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Thursday, December 1, 2016

KoopaTV's November 2016 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Inside: A new mini-contest where you can win a $10 Nintendo eShop code!

Eh, I dunno how it's December already. Weird.

Even if the month of November just disappeared, it was really important. So, first headline in our November review:

Hillary Clinton Lost, So KoopaTV Continues

The first headline in last month's review newsletter was that if Hillary Clinton became president, KoopaTV would end. Thanks to YOU, she failed in her ambitions. As long as this idiotic recount thing fronted by Jill Stein doesn't yield any election-overturning results, we're clear! Yay!

Top 5 Recommended Articles of November 2016

Every KoopaTV article is worth reading, and November was this interesting flurry of unplanned content that we had to cover. This put us into some very interesting situations, so here's our top five articles for you to read in chronological order:
  1. Five Women We'd Rather Have As President Than Hillary Clinton
  2. Donald Trump - The Miracle Never Happen
  3. Nintendo Swapdoodle — The Swapnote Revival!
  4. Trump Transition Team Considering Reggie Fils-Aime?!
  5. How To Be A Good Consumer of Media

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 11 Mid-Round Leaderboard

You're all fighting for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program prizes contained in the following video! Well, your quarrels are only... halfway done, for we are only at the mid-round.

Here are the standings, as of publishing:
  1. ShinyGirafarig — 61 points
  2. Kody B. — 49 points
  3. Ray — 35 points
  4. Nandin Lopez — 24 points
  5. Samantha Lienhard — 19 points
Don't forget the particular details about this round. Along with there being $20 in Amazon money for first place, $10 in Amazon money for second place, and a $10 eShop code for third place, a weighted random number generator will decide who wins an additional $10 eShop code!

Speaking of generous eShop code giveaways, Rawk is bringing you a mini-contest. But first, some background:

Rawk's YouTube Channel Shut Down. CONTEST To Revive It!

If you remember half a year ago, RawkHawk2010 was gone for eight months and suddenly came back, telling us a story about how his ethnic dance troupe he eloped with were slaughtered by Hillary-supporting illegals, who likely were partly responsible for Hillary's popular vote win for this recent election.

He said he would Make Koopa TV Again. Unfortunately, his YouTube channel got closed. It was reportedly ransacked by Hillary supporters in retaliation for Rawk uploading several pro-Trump artistic works to the Internet. Hillary may have lost, and she may have bashed Trump during the debates for even the idea of not accepting the results of the election, but her supporters are... not accepting the results of the election. How could their queen not win?! So, they're going after us.

Yes, I said us. Why do you think my Miiverse account was targeted and is currently banned? Most of the offending posts were — you guessed it — political. It's a conspiracy to shut us up! With me not having my Miiverse account, and Rawk not having his YouTube channel, it hampers our respective messages and artistic outlets.

Fortunately, Rawk has back-ups for many (but not all) of his prolific YouTube content over the past few years, including videos made for KoopaTV. He has created a new channel and is reuploading his content on the down-low. Unfortunately, we've shared his video content on his site through embedding it, and all of those embeds are now broken because they're from his old channel.

What to do, what to do? Well, since we have such an AWESOME readership base, and because we're such incredibly generous people, we have a mini-contest idea:

Send KoopaTV A List of Broken Video Embeds! The Biggest List Wins an eShop Code!

We call this contest: KoopaWatch!

Between now and December 24 11:59 PM Eastern time, we'll be accepting lists of articles with broken video embeds. That means, you go to the article and try to access the video, but you won't be able to watch it for whatever reason. We don't like those on our site for obvious reasons. E-mail info(@) with your list of KoopaTV urls to win a Nintendo $10 eShop code! Some rules:

  1. Valid articles are those with broken embeds, regardless of who the video uploader was (so more than just Rawk's).
  2. The embedded video in the Defending Kill the F*****? article does not count.
  3. We'll accept the last list you send if you send more than one.
  4. We won't be restoring video embeds pointed out by the lists until after December 24.
  5. The person who wins the $10 eShop code is the person who lists the most valid articles.
We're accepting lists via e-mail because I'm sure you don't want your entries made public. You're directly competing against one another!

If you have any questions, the comments section or our e-mail is at your disposal.

KoopaTV Is Always Hiring

We didn't advertise our request for more staff members in the last newsletter since we thought we'd be closing the site, but since our future is now limitless, we would like more staff members. More staff means more expansion! (...Unless you join and don't do anything. Don't apply if that's your plan.)

For more information on joining KoopaTV's staff, click here.

Please share KoopaTV to your friends! And to other people. KoopaTV was going to have bigger November plans, but unexpected things happened, so that's being delayed to December. That's this month! Stay tuned.

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The winner of the KoopaWatch mini-contest is revealed here.


  1. I'm going to send the longest list possible. By the time you finish it, there will be no broken video embeds remaining anywhere on the site.

  2. Just sent a list which includes videos that either have been blocked by copyright holder and error occurring videos. If these two don't count then just ignore them)

    1. Oh, those totally count.

      I don't think WE can FIX some of those, but they count.

  3. Oooh. Bribing people to help improve your site.

    Scrounging around to find those links sounds tempting, but I think I'll wait until after finals. I'll set a reminder.

    1. We prefer to call it "crowdsourcing".

      We wanted to use the same concept to get our TV Tropes page filled up, too, but that hasn't worked.

    2. Evidently. Which may even be a good thing. :P

      Who knows what kind of things people would write about you on TV Tropes if unfettered by lack of motivation?

    3. I'd rather have stuff written about us on TV Tropes written by other people, than what we have now where all the contributors are from KoopaTV.


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