies Behind Japan's Successful Management Of The Pandemic”. Nowadays, the headlines are “Why Japan, Once a COVID-19 Success Story, Faces the Prospect of a Dark, Deadly Winter” and “Japan hospitals slammed after underestimating third COVID wave”. The Japanese have gone from competent to complacent, and now they're all getting pwned by the Chinese Communist Party Virus.

As a result, Universal Studios Japan has announced that Super Nintendo World's opening has been postponed until sometime after the Osaka prefecture state of emergency has been lifted. (The ANNOUNCEMENT of when it'll be opened will be made after the state of emergency is lifted, as opposed to the opening happening right after.) Nintendo hasn't added much of anything to the discussion, though they did edit into that Shigeru Miyamoto tour video description,
“Important Notice
The grand opening of Super Nintendo World™ in Japan has been postponed.

The new grand opening date will be announced soon after Osaka prefecture's state of emergency has been lifted.”

There's also news reports saying that Japanese officials are looking for ways to cancel the Tokyo 2020 (2021) Olympic Games. The last time in 2020 that there were reports of unofficial rumblings that the Olympics would be postponed, I said to take these unofficial rumblings with a pound of salt. Then the Olympics got postponed to 2021. So it's hard to immediately claim this is untrustworthy fake news. The International Olympic Committee is still maintaining they'll be held starting July 23, 2021.

I'll be monitoring both Super Nintendo World and the Olympics very closely, especially since Team Koopa is supposed to be part of the latter, as are Team Mario and Team Sonic.

Ludwig is going to sort of talk more about Olympics-stuff on Friday. Stay tuned. Comment in the comments section whether or not you're surprised at this postponement occurring.

Before the rumours about the Olympics being cancelled, Ludwig already began trying to get back into shape for playing in the Olympics.
Super Nintendo World opened in mid-late March 2021.
The IOC was correct and the Tokyo 2021 Olympics started July 23, 2021 with the Opening Ceremony.

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