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Friday, November 19, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 53: Allegra's Top to Bottom Switch

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Deep breathing... of the wild!

Hello, and thanks for coming to the this edition of KoopaTV's Fitness Fridays series. In this fitness logs, I talk about my fitness journey for that week. Mainly through Ring Fit Adventure, though last week had a number of extra items to it!

Following the events of week 52, each of the Four Masters now get their own story arc. This week we're in World 53: Fitness Master Lv. 304, which is based on World 30: Extra Fitness Lv. 198. Allegra takes the stage here. ...Well, theoretically. Ring said that I'm already left in her dust, which is why she didn't appear in the world's intro, and I better catch up to her. Some story arc that is.

Ring Fit Adventure World 53 Allegra keep sprinting forward leave you in the dust
Why do Allegra's story arcs keep involving me chasing down a fleeing woman?

Starting on Sunday, I stopped by the Town at the beginning of World 53 to buy some outfits with the very limited number of Onyx stones (and money) that I have, and went north to clear Gluting Gallery (Novice) for 5 Peaches. Despite the game being based off the potentially problematic Overhead Side Bend motion, I got a perfect score on it. This was also aided by me getting a haircut last week so I could actually see in front of me.

And then we very quickly got to the problematic part of this entire world, right up-front: The Fitness Gym's Glutes Set. I should mention now that I play Fitness Master mode on the maximum difficulty level, 30, which means the following rep counts are the highest they can get since they scale based on that difficulty number. Behold what I have to go through:

  1. Hip Lift (x30) — Hip Lift is a highly dangerous exercise and you should absolutely cheat, if only to make sure your Ring-Con doesn't go flying off somewhere. You're supposed to lay with your back on the ground and the Ring-Con in-between your thighs/knees. In order to start the exercise, the Ring-Con needs to be pressed in. Feel free to do so... with your hands. And then as soon as it starts, put the Ring-Con down on the floor where it's safe and lift your hips off the ground without the Ring-Con. The game doesn't check if the Ring-Con is still being pressed, so just do the Hip Lifts without it. All it cares about is the angle of the Joy-Con tucked in the Leg Strap. The safety here is different than something like Thigh Press, where you can keep the Ring-Con secure with an arm. Here, your arms are on the ground and the Ring-Con is in danger. I've complained about the Hip Lift several times in these Fitness Logs, but here's the first time I'm supplying a picture:

  2. Ring Fit Adventure Hip Lift directions posture Ring-Con Tipp
    Ring Fit Adventure was developed by the same company that asks you to securely attach a wrist-strap with your controller.
    But the Hip Lift asks you to “gently” hold it between your legs.
    It WILL pop out and fly somewhere.

  3. Wide Squats (x30) — “Push out your chest and keep your back straight!” I can't guarantee the correct... back posture for this. It's already a menace just to do the squat motion at all. If you don't instantly descend into the squat and kind of take your time getting down, you won't get a perfect score. That's scary when you need an average of 90 points or higher to pass. I definitely took several breaks after doing small chunks of 5–8 reps and paused the game so I could get some energy back or take a sip of water.
  4. Ring Raise Combo (x60) — Unlike the other two exercises before this, you don't have to move your legs at all. Well, you're supposed to bend your knees every time you lower the Ring after raising it, but the game doesn't grade your legs in this motion so you can just do whatever and move your arms and get 100 points each. I mean, I definitely tried bending my legs every time, but after that Wide Squat, I don't think I did a good job of actually doing that.
  5. Chair Pose (x16) — At least this ends in a relaxing, non-painful way...
I finished the Glutes Set with a new personal best of 97 points... still an A rank. My reward? Two Pearls. Note that Pearls are the stones they gave away back in the original Adventure mode, the one before Extra Fitness, and I now have 21 of them. (Soon I'll have one Shining Pearl, which is released today.) A few outfits in Fitness Master's General Store ask for Pearls, but not much. I didn't need these, so I guess I'll sell them off. ...But they're only worth 80 currency each. By comparison, clearing this Fitness Gym gave me access to an overworld Treasure Chest containing one Onyx, which I could sell for 380 currency. ...Though I won't sell it since I need it for more purchases. Behind that is this world's second Game Gym, Core Crushing (Novice). Again, I can clear this one just fine. It's just its next-level version I have a complete inability to S rank. For clearing this version, however, I got one lame Defense Drink. I did drink it, though.

For my last Sunday activity, I went to the Swing Gate level. Been a while since I got to run through a level. There was a Treasure Chest with a neat 500 coins, and as the name of the level implies, there's a lot of swinging going on (which requires squats to get going).

Ring Fit Adventure Thigh Press Rush Tipp squeeze knees together hand extra stability
Just to compare with the above, Thigh Press actually instructs you to
“Place a hand on the Ring-Con for extra stability.”
And with the position you're in, you actually can physically do that. Unlike Hip Lift.

Back on Monday! First order of business is clearing the Rare Hoplin (x1) fight in the overworld map so we can keep progressing. Afterwards... my Joy-Cons were complaining that they were low on battery, so I let them sit in my Switch for a little bit so I can get through today without being interrupted by an outage. That's very important, because the level the Rare Hoplin guarded is Starting-Block Bridge—a very long, LONG level to run through, but also quite important because it drops the rare Pumpkin ingredient, which can be used for a money-doubling smoothie alongside Soy Milk... which is ALSO found here. It's called Pumpkin Soup. With an ingredient doubling smoothie, I collected six pumpkins, and also got a Citrine stone (for selling) from the last enemy group of four.

