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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Almost-Christmas Murder Cases Stun Los Angeles!

By ROXY - Perfect prosecutor is the culprit of a 15-year old case?!?

(LOS ANGELES, California) The entire legal world is reeling today after an explosive three-day trial in the Los Angeles District Court Courtroom Number 3 that covered and resolved two cases. The Defense Attorney, Mr. Phoenix Wright, is a rookie who only otherwise had three trials under his belt. The defendant in both cases was controversy-mired prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, and the prosecutor was Manfred von Karma, a prosecutor with a forty-year long perfect win streak.

Miles Edgeworth was accused of murdering former defense attorney Robert Hammond, the presiding defense attorney over the 15-year-old DL-6 Incident, which had Mr. Edgeworth's own father, defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth, as the victim. The DL-6 Incident, up til today, was unresolved; court bailiff Yanni Yogi, the suspect in that incident, was judged Not Guilty due to temporary insanity.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth Robert Hammond Turnabout Goodbyes boat jacket shocked shot murderer
Miles Edgeworth immediately after Robert Hammond's death.

The DL-6 Incident involved Gregory Edgeworth, Yanni Yogi, and Miles Edgeworth trapped in a courtroom elevator for hours due to an outage caused by an earthquake, right after Gregory Edgeworth lost a case to Manfred von Karma; but not before giving Mr. von Karma his only penalty of his career. Gregory Edgeworth was shot in that elevator, and the legal system has believed for 15 years that the shooter was an oxygen-deprived Yanni Yogi. However, as revealed today in court, Miles Edgeworth has personally believed for 15 years that he was the shooter of his own father.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth objection witness stand
Miles Edgeworth objecting to being declared Not Guilty, due to his long-held belief.

With regards to the 11:50 PM December 24 murder of Robert Hammond, the prosecution painted a picture where Miles Edgeworth took Robert Hammond out in a boat in Gourd Lake, and shot him close-range with a pistol. However, due to the fierce and unprecedented cross-examination by Mr. Edgeworth's lawyer, Phoenix Wright, Mr. Wright was able to prove the time of death and the possibility of another shooter: The aloof boat caretaker. Mr. Wright was then able to prove the true identity of the caretaker: Yanni Yogi, the accused bailiff from the DL-6 Incident.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney cross-examine the parrot Polly testifies Turnabout Goodbyes
The cross-examination of Polly the parrot proved to be critical testimony for the defense.

KoopaTV interviewed defense attorney Marvin Grossberg, of Grossberg Law Offices, who stated:
“Mr. Wright's legal techniques from this trial will be studied for years to come by legal scholars, you see.”
Thanks to the testimony of Polly, Yanni Yogi confessed to the murder of Robert Hammond — as revenge for ruining his life due to the DL-6 Incident. The insanity plea used by Hammond, while getting Mr. Yogi a Not Guilty verdict 15 years ago, resulted in him completely changing his life and feigning insanity. His wife, Polly Jenkins, committed suicide shortly after the DL-6 Incident. Mr. Yogi also identified Miles Edgeworth as ruining his life, and so he wished to frame him.

Mr. Wright was able to prove, after 15 years and on the day the statute of limitations would end, that Manfred von Karma, not Yanni Yogi or Miles Edgeworth, was the true killer of Gregory Edgeworth in the DL-6 Incident. While Miles Edgeworth did end up launching a bullet from a gun, it did not go into his father but, rather, Manfred von Karma, who was still in the courthouse. The bullet was lodged into Mr. von Karma's shoulder all of these years. After being shot by Miles, Mr. von Karma fatally shot Gregory in the elevator and took a six-month vacation.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Manfred von Karma screaming clutching shoulder damaged
Manfred von Karma clutching his shoulder, where the bullet still resides.

It was also revealed that Manfred von Karma was behind Yanni Yogi's murder of Robert Hammond, and the prosecutor had orchestrated the entire plot.

Manfred von Karma will be executed soon by the state of California. In the meantime, Mr. von Karma openly revealed his ATM card's pin number in court.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Manfred von Karma ATM card number 0001 number one bank
Is his bank account disabled, or is the money up for grabs?

What legal ramifications do you believe this historic set of trials will bring to the American legal system? Will Mr. Wright's heroic defense inspire a new generation of defense attorneys? Is there corruption within the Los Angeles prosecutor's office?

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Polly the parrot was celebrated as a top bird on KoopaTV.
If you wish to play through Turnabout Goodbyes for yourself, and fully appreciate the many details this news report glossed over, you can play it as part of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy which is on sale until January 4.
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This case lead to Miles Edgeworth wanting to die.


  1. The rookie defense attorney somehow managed to solve another mystery while convicting one of the greatest prosecutors of our generation. Just wait until the Chief Prosecutor hears about this. The whole department will never be the same again.

    1. Glad I'm not living in Los Angeles right now, though I'd like to hear from people that are.

  2. Um, I don't think the Los Angeles this happened in is the same Los Angeles that this blog reaches. From what I've seen, it's a lot more...Japanese. Pretty sure we're dealing with some kind of parallel universe shenanigans here.

    1. ...I'm sure it is!
      I've never been there myself, but it's gotta be the same one.

    2. As much as I'd love to refute you...I've never actually been either. >_< But I could swear I've seen like, a TV show with what's supposed to be a realistic setting set in California and it wasn't nearly so Japanese. Granted it was PASADENA California, not Los Angeles, but still!

    3. A TV show? You can't trust those to be right! The media distorts things all the time.

      .......Of course, KoopaTV's own investigative reporting is exempt from that condemnation.

      I'm trying to find someone who actually is from Los Angeles to comment on this story, though I'm not sure how to actually do that besides hashtagging Los Angeles on social media and hope people from Los Angeles look at their own hashtag. (Which I doubt they do.)


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