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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

KoopaTV's October 2022 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - An epic battle to be in the family. What will the holiday round look like?

I think October 2022 was a great month on KoopaTV. A great month for the world. The universe. ...Far from a perfect month, of course. Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope came out. That makes me feel angry inside and out, and I purposefully never wrote about it in the month so I can not get an aneurysm. Maybe I should get one of those in November instead.

In terms of KoopaTV's contribution to October, let's see what went on at this website during October 2022:

Top Five Recommended Experiences of October 2022

KoopaTV had strong and engaging content published during October 2022. Here's me trying to narrow that down to just five articles, listed in chronological order (I might have some recency bias in these):
  1. Sukkot-Celebrating Sirfetch'd Secured Four Species — Did you ever associate the Pokémon Sirfetch'd with the Jewish religion? After reading this article, you'll learn something new about Jewish lore and how Sirfetch'd follows it. (Features an illustration by ShinyGirafarig.)
  2. Hellena Taylor Wants You to Boycott Bayonetta 3 Because of her Personal Problem — Hellena Taylor sure was a hot topic in October, and KoopaTV was ahead of the curve on not trusting what she had to say.
  3. Why People Don't Like Fandom Wikis — The Fandom corporation is trying to take over everything (except KoopaTV... so far). This article goes into detail on why that's a bad thing.
  4. HARVESTELLA Demo First Impressions — Long-time commenter and first-time guest author Lheticus Videre wrote his first impressions on the HARVESTELLA demo here! They're nicely written.
  5. Mehmet Oz vs. John Fetterman: October 25, 2022 Debate Write-up — Prof. Oz and Omega Fetterman verbally duke it out in their only debate for the sake of a Pennsylvanian United States Senate seat...and I was shocked at how it went. Very important if you're in Pennsylvania.

Every experience on KoopaTV is worth experiencing. ...Yeah, that's redundant. Every experience on KoopaTV is worth your attention! Not just the five in the list above. I'd give examples, but that's cheating. Two of the articles on the list have an in-month sequel or an in-month prequel that are also important to read.

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of October 2022

Thank you all for the high number of comments on KoopaTV in October 2022! It pleases me to have discussions here. Many were infused with KoopaTV's values of truth and levity. Here are the top three I picked:
  1. “I remember thinking this was a little sus when I first discovered it, yeah. Over time I basically put it out of my mind because there weren't really occasions when I needed to turn it off as opposed to putting it in sleep mode.

    But it does give slight "the machines are making it harder for us to turn them off in preparation for the robot uprising" vibe.” — Lheticus Videre
  2. “"It's gonna be a dark winter" Every time i heard the word dark I'm reminded of that line. It's depressing, but sickeningly funny to me. However, with all the talks of nuclear action recently, it's started to be less 'funny'.

    Hershel Walker looks younger here than he has any other time I've seen him speak. No real thoughts on this debate, it is what it is. Of course if RWtW loses, then Koopatv won't get to write about him anymore. I doubt he'd be one of the out of office vocals. Isn't it strange how we have 100 members of the senate, 435 members of the House, and yet the vast majority of the public really only knows the same 20 politicians? Being loud may be annoying, but it'll get you far.” — Captain Stitch
  3. “"Dunno why people give them affectionate names like “doggo” and consider them members of the family. It's awful!"

    Dogs appeal to two different kinds of people. Those who like a feeling of control and those who like something to nurture.

    Dogs can be trained to be obedient but there is always a chance of them snapping. An owner can feel powerful making a potentially vicious animal be under control.

    Dogs basically are wolves who can never fully mature into adult wolves and are mentally wolf puppies. So they can act comparatively like human children. Owners who do not like human children but still need the feel to nurture can find dogs appealing.” — ShinyGirafarig
There were many interesting comments in October 2022, so it was hard to pick three. But I wanted to feature these three above! As for why? Well, Lhetics Videre's robot uprising vibe that he (slightly) got from the Nintendo Switch being designed to be difficult to power off strikes a chord with how that's not an isolated incident with Nintendo-affiliated products. This really should be its own article (and it was going to at one point), but I once very briefly mentioned the Bluetooth connectivity in the LEGO Super Mario figure. He actually gets FIRMWARE UPDATES, despite being a LEGO (you'd think that's a very mechanical thing), and before the LEGO Luigi set was announced, started calling for his brother. You know, all of a sudden. Definitely scary and preparing for a robot uprising. They're conspiring little foot soldiers out to get you. Certainly out to get ME.