I have a choice of where to go next, but I picked the Battle Gym that gave me a Dragon Fruit as a reward. Not because I'm super eager to have one of those, but because it's the split that goes to a dead end. It's three waves, and you should bring whatever five-range Fit Skills you like, but bring a Yoga one-range Fit Skill too because the last enemy is a Green Belldog. By the end, I earned the Tricep-Kickback Pro Title, thanks to me doing a Tricep Kickback to clear the first wave of enemies. That's awarded to people who've done at least 3000 Tricep Kickbacks, and it's the highest Title one can get for that exercise. Also, that Dragon Fruit was my fifth, letting me mix together a Dragon Drink for a free level up.

On Tuesday, I continued and went to the non dead-end: the Trotter's Grove stage. Just for... masochism purposes, I equipped the Wide Squat Fit Skill (which is three-range) and actually used it in a three enemy group that's weak to it. It's marginally less horrible and at least faster to go through when the only consequence of doing a substandard job is getting a “Good!” rating (less damage, but still enough) instead of a “Great!” You know, as opposed to failing the whole Fitness Gym set. Unfortunately, it's still physically tiresome, which is compounded when the next obstacle in the course is to run after a Treasure Chaser and then open the chest up with several Squats to reveal... just 150 coins. Then there was another (stationary) Treasure Chest to Squat open that contained an Onyx, and one last Treasure Chaser at the end of the level with 200 coins. That's... three chests in one level, which is quite a bit. Money and a needed stone is a good haul.

Ring Fit Adventure Trotter's Grove Treasure Chest Squat to open jumping fish
This is the chest that contains an Onyx stone, but I really just wanted a picture of the fish.

That gave me access to this world's miniboss, and also an overworld Treasure Chest containing Blueberry Tea, which is all you could ask for for a Legs-related drink, greatly increasing the power of all of my Legs Fit Skills and also changing every Fit Skill I have to temporarily be Legs-elemented, so basically giving everything a ↑↑ boost. That miniboss is, of course, Allegra herself, trying to lead me to her Beaut Camp.

Ring Fit Adventure Allegra spanking get your bottom into tip-top shape dialogue
Is Allegra going to try to spank me? That's the vibe I'm getting.

She's... outright threatening every part of my lower body from the hips down, but Allegra's actual fighting ability isn't tough. She can run and be a dominating... woman, but her triple energy kick is measly. But by the end of the fight (because she didn't actually try to attack me again besides her failed triple kick) she declared I will kneel before her legs, and summoned a big blue energy foot to kick me with that I had to deflect with a 30-second Squat. I... uh... kind of ended up on the ground, so you could see that as a kneel, in the process of the Squat.

Upon beating Allegra, she pretended to be very upset... and then said she was just kidding. Then she questioned if I can survive the brutal training over at Dragaux Stadium. Guess I'll find out the answer later this week, but I'm quite confident that I will be able to.

Ring Fit Adventure Allegra relishes defeats World 53 Fitness Master come out stronger recognize weaknesses
Did Allegra just turn into a masochist? ...Did I do that to her?

It's now Thursday. It's time to brutally fight Dragaux... right after completing the last Game Gym and non-Dragaux level of World 53, Squat Goals (Novice). They gave me 500 coins for it. Yay. Then I stormed the Dragaux Stadium. To make it less brutal, I ate a Milk Pudding to boost my knee lifts and jogging ability, which is good because the whole map is swamp terrain and stairs while chasing Treasure Chasers. The first one gave me 150 coins, and the second gave me 200 coins.

Upon reaching Dragaux, he said there is another important thing to keep in mind while exercising before good form. Before he could let Ring interrupt him, Dragaux outright asked Ring what that thing is. Ring correctly answered that it's breathing, and Dragaux added not to hold my breath!

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux don't hold your breath breathe when training World 53 dialogue
Breathing is important, like your form. Everyone seems to know this.

To hit the point home, when the fight started, Dragaux summoned a Green Matta Ray+ and a Green Megaphauna+. Green means weak to Yoga Fit Skills, which outright have a text indicator on the screen to remember to breath during them. You'll want to beat them as soon as possible, because they can heal and buff Dragaux, respectively.

Ring Fit Adventure Warrior III Pose breathe in through your nose Dragaux boss fight
All of the Yoga Fit Skills have this breathing indicator here.
That's not common for the other Fit Skills, though Ring will occasionally give you a tip about when to breathe in or out.

After just one Warrior III Pose Lv.4 that got Green Matta Ray+ and Green Megaphauna+ to below half health... Dragaux chose to use his SUPER ATTACK. On just the first turn! I had to hold a MEGA AB GUARD for about 45 seconds, which involves pressing the Ring-Con into my stomach while squatting. And do that for 45 seconds without a break. I actually can't remember how my breathing was during it. If I was breathing, it wasn't very consciously. But after doing so, we could continue the battle... quite leisurely. That includes Dragaux's SECOND super attack, which was him going back to his old boulder-throwing technique from the back row that is kind of impossible to get damaged by if you're awake. (And the game checks if you're awake before starting the sequence.)

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux forgot to breathe World 53 dialogue
This isn't why you lost.

After his defeat, Dragaux claimed he forgot to breathe during the training, probably because he didn't have on-screen indicators instructing him to do so. He flew off, dropping an Onyx stone and saying the mind counts as much as the body while training. And... that's another completed world!

Ring Fit Adventure World Week 53 Fitness Master Lv. 304 Exercise Log
This wasn't a tough week. Which I'm totally fine with.

Ludwig should be pretty happy about this, since this counts as character development for Allegra, doesn't it? Meanwhile, Dragaux appears to be going absolutely nowhere. Ludwig himself is getting weaker in terms of being able to hold Squats for long periods of time. He'll have to work on it... just not in the next world, which should focus on his scrawny abs again!

Ludwig's acquisition of a Shining Pearl was delayed, unfortunately.
Week 54 happened two weeks later, and his scrawny abs encountered physical hardship.

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