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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

United States of America: Vote in Election Day 2022!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - KoopaTV's endorsements!

Last month, I wrote very in-depth write-ups of two United States Senate debates, the only debate of their kind in that race: Raphael Warnock the Warlock versus Herschel Walker for Georgia Senate, and John Omega Fetterman versus Professor Mehmet Oz for Pennsylvania Senate.

Today, November 8, 2022, you get to vote for those candidates... or an entirely different set of candidates (or questions/ballot initiatives/propositions) if you're in other states. Usually, my perspective on United States elections is supporting whomever the peace/anti-war party/candidates are, on the basis that Koopa Kingdom really doesn't want Earth's nations to interfere in our affairs.

It's a fact that, in 2022, the Democrat Party is the pro-war party. Even the supposedly peaceful progressive faction had to apologise for wanting advocate a policy of peaceful negotiation. Unfortunately, the Republican Party isn't the peace party in 2022, either. Perhaps the... less-war party? They're quite interested in “showing strength” to who they perceive as dictators, whatever that means. Certainly not something I'd want them to do with King Bowser Koopa.

My ideal scenario would be for the Republicans to take control of both the House and the Senate... while Raphael Warnock the Warlock wins in Georgia. That'd require Professor Oz to win in Pennsylvania and for the Republicans to pick up a Senate seat from an incumbent Democrat somewhere else, such as if Adam Laxalt defeats incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada. Republicans should be voted on for governor everywhere except maybe in Pennsylvania. I think it's really funny for me to support Raphael Warnock the Warlock and Brian Kemp in Georgia while supporting Prof. Oz and Josh Shapiro in Pennsylvania. Though it's hard to support the latter with a straight face because Josh Shapiro has very few appealing policies. Josh Shapiro also refused to have a debate with Republican Doug Mastriano, which I don't look favourably at. However, you can also read that story as Mastriano refusing to have a debate with Shapiro because he thinks the moderators are biased. Doug Mastriano is a bit of an off-putting nutjob, so I won't judge you for not wanting to vote for him.

Don't vote if you haven't looked into candidates or ballot questions before going to the voting booth, though. Uneducated voters are a scourge on voting, and it's a big reason why we don't do elections in Koopa Kingdom.

Do Republicans actually have plans to tackle problems like crime, inflation, and a looming recession? Most don't, or don't have plans that make sense. That's still better than what the other party brings, though!

For a list of reasons to vote and what politics affects, read KoopaTV's Election Day 2020 article.
Ludwig doesn't want Herschel Walker to win so much that he wrote an article just about the Georgia US Senate run-off election.


  1. Conservative media be like the red wave is coming. I know loads of religious folks are on the red side and believe chickens came before eggs but that does not mean they should count their chickens before they hatch.

    1. Turns out conservative media was FAKE NEWS and their pro-Republican polls were fake too.

  2. I am very surprised that Fetterman won, but i mean if it's true what they're saying about a dead guy also winning in Pennsylvania. Then i guess i really shouldn't be too surprised. I won't be so rude as to suggest that i know every single person on the ballot, i certainly don't know the comptroller. But whoever types up the ballot should be checking it to make sure all of the people on it are of the mortal realm.

    1. When the ballot was typed up, Tony DeLuca was still alive. That's one disadvantage of early voting and mail-in ballots; when people die right before election day but were still alive leading up to that, it's too late to swap people.

      Since that Democrat's only opponent was a Green Party candidate, it seems those voters would rather have a special election than just automatically let the Green Party person win.

  3. media everything was fake Ludwig Von Koopa? wow.

  4. green party canidie?


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