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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Pokémon's Super Pet Contest: Who to vote for, and following the rules

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I have some unused votes, you know...

In order to build up some kind of excitement around Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl without actually talking about the game itself, The Pokémon Company International two weeks ago opened up the Pokémon Presents Super Pet Contest, where people submit their pets (or “bestie”) to three categories inspired by Sinnoh's Super Contests. To enter the contest, pick one of three categories (Clever—for talented or genius animals; Cool—for stylistic animals or Cute—for being adorable... omitting Tough and Beauty from what Sinnoh has), upload your photo and make sure it follows the guidelines (although the Terms and Conditions call them Rules and not mere guidelines), fill out a form with your information and your pet's information, and acknowledge that only residents of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France can win a prize. (Prizes include a copy of Pokémon Shining Pearl, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, a plushie, and a Nintendo Switch Lite Dialga & Palkia Edition.)

You can only have one pet per photo (no humans allowed, and no human pets either), the photos should avoid doxxing anyone and avoid obscene things or portray danger to the pet, as well as not having pets resemble Pokémon characters or any other branding. If you happened to have named your pet after a Pokémon, that is also ineligible. You are allegedly only allowed to enter one photo per pet. Photos are vetted by contest admins before they can appear on the site, but they obviously don't do a good job.

Pokémon Super Contest repeat entries Remington Remmy Remy dog
Perhaps the admins believe that Remy, Remmy, and Remington are all different animals?
And Dinah & Reagan are conjoined twins and are one animal?

Anyway, people can vote for their favourite entrants, and get up to 10 votes per day. Here are the pets that I'm personally voting for:

Pokémon Super Pet Contest Buster Rose Koopa Leche Shellbe Spot Pepper Jack Sylvia cows

The contest won't be solely decided by popular vote, however. There's a sort of electoral college at play where, after November 8, a judging panel will take the top 20 voted photos in each category and will curate the list to be the top 10. Then, some human celebrity I've never heard of, Michelle Visage, will decide which photos win. I guess she chooses the top 4 out of those top 10 per category, and therefore 12 winners will be selected. Her criteria will be animal diversity, regional representation, composition, content, originality, technical quality, and visual impact.

Basically... it means whatever they want, I guess. It's probably not as transparent as, say, the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program contest. I wonder what the diversity and representation bits are about. Is that referring to things like clever Sylvia using Pay Day and having a certain country's currency in the photo, or is it referring to how they won't want the Americans winning all of the prizes? And maybe they'll do affirmative action and have non-cats and dogs win things? I'd selfishly be happy with that outcome, but I also think that Buster and Rose are far cuter than any dog (although that isn't saying much, besides perhaps for Missile), while Shellbe, Spot, and Pepper Jack are way cooler than the coolest cat. They don't need an affirmative action program!

In the interest of partial disclosure, Sylvia is owned by a KoopaTV reader, but Ludwig thinks she is quite clever regardless. What do you think of this contest? Have you entered? Does Ludwig have good taste in animal design? Sound off in the comments section, and you can be entered into KoopaTV's own contest series, the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program!

KoopaTV firmly believes that The Wonderful 1237 is the best thing ever inspired by Sinnoh's Super Contests.
The finalists have been decided... but none of Ludwig's choices were selected.


  1. Even though I know this won't be likely at all, if I get into the next round somehow I will agree to a private SSBU battle with Ludwig von Koopa. I probably will be wrecked though knowing I did not play for about two years. I currently have the game archived.

    The repeat pet pictures and the multiple pets in a picture is starting to annoy me. If somehow any pet submission that did this gets to the next round I would be really peeved.

    1. So far yes. My switch had problems reading off an SD disc and I have to rely on the system's limited memory. I need to keep archiving and redownloading games.

    2. Perhaps similarly, my DLC update data in Smash got CORRUPTED and I had to... redownload that, too. SD card's fault too, probably.

  2. No fish or birds? I’m surprised.

    You don’t know Michelle Visage?? They’re like the next big thing since Rufus King!

    1. I actually haven't seen any fish photos at all. I don't believe I've seen birds either.


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