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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

(If you haven't already) Go Vote, Election 2020!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Not that you'll listen to me, but here's why you should.

You already know that KoopaTV supports the re-election of President Donald John Trump versus his main opponents Joe Biden and Jo Jorgensen. The reasons are there and they're good, valid, policy-based reasons. If you're a citizen of the United States of America and you haven't yet voted, today is your last opportunity to do so. Traditionally, the big majority of votes would come on Election Day, but this year, due to expanded early and mail-in voting, it'll probably be a minority of them. Make sure you're already registered.

If you don't know where to cast your ballot and what the valid hours of the day are, this is a non-partisan site where you put in your address and it tells you where to go, with an embedded map. You cannot vote online.

I've had several people over the years (including non-election years, and most years aren't election years) tell me that they feel uncomfortable reading KoopaTV because it's “too political” or something. Allegedly, politics doesn't affect them, and they don't care about it. (Yet they care enough to try to avoid a website that overtly discusses it only a few times a year... on average.) These people are most likely too stupid to “get” KoopaTV in the first place, but on the off-chance you're smart but genuinely misinformed, here's a list off the top of my head of what politics (through regulations, taxes, and legislation) affects and you can tell me if your own life is impacted:

  • The availability of employment in your area, along with the quality of wages and benefits
  • The food and drinks you're allowed to consume
  • The price of gas
  • The cleanliness of the water and the breathability of the air
  • The amount of money you get to keep before taxes take it
  • The financial sensibility of marriage, and whom you can be married to
  • The effort it take to start and run your own business (or other businesses you may be a customer of)
  • The nation having to fight irrelevant and endless regime-change wars on the other side of the planet...that you or your children may end up being drafted to fight
  • The probability you get to live through an encounter with the police
  • The ability to protect yourself, your family, and property... if you need to
  • How many times you need to change your clock every year
You may agree with a political party on some of these issues, but an opposing political party on other issues. Sometimes, a candidate may be different than their party's stereotype. Sometimes, your local or state political party's platform is pretty different than their national one. Voters have a responsibility to weigh things and make decisions. It might be a bit too late in the day for you to research the issues and make a proper decision, but... You should try!

One of the best parts about Koopa Kingdom is that we have an all-wise and benevolent ruler in King Bowser Koopa. His monarchy isn't challenged every four years. But apparently most of your human civilisation on Earth thinks voting on your rulers is the best way to go (and your past history of having monarchs don't have a good track record of being quality people). That leaves yourselves open to instability (and interference from foreign nations like Russia, China, and Koopa Kingdom).

But if you are gonna have such a fundamentally flawed system that has a number of consequences to your life, you might as well have your say in it.

By the way, your ballot has all kinds of other things besides the presidential election. There's other offices, as well as propositions/questions/amendments you can vote on that can be very interesting and may affect your local life far more than the politicians in office. It's worth checking out.

One last point: Politics is meaningful and has a lot of impact, but it's not the ONLY thing. Your own life success depends primarily on your personal initiative and responsibility. Still, where you live (and the political decisions made during and prior to your existence) has that impact, and you should exercise your control so it goes to your advantage.

If you're gonna vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, stay home. ...That might go against the tone of the whole article, but it's the honest thought of the author.

It may be fun to compare this to the Election Day 2016 article.
The election? Well, it didn't go well for the Trump campaign...
...And Joe Biden is the next president.
Ludwig calls for Republicans to win in Election Day 2022.


  1. I voted early last Friday. In 2016, I voted for the Libertarian candidate as I was not thrilled about either main party candidate. This year, however, I voted for President Trump. While I do not particularly like every policy he has made or the way he acts, I must admit he is much better than the way he is portrayed in the media. The main thing that pushed me towards voting for him is policy of moving forward past the pandemic. Biden has stated multiple times that he wants to continue lockdowns which would only cause much more devastation to the economy and lead to millions losing their jobs and possibly lives as their mental health declines. He refuses to listen to the experts that go against his view, such as all of those that signed the Great Barrington Declaration. If you want to keep America closed, vote for Joe Biden. If you want America open for business, then vote for Donald Trump.

    1. I want more people to look past "I don't like the candidate's personality" and get to actual policy issues.

      The mainstream media's portrayal is a massive problem and it's very disassociated with reality.

  2. "If you're gonna vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, stay home. ...That might go against the tone of the whole article, but it's the honest thought of the author."

    Is this voter suppression?

    1. No, because I'm not physically preventing you from voting.

      That said, if more people took my advice, I'd be feeling better this morning!

  3. Replies
    1. Well, it's too late to vote!

      ...So thanks for not trying to send a ballot today that's postmarked yesterday or something.


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