As for the dark winter, presidential candidate Joe Biden was convinced that the winter of 2020–2021 would be a dark winter, and falsely peddled the idea of 200,000 Americans dying due to the Chinese Communist Party Virus as a result of that dark winter. Despite being wrong on that, he continued on the dark winter theme during his inauguration speech. Now it's the start of November 2022, and you gotta wonder if there'll be an upcoming dark winter ahead. Not because of disease, but because of scary economic and crime-focused factors. Or maybe it'll be literally dark, because the price and supply of energy will be so prohibitive that Americans won't be able to keep their heat (or lights) on in the winter. As for the election... stay tuned for Election Day for KoopaTV's official endorsements. (Which means don't go vote before Election Day.)

I also thought ShinyGirafarig had some very perceptive comments. You might be able to remember that the dog owners tried to cheat in the Super Pet Contest. There's gotta be something psychologically nuts with them to do that, in a way you don't see with cat owners. And she's right that trained dogs still have an inner feral soul to them that just wants to lunge and chomp on things. Greavard is pretty much just the soul of a dog, given that it's a Ghost-type. It's pure evil.

Here's the worst comment from October 2022... and it's atrocious, perhaps more than Greavard or LEGO Super Mario suddenly rising up moaning about Luigi:
  1. “ur gay as hell stfu” — Anonymous
You might be wondering what I said to get a comment like this. In fact, it wasn't in response to me. It was in response to Vortexica, a former KoopaTV staffer who hasn't been seen in over four and a half years after mysteriously disappearing. And Vortexica was writing in support of the turtle species, which we like a lot on KoopaTV. So there are several layers to me being very irritated at this unsolicited personal attack in the comments section telling a deceased staffer who hasn't had the chance to speak in many years to “stfu”, and despite several other bad-quality comments made on KoopaTV in October 2022, this one (or its twin from the same commenter in the same article, “Dumbass bitch”), is the worst. I also don't think hell is gay, so it's not just offensive, but also wrong and ignorant. (And I hope Vortexica isn't in hell.)

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 46 RESULTS!

A prolific KoopaTV commenter once (...less than two weeks ago) wrote, “Now all I have to do is actually win. Which involves not having someone come out of nowhere with a bajillion points in the 2nd half of a Rewards Program season like the last time I thought I was gonna win. So uh, don't do that, guys! XD Especially you, Captain Stitch!” Unfortunately for Lheticus Videre, try as he might, he couldn't stop Captain Stitch's bajillion point attempts. (And shout-out to me for keeping the leaderboard spreadsheet up-to-date throughout the month.)
  1. Captain Stitch — 105 points — Gets to stay in KoopaTV's Nintendo Switch Online Family Group for another year
  2. Lheticus Videre — 100 points
  3. ShinyGirafarig — 28 points
  4. Samantha Lienhard — 23 points
Captain Stitch submitted a guest article mere hours before October 31 ended, so he got over the top with that. There are no caps or frequency limits on how many guest articles you can submit in a given time period, since it's difficult to turn down free content. (Though we have done so.) As for the Family Group, it may be upgraded (as an additional benefit to Captain Stitch... and more importantly, to KoopaTV's staffers) to the Expansion Pack any day now, per our earlier discussion about how we want to play classic Mario Party together.

Announcing KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 47!

If Lheticus Videre and Captain Stitch went back-and-forth competing for a spot in KoopaTV's Family Group, I wonder how much activity we'll get from them (and you... if you're reading this and aren't either one of those two) for the biggest KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program round of 2022? Check out Round 47!
  1. $25 VISA gift debit card number and security code
  2. $20 Nintendo eShop gift card code
  3. $10 Amazon gift card code
IN ADDITION, for the only time in the year, there will be a luck-based random drawing (raffle) of an additional $10 Nintendo eShop gift card code that anyone can win with as low as one point. ...Though you'll have a higher chance to win the more points you earn. Round 47 lasts from the start of November 1 to the end of December 31, 2022.

I'm assuming the VISA gift debit card number and security code is, uh, do-able and legal.

