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Monday, November 30, 2020

Super Nintendo World Set to Open February 4, 2021

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Besides a date, we also have a preview.

Four years ago to the day, Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts (of which Universal Studios is a part) announced their collaboration for a Nintendo theme park, which we now know is Super Nintendo World. We haven't heard much official news ever since. To get an idea of how long ago that was, the first reader comment on the KoopaTV article from November 2016 was,
“I sure hope the Zika vaccine will be made and widely available by the time the Florida branch opens up.”

Of course, in 2020 and 2021, the concern is, “I hope the COVID-19 vaccine will be made and widely available by the time the Florida branch opens up.” Not that we know when the Florida branch will open up, but we do know the Osaka branch in Japan will open up February 4, 2021. The vaccine will be made and approved by then and even distributed to a few million people thanks to the historic medical and regulatory breakthroughs of Operation Warp Speed (as successfully coordinated by the President Donald John Trump administration... though much of the media isn't reporting about that because they wanted him to lose his re-election), though whether it's widely available or not depends on when the Florida branch will be built. The Florida branch in Orlando probably won't be done until after 2021, in which case you'll have the vaccine by then, though there may be another worldwide plague by then if the Chinese Communist Party lets it happen!

But just to answer the question, there is still no approved and widely available Zika vaccine after over four years, which makes the pace of Operation Warp Speed that much more phenomenal.

My opening paragraphs in an article that's supposed to be about this theme park are actually about pandemics and vaccines, and that's intentional. The first reaction anyone would have to the news is, “But what about the Chinese Communist Party Virus?” That coronavirus is why the theme park is coming out in 2021 and isn't out already (it was supposed to coincide with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which itself was delayed to 2021 because of the Chinese Communist Party Virus). People not only don't want to attend a public theme park during a pandemic, but construction workers also don't want to build during one, or at least not at full efficiency. That's why the non-Japan theme parks are unknown. Anyway, obviously, Universal and Nintendo have thought about the pandemic, and they promise everything will be cleaned. But what'll be there? Take a look:

Mario Kart won't be the only attraction there (there's a Mushroom Kingdom to explore), but that's what Bloomberg's reporter did the video on, so that's what we can sort of talk about. Those Mario Kart headset visor things are going to be sanitised (and presumably so will everything else) and social distancing will apparently be enforced, which probably means that four-player kart will only be a one-player kart for a while. It's important to note that the augmented reality headset visor doesn't appear to be made out of cardboard, which should make it much safer.

Super Nintendo World Mario Kart augmented reality headset theme park Universal Osaka Japan
I wouldn't want that thing on my head.
Screengrab from the above Bloomberg Quicktake.

The whole kart attraction takes place within a reconstruction of Bowser's Castle, so I suggest failing in whatever way you can, because humans shouldn't be poking around in there to begin with. However, if you don't intend on flying off to Japan, media reports state that the actual attractions will be different from city to city, so who knows what you'll see in Florida and in California. The news reports on the Japan location say the actual area is small, but Nintendo is expanding it with a “rumoured” Donkey Kong area. Yeah, there's still a lot of unknowns. (Hey, how much will the tickets cost?)

Ludwig will still never actually step foot into one of these theme parks. Why go into a manmade replica of the Mushroom Kingdom when he could just... walk around the real thing? Though he'll probably be swarmed by angry plumbers in the real Mushroom Kingdom, versus being swarmed by little kids looking for autographs and requests for being in a photograph with him on Earth. Neither of those are enjoyable. Do you think you'd find Super Nintendo World enjoyable in your capacity as an Earth human?

In December 2020, Shigeru Miyamoto takes everyone on a Nintendo-sponsored tour of the theme park for 15 minutes. KoopaTV had a live reaction.
JUST KIDDING, the virus has escalated in Japan, and the government has declared a state of emergency preventing the February 4 date from occurring.
BUT Super Nintendo World opened to the public on March 18, 2021.
Wait for February 2023 for an American launch.


  1. I probably won't find any theme park enjoyable at this point due to being responsible for both an infant and a preschooler.

    1. You probably won't find many other activities enjoyable by that logic.

  2. wooow that is sooo cool i think i will go to japan.


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