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Friday, December 23, 2016

Breaking! The Wonderful 1237 Is Released: Play it Right Here!

By ROXY - The Wonderful 1237 is a game-changer. Experience it for yourself exclusively on KoopaTV!

This is Roxy, with KoopaTV! Development of The Wonderful 1237 has just closed, and we have all of the results!

What is The Wonderful 1237, you may ask? It's KoopaTV's exclusive flash-based keyboard-and-mouse video game released for 2016, based on the 2015–2016 Republican presidential primaries. The Wonderful 1237 can be described as a satirical strategy simulation game, but it's so much more than that.

If you were unhappy with the Republican nominee for president who ultimately won the general election, or you're interested in a light strategy game that not only pokes fun at the real-life process but is also a deep critique at every level, The Wonderful 1237 may be your kind of experience!

We have it embedded immediately below, exclusively on 

If you're having performance issues, close other programs and background things you may have open, and play the game at this hyperlink. It's a rather hefty file size.

The game's beta-testers, Vortexica and RawkHawk2010, believe that the current release (as of December 23) is in fact an “early access” and that KoopaTV disclaims responsibility for launching a bug-free product. They apologize for any problems, and if you find any, you're asked to tell KoopaTV's development team.

The Wonderful 1237 title screen splash
The title screen.

Mr. Ludwig Von Koopa, the game's developer and KoopaTV's chief, will have a lot more to write about The Wonderful 1237 in the coming months, and KoopaTV will be dedicating quite a lot of article space to it. Relevant articles will be added to the bottom of this one.

The Wonderful 1237 pits you and your eccentric campaign manager up against 17 other Republican candidates as you tour through the United States. You'll raise funds, hold rallies, broadcast negative advertisements, conduct polls, and try to earn the endorsements of dropped out rivals to have their delegates pledge allegiance towards you. If you have 1237 delegates by the end, you win!

The game is inspired by KoopaTV's coverage of the Republican primaries, taking KoopaTV's Super Contest/Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum-inspired twist to the primaries to the next level. KoopaTV's scoring of the Republican candidates according to this Super Contest system directly fed into The Wonderful 1237.

The Wonderful 1237 Sergei Goldwitz prologue dialogue the people want a candidate that is beautiful cool cute smart tough
Every candidate has their own Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart, and Tough stats, and they grow.

According to Ludwig, the game's pacing and flowchart of events was consciously inspired by the Nintendo 3DS game Pocket Card Jockey. Ludwig has stated he admires the little-known game's handling of hidden information, its sequencing, and more—to be discussed in a future article.

The Wonderful 1237 Action Menu user interface Round 4 New Hampshire
The Action Menu of The Wonderful 1237.
You need to manage your number of actions per round, and your money!

In The Wonderful 1237, the endorsements from fallen rivals take the form of exciting and unique minigames — one unique minigame for each opposing candidate, for 17 minigames total! Each candidate also has a slew of voice-acting and graphics associated for them, making The Wonderful 1237 a truly ambitious project. There is too much content to be able to experience it all in one playthrough, or perhaps even two. Multiple strategies are viable to achieve success in The Wonderful 1237, and no single playthrough is ever the same!

KoopaTV hopes you enjoy playing The Wonderful 1237.

Click here for The Wonderful 1237's advertisement video. It's a 30-second trailer. It's awesome.

KoopaTV is renewing its push for The Wonderful 1237 by tying it into Presidents Day 2017.

The Wonderful 1237 Analysis Articles

Much more about Pocket Card Jockey's own game mechanics can be found here. It's a starting point to explain many of The Wonderful 1237's own design decisions.

The Wonderful 1237 takes the horse-racing from Pocket Card Jockey and connects it to the political journalism metaphor of horse race politics.

The way The Wonderful 1237 works, mechanically, illustrates things you can learn about the electoral process.

This article describes the inspiration and process for making the seventeen endorsement minigames in The Wonderful 1237.

The Wonderful 1237 Voice-Acting/Sound Effects Compilation Video

It's teased here in a discussion about how the voice-acting adds to the game.

Listen to the compilation video for The Wonderful 1237 here!

Not a video, but a soundboard of the negative advertisements you can do, plus brand-new ones made specifically for the soundboard!

The Wonderful 1237 Strategy Guides

Donald Trump — Mini-Golf
Ted Cruz — Rifle Bacon
Marco Rubio — Water Fuel Fill
John Kasich — Table Manners
Ben Carson — Surgical Bisection
Jeb Bush — Slow and Steady
Chris Christie — Build a Burger
Carly Fiorina — Adoring Two Girls
Rick Santorum — The Most Stressed
Rick Perry — Department Elimination Memory
Rand Paul — Chainsaw the Tax Code
Mike Huckabee — Bass Guitar Tuning
George Pataki — Urban Jungle
Bobby Jindal — Math Problems
Lindsey Graham — Follow the Leader
Scott Walker — Maze Escape
Jim Gilmore — Jim Gilmore's Break-Out!!

If you would like to interview anyone involved in the project, please e-mail info(at)

If you have any questions about The Wonderful 1237, would like the file downloaded to your computer (the best way, processing/performance-wise, to play the game), or would like to discuss the many layers of satire and thought associated with the game, you're free to do so in the comments section here or in the comments sections of the many future articles KoopaTV's staff will put together about the game. Or, in the case of downloading, inside the editor.

If you are interested in KoopaTV's other video games, you're invited to check them all out on this page.
The Wonderful 1237 was nominated for, and then subsequently won, Best PC Game of 2016. 
Click here for a write-up of all of the coverage for The Wonderful 1237 on the site.


  1. I lost, but was getting pretty close there! 48.1 percent, I think, when I lost.

    Not bad, considering!

    The tutorial doesn't let you continue on to the main game, and the controls for the clicky water thing were confusing to me. The whole overlapping text thing was a little bit weird at first, too.

    Now the good stuff. I can see that Pokémon is a recurring theme in these games of yours. I was entertained by the little "dance," so to speak, that your character does when they're rallying. And the writing was entertaining enough. ^^

    1. Well, the percents don't matter; the delegate count does!

      Uhhh the tutorial should directly bring you to Round 2. Maybe a little too direct, but it's definitely programmed to do that. Like, automatically without your consent. I just played it on the embed above and it definitely drags you to Round 2.

      Rubio's is the hardest the minigames get. They're definitely not difficulty-balanced, and since they all test different things, they can't be. But his is also the most complicated. I'll talk more about it when I write the strategy guides (each minigame/candidate will get its own guide!), but I've always found water displacement puzzles to be the hardest puzzles ever, besides sliding ones (which are NOT in this game).

      So I never wanted a given game series to be a recurring theme more than once for KoopaTV's games, but here we are. I still think it takes more inspiration from Pocket Card Jockey than Pokémon.

    2. Oh, I must have just missed that with the tutorial, then. Good to know.

      Oh yeah, the guides. I guess I may return back to The Wonderful 1237 once those are out.

      I haven't played Pocket Card Jockey, so that's probably why I don't notice the similarities there.

      So yeah! It was a interesting game, the dialogue was good, sorry for forgetting to mention that. The little level up jingle was memorable (IDK).

    3. You just need to wait a few seconds after the negative ad ends and woosh Round 2.

      Part of the wonder of discovering a new game with new mechanics is working out how to go through it by yourseeeelf.

      Everyone should play Pocket Card Jockey.

      The level-up jingle is from DPPt, so compliment Game Freak for that. :o
      Thanks for appreciating the dialogue. It probably is the strongest part of the game, which makes sense since I'm a writer before a game designer. (...and programmer.)


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