KoopaTV Feedback Form Part XXXIX and KoopaTV Quiz Part XXXIX Now Available!

I... really hope I got these Roman numerals correct. We're done with Part 38, so now we're at Part 39 of KoopaTV's Feedback Form and Quiz series. So XXXIX is correct, yes? There are a lot of Xs there. Anyway, click the link here and follow the sections that say current.

Corrections Corner; October 2022

Despite multiple, desperate attempts from Captain Stitch to point out problems in KoopaTV articles for the sole purpose of trying to be recognised in the Corrections Corner and get points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program for doing so, those things were fundamentally his own problems and not anything wrong with KoopaTV's content during October 2022, so I'm not counting them or legitimising them. I suspect since he won Round 46 anyway, he won't have any extended litigation with that.

Share KoopaTV to your pals! Please? The site would appreciate it. It takes a lot of work to consistently deliver great content, and KoopaTV wishes to continue to do so for the rest of 2022!

Last month's newsletter is here... September 2022! Captain Stitch really made a comeback compared to the mid-round leaderboard.
Next month's November 2022 newsletter may be found here.
You may also click this link for last year's October 2021 newsletter.


  1. Dude, seriously? Dude, really? I was desperate for this!

    1. So was Captain Stitch! Perhaps even moreso.

      I'm curious what drove you to try very hard on this year's Family Group membership as opposed to any other year it's been available. Wot's special now?

    2. My membership expires/renews NEXT MONTH. And I've recently started a new job, which has brought my financial situation to stability...but only just. Winning this would have meant saving $50 at a time when it would have been EXTREMELY helpful.

    3. Well, Captain Stitch posted a response in this comments section. Sorta.

      I'm hoping you can more easily afford a basic Nintendo Switch Online subscription. You don't even have to buy that for a whole year, just wotever you need 'til you feel more stable.

    4. I mean, I can afford it, but it would have been very helpful if I didn't have to. And I gotta have the expansion--I can't do without the N64 games.

    5. Heh, ya clearly think higher of the N64 games than I do.

      Hopefully you go win something (or multiple somethings) in Round 47.

    6. I mean, as long as there's a prize for 2nd place I have a chance to win something, sure. <_<

    7. Well... you can see from the newsletter that there is.

  2. "And she's right that trained dogs still have an inner feral soul to them that just wants to lunge and chomp on things."

    Got a book by Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin called The Torah Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom Volume One: Chayot/Wild Animals that says on page 41:

    "The Mishna itself records a dispute regarding whether certain animals - the dog and the 'wild ox' (probably referring to the aurochs) are classified as wild or domesticated."

    On page 42:

    "Dogs are the descendants of wolves. But is the dog a truly domesticated animal, or is it merely a tractable wild animal? the answer to these questions are unclear, and hence form a dispute in the Mishna."

    I see you have the answer to their dispute.

    1. Thanks for sharing more Jewish lore. And yeah, I'm pretty firm in my belief it's a tractable wild animal. Though I disagree with putting the ox in the same sentence as the dog.

  3. Huzzah! I salute Lheticus Videre's efforts, for they were a worthy opponent who kept me on my toes this entire round. 1st and second place prizes for the next round are very appealing to me, so i won't go too crazy. Unless a third party decides to go ham, then i will too. Am I the KoopaTV villain?

    I laughed out loud reading the corrections corner, not because i thought certain word choices exponentially heightened the humor, but because the next newsletter will be filled with the heinous mistakes that will be pointed out and swiftly corrected by yours truly. Even if i have to point out my own mistakes...

    I really enjoyed that Jewish bird article, i thought it was quite charming in it's creativity so i look forward to more of that. Creativity, not Jewish birds. Of course since i wrote a Halloween article i suppose i should try to come up with some other holiday themed pieces of propaganda, for the children y'know.

    1. The KoopaTV villain would probably have plumber as their occupation.

      One of the first rules I made with the Correction Corner is that they don't apply to guest articles. I'd appreciate your submissions a bit more if they weren't riddled with typos and errors. You gotta capitalise the main character's name!

      Thanks, I enjoyed writing it and ShinyGirafarig's artwork too.

  4. Could've sworn there was once 12 comments here, not counting mine. Hmmmmmmm

    1. Yeah, Blogger is semi-regularly marking comments as spam after the fact, and they're almost always... mine.


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