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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Wonderful 1237's Advertisement Video!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The trailer for THE game to close out the 2015–2016 presidential season.

Go play The Wonderful 1237. That's the message I want you all to get from... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

The official advertisement video for The Wonderful 1237! It's made from the game engine (meaning, Scratch's Record Video feature). It's the real graphics!

Sure, Bravura Blaze, Donald Trump, and Sergei Goldwitz never appear on-screen all at once like they do in the thumbnail (which is a great thumbnail), but the graphics are real even if the scenario isn't. 

Video script:

Recall that seventeen Republicans ran for their party's nomination.
Contentious contest; divisive result.

What's one more candidate to add to the mix? It's time for YOU to enter and remake history, and win at least 1237 delegates!

Run your campaign the way YOU want to! Fund-raise with donors! Hold rallies in primary states! Trash your opponents with negative ads!
Earn drop-outs' endorsements with seventeen unique minigames!

The Wonderful 1237!

Made by KoopaTV dot org!

Just to get it through your heads: The Wonderful 1237 is a very big deal for KoopaTV. Speaking of videos, anticipate some KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program stuff relating to The Wonderful 1237 when Round 12 starts. Get the most out of Round 11 before it ends at the end of this week! Also, there is now a fledgling entry for The Wonderful 1237 on TV Tropes.


  1. Hillary was close to becoming the president, but he failed short in the final round. He would have gotten the nomination if were not for that meddling electoral college system!

    1. Wait, when'd it become canon that Hillary's a dude?

    2. Is this song considered canon?

    3. Only if you can prove Hillary has chest hair.


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